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    Is Anyone Paying Attention?


    By Naomi Fisher

    How many people are paying attention to what is happening in our Country? How many people are paying attention to what is happening in the rest of the world?

    Originally I felt bad about the collapse of the once successful, democratic Venezuelan Country. Then I heard a Tucker Carlson broadcast, went back re-read about Venezuela. It woke me up.

    …The Collapse of Venezuela was “a systematic destruction to seize our freedom”…medications and food disappeared suddenly… against the will of the people, to seize our freedom and our democratic system… Article  Link:

    Does it sound familiar? Medications disappearing – Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, Hydroxychloroquine and others that have been proven extremely effective against covid, also Omicron, are blocked from us. Taken from the shelves of pharmacies and clinics. Banned from sale in our U.S. Grocery store shelves emptying while hundreds of loaded cargo ships sit offshore waiting to be unloaded – caused by vaccine mandates that longshoremen and truckers refuse to honor. Do you see the comparison? Our Country is being attacked, our culture being destroyed from within, just like in Venezuela. Here, our Government is declaring our whole past is bad, that former Presidents were terrible people. Certainly they were flawed. They were human. But they did a great thing creating our Republic. Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, are great things that have served us well since 1776 – almost 500 years! 

    To clarify: By Biden, et al., I mean the Biden Administration plus all those that are helping him rule from the background, plus all their minions.

    Biden, et al., has been using an Illegal Mandate to further the destruction of the USA, to divide us be forcing an Illegal Emergency-Authorized-Experimental Injection now proving to have drastic side effects on everyone, promoting fear and hysteria and hatred for those not vaccinated.

    Two serums have been approved now, but there are clouds of suspicion since those serums are interchangeable with non-approved serums. Written by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D. Article Link:

    Covid: Two good friends, late 70’s, early 80’s. Both got the original covid. Both were bedridden in hospitals on oxygen. Hospitals were insisting on ventilators. Both received Ivermectin plus Hydroxychloroquine or other monoclonals. Three days later they were up and walking around.

    Omicron: A contagious but mild flu. It does hit older people harder. The vaccine is not effective against it. Biden, et al, had us living in fear of a mild migraine, mild aching, low fever. Some aware State Governors insisted on transmitting more fear and locked down their States again.

    Let’s review Biden, et al.’s, first year in office:

    Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support…January 20, 2021…By the authority vested in me as President…is hereby ordered…Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping, is hereby revoked… Article Link:

    Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill: A Quote, “Combating Race and Sex Sterotyping is full of discrimination.” Video: › 2021 › 08 › 11 › bidens-infrastructure-bill-is-chock-full-of-anti-white-racism

    Biden, et al., is using Critical Race Theory (CRT) to further divide our Nation. One University professor stated on TV that our Nation had been admitting to racism and trying to educate our people to correct that. He said the CRT emergence is taking us back a hundred years.

    Critical Race Theory “…objectifies people based on race…” Articles Links:

    Following Biden, et al., example there is a move toward white people not being give equal medical attention, Article Link:

    Reports state about half of our Nation support the vaccination mandates. That means about half do not and many of those refuse the jab. Not only because of the mandates. That on-half is worried about the Government’s take over of our bodies, denying our right to decide for ourselves, splitting our Nation with fear that denigrates the unvaccinated – causing a racial split, using the Critical Race Theory to split it further, encouraging white people and unvaxed to not be treated at hospitals. Then of course objecting to the swearing in of a President proven to have lost the election. And our Courts refusal to hear the proof. A President destroying our International reputation, ruining our economy with the worst inflation in our history, his Great Reset threatening our retirement and bank accounts…continually discounting our Sovereignty. 

    Consider Biden’s famous comment condemning bullying. In his own words, “…coercion, threat and force to abuse, dominate and intimidate others.” What other word would describe all the mandates but bullying?

