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By L. Neil Smith

I have been an “Independent” or Third Party advocate all of my adult life. I have never before sat down and tried to evaluate the real significance of either major party in American history. However, given the terrible accusations they are currently flinging at Republicans and the Republican Party, I think it’s time to do so.

I know both parties from the inside, having worked with each of them for various causes over the years, I know their histories and their personalities. I still have a few friends who are Democrats and they are uniformly good people, but I want them to reconsider now, what kind of company they’ve been keeping.

The Democrat Party was founded by Thomas Jefferson, whom I have called “the best American who ever lived”. Yeah, I know; we can argue about all that later. But it was soon overrun by cowards and slinkers and shapeshifters who didn’t give a damn about individual liberty.

And still don’t.

In the War Between the States, for example, in which over 620,000 people were killed, there happened to be two distinct kinds of Confederates: those, mostly poor farmers, who took up arms simply to keep Yankee looters and rapists out of their bedrooms and barnyards; and those, on the other hand, the wealthy slave-owning elite, who fought to defend “our peculiar institution”, meaning slavery. The latter half were predominantly Democrats.

Look it up.

At first glance, the 1898 Spanish-American War seems like a purely Republican affair, and, as we all know, nobody’s perfect. However, as Wikipedia (hardly a Republican house-organ) tells us, “political pressures from the Democratic Party pushed [then President] McKinley [a Republican] into a war that he had wished to avoid …Wall Street, big business, high finance and Main Street businesses across the country were vocally opposed to war and demanded peace.”


In 1916, racist, elitist Woodrow Wilson, the only President, before or since, with a doctorate, won a second term in office by promising to keep America out a brewing war in Europe. Upon re-election, he quickly broke his promise, killing at least eleven million young Americans including my grandfather. The famous historian Barbara Tuchman, wrote an entire book, _The Guns Of August_, trying to explain America’s irrational involvement in World War I; it was a pathetic failure.  Bob Dylan did better in his song, “God On Their Side”. “World War One, it came and it went, the reason for fighting I never did get.”  All because Democrat Woodrow Wilson wanted to play with the European big boys.

I wish I believed in Hell.

The Great Depression was caused by the essentially Democrat 1913 Federal Reserve Act which gave government power it should never have had over the rate at which money was loaned, nationwide. The rate was kept too low, and eventually the bubble burst.

Holy stock market collapse, Batman!

The federal Income Tax — also of 1913 — need I say more?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was carefully and stubbornly engineered by  Franklin Delano Roosevelt to deflect public attention from the Great Depression that his moronic economic policies hadn’t been able to fix. At the same time, he helped Britain and France humiliate the German people until they elected Hitler. He conspired with Britain in Operation Intrepid to wage a secret and illegal war on German interests in the U.S. (Once again, look it up.) Meanwhile, families with Presidential names sold weapons and materiel to the Nazis until Pearl Harbor.

Following the war, Democrats were behind the founding of  the United Nations, which is not regarded as a humanitarian organization by most of the world, but as a blue-helmeted army of looters and rapists, determined to destroy individual liberty and the U. S. Constitution. Democrats negotiated half of the world away to Stalin after the war, as well.

Somewhere along the line, Democrats decided it was their job to be the cops of the world, no matter what it cost — somebody else. When North Korean leaders sensed Harry Truman’s fundamental weaknesses, they pounced, and Truman wouldn’t even call it a war, but a “police action”. Dwight Eisenhower, who orchestrated the defeat of the Nazis, ran for President as a Republican, promising he would go to Korea and end the war, which is exactly what he did.

Vietnam, in many ways, was a repeat of the Korean War, with Saint John Fitzgerald Kennedy in command, followed by the detestable Lyndon Baines Johnson. That war blighted the lives of my generation, and is still having a terrible effect on the country as a whole. Not surprisingly, recent wars in the Middle East were caused by the Republican presidents, father and son, who were most like Democrats.

The current crime and disease which characterize our cities were enabled by Democrats with their open border and sanctuary policies. Theirs is the Party of  Theft — their answer to absolutely everything is to steal something: your property, your rights, your professional and contractual relationships, even your life itself. The technical name is “kleptocracy”, and no wonder: their idol, Karl Marx (it was Vladimir Lenin himself who said that “Socialism is the road to Communism.”) was no more than a third rate scholar, a cheesy little dodger who mooched off of everybody he knew, everybody who didn’t see him coming first.

Similarly cheesy Democrats have sold our western American lands to the Chinese communists and weapons-grade uranium to Russia. And these mental and moral midgets, these ethical cripples, think they can tell us how to stop something like mass shootings? Whenever a solitary criminal — usually a registered Democrat — strikes, they demand that Constitutionally-protected weapons be taken away from everybody who _didn’t_ do it.

Given who they are and what they have done, their effect on American history, I have no choice but to conclude that it is the Democrats themselves who need to be outlawed as a clear and present danger to public safety.

Award-winning writer L. Neil Smith is Publisher and Senior Columnist of L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise and author of over thirty books. Look him up on Google, Wikipedia, and Amazon.com. He is available at professional rates, to write for your organization, event, or publication, fiercely defending your rights, as he has done since the mid-60s. His writings (and e-mail address) may be found at L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise, at JPFO.org or at https://www.patreon.com/lneilsmithHis many books and those of other pro-gun libertarians may be found (and ordered) at L. Neil Smith’s THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE “Free Radical Book Store” The preceding essay was originally prepared for and appeared in L. Neil Smith’s THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE. If you like what you’ve seen and want to see more, he says, ”Don’t applaud, throw money.“


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  1. Citizen Reporter August 13, 2019 at 10:21 pm

    11 million Americans dead in WWI doesn’t sound correct. We have queried the author.


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