Letter to the Editor | Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District Candidates accept SEIU donations

I am shocked that the slate of three inexperienced candidates for the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District have accepted more than $13,000 in donations from SEIU, the union that represents the PVRPD employees!

According to the most recent filings, Bev Dransfeldt has accepted $5076 in donations from SEIU; Jordan Roberts has accepted $4076 from the union; and David Woodbury has accepted $4311 from it.  

That is 79% of the money that Dransfeldt has collected, 67% of the money that Roberts has collected, and 84% of the money that Woodbury has collected.  

These people have been bought and paid for by SEIU, which represents the District’s employees.  If they are elected, I can just imagine what the negotiations will be like with the union when it’s time to negotiate salaries and benefits.  

I, for one, don’t want any part of a Board that would have more of an obligation to the union than to the best financial interests of the District.  

Vote for the three incumbents:  Mark Malloy, Mike Mishler, and Neal Dixon for PVRPD Board.

Judi Murphy is a resident of Camarillo

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Thanks for giving me the 3 I’m voting for. Hard to get good information on these candidates. Appreciate it.

Carolin Gallego

What’s your take on Citizens United?
Is it ok to NOT know who is giving their money to candidates and political operatives?
At least SEIU is transparent about who gets their money, even if you do not approve of how they spend it.


Michael A.

SEIU is a danger to all homeowners, taxpayers and people with common sense.


Wow! A whopping 5000 contribution is really going to buy someone off. Keep watching Faux News!


I agree with you Judi. Thanks for sharing this information and thanks to the Citizens Journal for publishing.