Israel Finds Pfizer Jab Only 39% Effective At Stopping Delta Variant


Over the past month, Israel, the world’s most heavily vaccinated country (with leading mRNA jabs, no less) has seen the number of positive COVID tests has risen by more than 30x as the number of active infections in the country has surpassed 10K.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Health Ministry, which has previously estimated the true efficacy of the Pfizer jab against the delta variant at only 64% (while still more than 90% effective at preventing serious illness and death), just released new data purporting to show that while the Pfizer jab is still 88% effective at preventing serious illness, it’s only 39% effective at preventing infection with delta.

Alex Berenson, a former NYT journalist who has often reported on scientific findings that don’t support the official narrative on masks and vaccines, shared the findings in a tweet, and speculated that the true efficacy in offering protection against the Delta variant might be even lower – perhaps as low as 30%.

Even Bloomberg acknowledged that the Israeli data “could be skewed because of different ways of testing vaccinated groups of people versus those who hadn’t been inoculated, according to the report.

“The heavily skewed exposure patterns in the recent outbreak in Israel, which are limited to specific population sectors and localities,” means the analysis may not be able to take all factors into account, said Ran Balicer, chairman of Israel’s national expert advisory team on Covid-19 response. “We are trying to complement this research approach with additional ones, taking additional personal characteristics into account. But this takes time and larger case numbers.”

BBG also acknowledged that the data “are likely to fuel debate over whether booster shots should be given to people who’ve already been vaccinated – something Pfizer has said it plans to request…”

But Dr. Anthony Fauci, the FDA and the CDC have all said that there’s no evidence yet that a third “booster” shot would be necessary. Israel has already ordered a round of booster shots that it plans to start distributing to the most vulnerable patients Aug. 1.

The Israeli numbers are much lower than other recent studies, including one study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which found that two doses offers 88% protection against the Delta variant causing symptomatic disease, while offering 94% protection against the alpha variant.

But never mind all that: As President Biden said earlier this week, “if you are vaccinated, you are safe.” Unless you’re not.

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George Pattone

Why get the jab again???
Like wearing the face diaper? To virtue signal???

Not with Modified RNA mechanism of action… No thanks…