I Know Exactly Who Is To Blame For This New Wave Of Covid. And I Know Who Is Making A Fortune On It.



By Wayne Allyn Root

Only days ago Biden, Dr. Fauci and the CDC publicly blamed and shamed “unvaccinated Americans” for this new wave of Covid. I spent days ripping this narrative to shreds on my national radio show. It’s a great big lie. 

And I was right. Bloomberg just reported that there are over 110,000 cases of “breakthrough Covid”- ie vaccinated Americans with Covid. Why do you think the CDC is in a panic and just recommended masks for vaccinated Americans? The vaccine isn’t working.

The cases are everywhere. New York Yankees players who were vaccinated have Covid. An NFL Coach who was vaccinated has Covid. Olympic athletes who were vaccinated have Covid. Texas Democrat lawmakers who were vaccinated have Covid. The White House is hiding a large outbreak of Covid among their vaccinated staffers. 

In Singapore 75% of the new Covid cases are among the vaccinated. In Israel the government admits a majority of new Covid cases are among the vaccinated. In UK, the government admits a large share of Covid cases and hospitalizations are vaccinated. A UK aircraft carrier has more than 100 Covid cases on board, even though every one of them has been vaccinated. 

In Cape Cod, Massachusetts there is a large Covid outbreak among the vaccinated. 5 were hospitalized. 4 of those 5 were vaccinated. In California, the most dramatic rise in Covid cases is found in the most vaccinated counties. At Stanford University there is an outbreak of Covid among vaccinated students.

It’s happening everywhere. The vaccine isn’t working, yet the-powers-that-be keep pushing the vaccine. Soon there will be vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. The more vaccinated Americans get sick, the more Biden blames and shames the unvaccinated. Something funny is going on.

I’ve uncovered the fraud. On May 1st the CDC stopped counting cases of Covid among vaccinated Americans. That’s what allowed them to say this new wave was 100% due to the unvaccinated. They just stopped counting anyone sick who damaged their sales pitch. 

That’s fraud on a massive scale. But why?

It’s all about the benjamins. Let’s follow the money trail. 

CULPRIT #1: BIG PHARMA. Biden, Fauci and the CDC are clearly shilling for Big Pharma and the vaccine manufacturers. Those vaccine companies are making a killing (excuse the pun). You don’t think Big Pharma is handing out payola (ie bribes) to politicians, the media and CDC/FDA bureaucrats to scare the hell out of Americans, thereby convincing them to get vaccinated, even though they all know the vaccines aren’t working? 

CULPRIT #2: CHINA. China is to blame. Blaming “unvaccinated Americans” is a weapon of mass distraction. China sent this bio-weapon our way. This is China’s pandemic. China is pure evil. China is guilty of mass murder. China is on the hook for $10 trillion or more in damages. China caused a world-wide economic Great Depression. And it isn’t over yet. Biden is itching to announce a national lockdown that will destroy our economy. Who benefits? China. Is Joe Biden on China’s payroll? How much is China paying in offshore accounts? 

CULPRIT #3: BIDEN HIMSELF. If Covid is so bad, so dangerous, so deadly, why did Biden open the borders and invite 1.1 million illegal aliens into America since January? 

These illegals are from the most poverty-stricken countries in the world. They are starving, they live amongst filth and squalor. They are therefore weak and immune damaged. They bring with them third world illness and disease. These are the dreaded Covid super-spreaders.

I think it’s clear (if you’re not blind, deaf, or really dumb) illegal aliens are also the “unvaccinated” spreading Covid that Biden, Fauci and the CDC are talking about. I’ll bet the hospitals are filled with illegal aliens with Covid. 

Biden not only encouraged them to come, and let them in, and then delivered them free of charge into communities across America to spread the disease, but then blamed it all on conservative patriots like you and me. What a scam.

Why? Once again, follow the money trail. 

I’ll bet the Mexican Drug Cartels are depositing a fortune in bribes to offshore bank accounts to politicians and bureaucrats who deceive the American public. Biden’s job is to let all the illegal aliens in, ignore the fact that they’re sick and spreading Covid, and blame the rest of us. 

I have to hand it to them. Biden and the Democrats are smart. They’re destroying America, American exceptionalism, capitalism and the great American middle class. Soon they’ll demand a national lockdown, that they caused

But the billions of dollars in bribes from Big Pharma, the Chinese Communist Party and the Mexican Drug Cartels will keep flowing- that’s all they care about. 

America is being destroyed from within.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

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Please don’t be so harsh, I firmly believe in my heart of hearts, if Biden himself went to Afghanistan and negotiated directly with the taliban for the release of Americans and American helpers he could be useful.

Lois Bell

Lois OMG Your One Of Thrm A Trump Follower Gevrn FAKE NEWS REPORT! People Keep Listening and Reading This Bullshit Will Continued To Die Even YOUR OWN FAMILIES But I Guess You Want Tp Die WELL I Don’t My Family & Friends DON’T So STOP❗

Donald J Verrette

Thank you, you are absolutely correct.

So, what can we do ?

I know, IMPEACH the S.O.B ! ! !

All you Republican Senator’s and Representatives,

Biden has no respect for The Constitution.

IMPEACH him now.

Janice Maggard

Absolutely agree

Charles kuffrey

From the beginning, obiden and fascinating should have been shipped to China or even better, HELL!

D. Pringle

Apparently your glass is empty!
It’s not what you get Douglas, it’s what you THINK you get.

Kelly Donato

And how about the fact that they want everyone to believe that the Delta variant is more dangerous? Everyone who stayed awake in biology class knows that variants are more contagious, but less deadly…

Last edited 1 month ago by Kelly Donato
Joyce kethman

What about rich drug companies getting our meds done in China cheap by people worked in sweat shops. We as big business in America dropped tariffs so they could do free trade with Communist people who abuse there people and abuse us. We’re the he’ll are Americans heads??? Number one thought money ✌ Now here we are blaming a president. Sad. Trump and Biden both called it right. Big business only thinks of themselves. Government needs to get control of it. Join forces. Close both doors north and south until safe ✌✌

Michael A...

Brain Dead Nation