    In an effort to combat Big Pharma Corporate Media and Big Tech censorship… Article Link: › 2020 › doctors-around-the-world-issue-dire-warning-do-not-get-the-covid-vaccine

    See related article in Citizens Journal, Article Link:

    Or articles by children’s’ advocate, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense, Link:

    Biden, et al., encourage people such as TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who mouthing off condemned the unvaccinated. “…jokes hospitals shouldn’t treat patients who…are not vaccinated..”. There are several more links:’t-deserve-icu-beds/

    Jimmy didn’t do his homework. There are two types of Ivermectin. People taking the strong strength for large animals can die from it. People taking human strength Ivermectin get well.

    Did you see VP Harris announce on TV that the United State is protecting the Ukraine border? She emphasized no one is allowed to enter that Country without United States approval. 

    Why not protect our borders Kamala? Over 100,000 immigrants flood our Country every month and are secretly bussed or flown, free, to unsuspecting cities. Many of those illegals have health problems, are given free medical treatment and food. But MediCare, MediCaid, Food Stamps are almost bankrupt. Our medical costs, co-pays, prices in grocery stores keep rising. Prescription drug costs astronomical. Worse, none of the illegals are vetted: Child and adult traffickers, violent criminals among them. The majority, if any, unvaccinated. Why must we?

    Tucker Carlson on our borders, George Soros’ corruption: Tucker Soros Man March, Video:

    What Biden, et al., are accomplishing: Our Freedom of Speech is being taken away as is our Freedom to Protest: I’m talking protests, not Antifa and BLM rioters who were never prosecuted, many never arrested – regardless of  businesses they burned or people they hurt or killed. I’m talking about honest protests against mandates and Government control. Peaceful protestors, parents concerned what their children are being taught in school, and all Conservatives are being labeled Terrorists. Our Country used to embrace speaking our minds. Now our language is being twisted, perverted. Peaceful protestors are terrorists. Rioting, torching terrorists are protestors.

    Another warning about what is going wrong in our Nation: The Never-Ending Variants In The March To Marxism, by Karen Kataline, 11/29/21, “…Does everything they do increase authoritarian control over our lives and take away our natural rights?”  Article:

    An example of what we will be facing if we do not stand up for our Country: Great picture.

    Systematic destruction of culture… China has transferred over 500,000 Tibetan farmers and herders into “military-style” vocational training camps… Article Link:

    Biden, et al., extreme Leftists, Big Pharma, etc., are not the only ones shutting down free thought, destroying our culture. So are Leaders World Wide. This article is not just about our United States of America. Below are links of what is happening around the world. This is an attempted coup against the Whole World! And everyone out there wearing blinders or soundproof headsets had better start paying attention. Because the coup is alive, on-going and doing well. Right Now.

    We need to let our voices be heard. We need to contact City, County, State and Federal office holders again and again, never stopping. We need to tell them to stop this destruction of our Country, or join the Convention of States to bring back a Free Republic By, Of and For The People! More information at the end of this article. Link:

    A few countries are trying. The “Freedom Convoy”, truckers in Canada, a wonderful nationwide drive to protest their government’s vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers…”It’s about 70km long…I have seen footage from an airplane…” (That’s roughly 43 miles. Search “Truckers in Canada protest” for long list of links.)  Great Videos, crowds in the snow cheering:

    Justin Trudeau calling those truckers anti-semantic is ridicules, accusing peaceful protestors. › uk-news › justin-trudeau-says-he-won-t-meet-freedom-convoy-

    Fascinating that he is not afraid to attend often violent BLM rallies but is terrified of the largest peaceful protest in the entire Canadian history? 

    Justin Trudeau takes a knee at Black Lives Matter … – CNN › 2020 › 06 › 05 › us › justin-trudeau-kneel-black-lives-matter-trnd › in…

    Is this what happens because a politician has large investments in Big Pharma, industry or China?  They back the wrong people to protect their money? Is this what a coward looks like in leadership? Rather than stand up to their financial donors, far too many political cowards choose to disallow you having the freedom of choice, freedom of critical thinking, freedom to seek out and learn the truth, freedom to speak out the truth and freedom of self determination.

