Impeach The Impostor!


By Phil Erwin

So.  Here we go.

President Trump is now on notice:  You’re being IMPEACHED, dude!

Gee golly gosh.  What a surprise.

This train has been inching down the track for all of Trump’s Presidency.  Even Pelosi has admitted that – although she’s now putting the train into hyperdrive, intent on charging from “investigating” to  convicting! in less time than it takes her to wrap her dentures around the word:  Impostor!

This “news” rides the wake of Nadler’s Impeachment Inquest, for which he dragged in three  Leftist professors to “profess” –  meaning, tell you how to think –  that Trump’s conversation with Ukraine’s  President Zelensky was “proof” that Trump had bribed/extorted/browbeat and otherwise forced Zelensky  to investigate Joe Biden for dirt Trump could use against him in 2020.

Hunhh?  Trump needs Ukraine’s help to beat Biden?  Really? 

Well, there were four professors at Nadler’s  witness table.  The Republicans were allowed to bring in one Constitutional expert.  (Yup.  3-to-1.  Fair?)   You’d expect Republicans to bring in a Conservative  expert for balance. 

But waitaminute…  They brought in another Democrat?

Yep.  Republicans called Professor Jonathan Turley, who is not a Trump supporter, had in fact voted against Trump, and had also voted for the previous two Democrat Presidents.  Apparently Republicans consider him a fair-minded individual whom they trust to render reasonable judgement as to whether Trump’s behaviors are  “impeachable.”

And did this Republican-chosen professor exonerate the President?  White-wash his questionable  behaviors?  Make elaborate, legalese excuses?   Did he even hint  that he would himself vote not to impeach?

Nope.  What he said was:  Slow down!  This is too important  to the nation’s  future to rush through it and risk getting it wrong. 

What he said was:  You have not yet made your case!  And you cannot impeach a President without having first made your case!

That sounds like pretty reasonable advice to me.

So we should all be asking:  Why the extraordinary rush?  Why are Democrats so set on getting this done right now?

Answer:  Because the Inspector General’s report on possible FISA abuse is coming Monday, together with the IG’s testimony on Wednesday.  After that, U.S. Attorney John Durham will be free to go after anyone he thinks violated the law within his scope.   Not good news in Swampville for the Democrats.  The FBI bigwigs already fired may not be the last.  CensureIndictments?  Even some  recent additions to CNN’s “expert” pool might be…  discussed in the Grand Jury.

Democrats feel they must get something in the news to counter that.

Impeachment is Pelosi’s only prayer.

But she must MOVE! that impeachment train to deny Republicans the opportunity to plan and react effectively to it.

Much less derail it.

Democrats are panicked.  They were expecting Trump to be a lousy President.  Surprise!  Doesn’t matter how many ways they bad-mouth him and pooh-pooh his accomplishments, he’s done a pretty decent job,  despite the Democrats’ immediate, and unrelenting obstructionism.

So the only hope Democrats have in 2020 is to come up with a great – and I mean great! – candidate with which to whip his…  comb-over

Whoopps!  Fat chance of that.  Twenty-some-odd candidates, and Joe Biden is their best-and-brightest?  He might best them all in push-ups, but can you imagine Sleepy Joe holding his own with Kim Jong Un or China’s President Xi? 

Yeah.  Paint that mental picture, and see how rosy it makes you feel. 

Given their dearth of real Presidential candidates, you can almost forgive them trying to cheat their way into the White House.  But the truth is, these Holier-than-Thou Dim-ocrats actually believe their claptrap about Trump’s behavior being impeach-worthy

Pelosi and crew seem convinced they’re in the right!   (As did  their Constitutional “experts.”  No doubt those three have Ph.D’s, which makes me wonder:  How can they possibly be that dense?)

It really is astonishing, when you just run through what facts we actually know:

  1. The transcript of the Trump-Zelensky call makes it obvious that Trump was seeking Zelensky’s assistance investigating possible corruption within the Ukraine that may have had an impact on our 2016 election.  That is not only squarely within the President’s purview, it is an obligation of his office.
  2. President Zelensky has stated, multiple times/ways, that there was no coercion applied to get him to do anything. The closest Trump ever got to  “bribing” or “extorting” was to ask Zelensky to “Do us a favor…”  In the context of the request, it is clear that Trump was asking Zelensky to assist the United States in a law-enforcement effort.  And there is a treaty in place  to facilitate just such cooperation!
  3. All of the Democrat angst regarding supposed misbehavior by Trump is based on nothing but hearsay. The closest Democrats ever get to real evidence is Ambassador Sondland quoting the President’s statement to him:  “I want [Zelensky] to do the right thing.”  (The “right thing” being to go after corruption in Ukraine’s government – precisely what Zelensky was elected to do!)
  4. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is on video bragging about having coerced the Ukraine to fire an official who was investigating Biden’s son’s employing company – and using U.S. aid dollars as the incentive. (Now, that is what a “quid pro quo” actually sounds like!)

Given these simple facts, why are Democrats so irretrievably devoted to impeaching the President?  It can’t be based on rational thinking.  It must  be based on irrational, emotional need.The need to be rid of HIM.

Appearing on FOX’s Hannity, Newt Gingrich explained it this way:

This entire case is about hatred and pathology and emotions that are so deep – You saw it with the three Democratic witnesses – [the panelists] destroyed themselves by their very hatred, the depth of their hostility to President Trump!  But that’s what we’re up against – The Left wing of the Democratic party would not tolerate Nancy Pelosi not moving forward on impeachment! 

I dunno…  Pelosi seems pretty haughty, pretty indignant.  I sense an irrational, almost religious belief that she’s “in the right.”   I’m not so sure she “caved.” 

And with her extraordinary, over-the-top, don’t-question-my-morality reaction to reporter James Rosen asking, “Madame Speaker, do you hate the President?” – I’m thinking Pelosi’s wearing her emotions on her sleeve – and her skirt, her shoes, her jewelry…  I’m thinking she hates Trump as though he were the Devil incarnate.

Maybe that’s exactly what’s in her avowedly-Catholic heart.

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park.  He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.)  That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

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Naomi Fisher

I heartily agree with Phil Erwin and Mel’s response above.

It is time for Republicans and Independents and anyone else out there who is just sitting and awaiting an outcome to attempted impeachment to stand up to the “Dim-ocrats” and yell, “ENOUGH!
You have tried to find cause and you have failed. Now get back to your jobs of running our Country decently and stop this attempt to destroy our Government and Constitution!”


Ultimately, this is still America and proof is supposed to matter. Even if the House does prefer impeachment charges, it will never get a 2/3 vote in the Senate. It may be “possible” that Trump was looking for dirt on a potential political rival, but to this point the only actual evidence is that he was attempting to root out corruption in a foreign country considered an ally. I thought that was part of what good presidents do. There are lots of reasons to HATE Trump; I get that! Without some real evidence it is time to move on.