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Spencer Sauces Now Available Online
Looking to add a little more flavor or spicy to your favorite homemade dish? Don’t worry we have you covered!
Now you can enjoy all the flavors of Spencer Makenzie’s world famous sauces at home. Order any of our four unique flavors and have them shipped right to your door for FREE!
Our sauces come in a range of spice levels to suit every palate.
Caribbean Blaze Sauce (Med)
A cayenne vinegar blend with medium heat. A great choice for a medium heat temperature. Pairs well with tacos.
Sweet Chili Fire (Hot)
Don’t let the name scare you!!! 
It’s about a seven on the heat scale but our most popular for sure. Pairs well with everything on the menu.
Little Sweet, Lotta Heat (XX Hot)
The name says it all. A favorite among regulars on the parmesan hard shell tacos.
Spencer Sauce
Created over 20 years ago, a special blend of seasonings with mayo and sour cream base.
Brooklyn Style
Our signature Spencer Sauce mixed with our Sweet Chili Fire. Becomes a medium heat fusion that takes your food from great to incredible!!!
Grab and Go Specials
Order one of our new 24oz Grab and Go Specials. Your choice of Shrimp Cocktail, Ceviche or Clam Chowder for only $12.50.
Call in your order (805) 643-8226 for Curbside pick up.
*Clam Chowder comes cold so you can warm up when ever you’d like
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