Impeachment | What is Nancy’s real plan?



By Naomi Fisher and Dan Reynolds

The purpose of Nancy Pelosi in delaying this impeachment is to put Trump’s Presidency and his re-election possible. It has nothing to do with correct procedures. This is a purposeful tact to push more division within the Democratic Party and hatred by the Republicans against the Democrats and vice versa.
The final result of all of this is to unify the wealthy class against the people of the United States. To do this, the Republican people and the Democratic people must hate each other because of one single focus of a linchpin to be pulled. And that focus at this stage is Donald Trump and his Presidency. 
If the people of the United States continue to hate each other based on political alliances and dedication than the financial wealthy will win. There will never be another President because the Republicans will always impeach a Democratically elected President and the Democrats will always impeach a Republican elected President.
Therefore, the power will always remain with the House and the Senate and the wealthy donors who control each member of the House and Senate. 
If we, the People of the United States, want to be truly free and live by the Articles of the Constitution, than we have to set our party alliances aside and cross the political boundaries and unify as a NEUTRAL people just like the Constitution is a NEUTRAL document with no one political affiliation that was and is written for the people, by the people and accountable to the people of the United States
If you want to be a free people than regardless of this impeachment we must make sure that no corporation or very wealthy people have the ability to control the Senate or the House of Representatives ever again. 

Naomi Fisher and Dan Reynolds are both residents of Ventura County

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