    What we are witnessing and suffering are the lies by the self-appointed and so-called elected officials. Cowards that chose money and profit starting long before Mediaeval times – for these hundreds of years they have lied before God and the people. Following in their footsteps we now have something called “entertainment news” who pretend they are telling news but instead fabricate reasons to lie to us, even some lies that result in killing people in other countries. 

    By blindly following Biden, et al., they support mandates, make claims that they are vaccinated. If so, they should proudly display their vaccination cards every single day in front of them on their news desk like a name plaque. The managers and general managers of these so-called-news stations are more than happy to say “These vaccines work.” But consider the fear and hysteria those so-called-news “entertainment media” propagated – backed by Biden, et al., to get vaccines into peoples bodies – knowing the vaccines were/are still in trial. Experimental drugs. Not vaccines. Not yet time enough to be out of the trial stage that takes years to know residual effects.

    This is good news. Protests in other countries are growing in frequency and number of people.

    Vaccine passport protests across Europe draw thousands of people… Article Link:

    Police set off water cannons against protesters in Brussels, Belgium, Jan. 23, 2022. Article Link:

    This site has a bibliography list that would put historians to shame:

    ….July 24, 2021–World Freedom Day–hundreds of thousands of people of all ages took to the streets…[in many countries] to publicly challenge oppressive public health laws… Article Link:

    In the U.S.: This is uplifting. Ignoring the terror of overreaction by Biden, et al., to January 6th,  this mass of people bravely showed up to protest – a real protest: Americans March to End Mandates… Over 30,000 People Marched To ‘Defeat the Mandates’, Washington D.C. Video:

    People of the world protesting vaccine mandates. But how many see the big picture?

    The bigger picture given here by Tucker Carlson is very explicit. Listen to what he has to say. Think of the evidence given above and you will realize what he is saying is Absolute Truth. And before you say the Ukraine border crisis has been solved, watch this video. Because Biden, et al., knew Putin would back down. Putin is intelligent, does not want a World War. Will he make a truce with USA’s main creditor, China? A truce between the two U.S. worst enemies? Video: 

    Tucker Carlson on Pelosi Ukraine Border

    Biden, et al., destruction of our Country, world leaders destruction of their countries, as described above. Great photos, jarring information. There are several links besides this one. 

    Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned To Usher In The New World… › 2020 › 09 › ultimate-proof-covid-19-was-planned-to-usher-in-the-new-world-order

    I can offer one good solution: We urgently need citizens to call their State Legislators and demand their State join the Convention of States (COS). It is written in our Constitution, and I’m paraphrasing: If we fall under a tyrannical, corrupt administration that our States should  convene a Convention of States to form a more perfect Union and disband the corrupt administration. Right now the COS has half of the States needed. Link:

    Hopefully this article will help you to understand what is happening. Hopefully you will alert your friends. Hopefully people will start seeing and hearing the truth and make calls.

    People you must call, and keep calling State Legislators. Leave message after message with their staffs. Too many text messages, only read every few days. Phone calls cannot be ignored. Their offices receive so much mail it may not be read for several weeks. Again, phone calls cannot be ignored.

    A rephrased quote from Winston Churchill during the Blitz on England: We have a chance to become something larger than ourselves. We have the opportunity to join with others, to become United as Residents, to once more be Residents in a Free Republic. We can accomplish this only by using our Unity to demand and take back the Constitution of the United States of America! To demand and restore our Bill of Rights! (A Convention of States will do exactly that.)

    Only then can we begin to start rebuilding our United States of America into its former glory as a growing, thriving Nation. Only then will we have the opportunity to continue our goal of ensuring that everyone living here finally recognizes: All People who live here are Equals.


    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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