Media Malpractice

Obama put kids in cages, not Trump!

 By Michael Greer

I met some friends at a restaurant the other day. We were talking politics and mentioned that the Left might fear Pence more than Trump because of his religious morality. A waitress was passing by and said, “ugh, PENCE!”. We asked her if she didn’t like Pence. She said she didn’t. We asked if she liked Trump, she said, “I hate him”. One of our group asked why. She came over to us and said there were a million reasons. He asked to name one. She said, “He put children in CAGES”. We told her it wasn’t Trump, it was Obama. I told her the pictures of kids in cages were from the Obama years. We explained Trump has to follow the laws Obama put in place until Congress changes them. She asked, incredulously, where we got such information. We told her it was out there but she’d have to look for it. She didn’t believe any of us. Some kept trying to educate her but I no longer trusted eating there or changing her mind and left.

I realized it’s so hard to talk to Liberals rationally because they aren’t told the truth. I grew up trusting what I heard on the news. I believed they verified what they reported on. I was never aware of journalists political preferences. This isn’t the case anymore but way too many people think it is. They believe what they hear. The media published the pictures of children in cages and the little girl crying for her Mama and blamed Trump. When the media was proven wrong, if they even acknowledge they were wrong, it’s buried somewhere. It certainly isn’t given the time or energy the original narrative was given. And when every media outlet, except FOX (and they aren’t all that reliable) says the same thing……exactly the same thing, no wonder the waitress was dumbfounded when we told her Obama put kids in cages.

People see and hear what they want to see and hear. Democrats who voted for Hillary are only too willing to believe any negative thing they are told about Trump. I say this often because it’s true, there isn’t a thing a human can do or say that can’t be depicted negatively or positively. Everything…..everything Trump does is depicted negatively by the media. A simple recent example was when Speaker Pelosi cancelled the State of the Union the media said, enthusiastically, WOW, she was such a “Bad Ass”! When Trump then cancelled her use of an Air Force plane for a junket, the media said he was a childish “Bully”. The media said the Covington boy was “smirking” when he was smiling to defuse a tense situation. The other day on The View, Joy Behar was correct when Whoopi Goldberg asked why the media was getting so many stories wrong. Joy said, “Because we’re so desperate to get Trump out of the White House”. Liberals and the media are desperate to prove Conservatives, Trump supporters are the racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, bigots they say we are. If “institutional racism” and homophobia were as rampant as they suggest they wouldn’t have to create hoaxes to prove it, there would be hundreds of real examples. There just aren’t. Conservatives aren’t violent people. They aren’t even that good at being confrontational. Conservatives are by definition Conservative.

The media are so anxious to jump on anything that will paint Trump supporters as “haters”. What they did to the Covington boys was despicable. These are kids. The media didn’t care, they edited video to make the boys look at fault. As the grandmother of 16 year old twin boys I imagined how I’d feel if I heard celebrities say they’d like to knock the smirk off my boys faces. How I’d feel if they were mocked and demonized for doing nothing wrong. And even when it was shown that they did not “surround a Native American veteran”, the media still painted them in a negative light. Media didn’t even investigate the truthfulness of Nathan Phillips. Phillips changed his story numerous times. He said he served two tours of duty. He did serve in the Military but he never left the States or saw combat. He said the boys surrounded him when the video showed he went up to the boys and then was joined by other native Americans. But even after this was known, Savannah Guthrie wanted Nick Sandmann to apologize to Phillips. There was also no mention of the Black Israelites yelling obscenities at the boys and that the
boys didn’t react to them. Media never mentioned the Black Israelites even though they were yelling vile insults at the native Americans even before the Covington boys arrived. The media  simply wanted to demonize the Covington boys because some of them were wearing MAGA hats. Media is just SO desperate, as Joy Behar admitted, to smear Trump supporters and get Trump out of the White House.

Then there’s Jesse Smollett (who I had never heard of before this). The media and Hollywood was only too willing to accept without question, Mr. Smollett’s story. Most of us could see holes a mile wide in his story but the “smear Trump and his supporters brigade” reported it without question. Police have mountains of evidence he planned a fake attack on himself in order to blame a hate crime on Trump supporters and by association, Trump himself. Liberal media is saying even if this event is a hoax, these sort of things happen all too often. OH, PLEASE! When? Where? Who has been rioting, burning things, and vandalizing? Do Liberal speakers need security on college campuses? Who is angry all the time? All you have to do is look at Twitter.

The media didn’t cover Trump celebrating Black History Month with a huge crowd of Blacks. The attendees weren’t interviewed about their support of the President. They don’t talk about the lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks EVER. They don’t cover anything that shows Trump’s policies working. Rocket man isn’t shooting rockets off or making threats anymore, is he? Trump has gotten most of our hostages returned without giving their captors anything. Obama didn’t even try. He only traded five TERRORISTS for one deserter. And when Susan Rice said the deserter served with “honor and distinction” the media had nothing to say. The media protected Obama with the same fervor they demonize Trump. Neither serves us or the Country well.

And now the media has nothing negative to say about ANTIFA, or BLACK LIVES MATTER, or the Green New Deal, or Medicare for all, or free college, or reparations, or guaranteed income, or abortion in the 9th month, or infanticide, or that the best argument the Left has against Trump is convicted perjurer, Michael Cohen. Most of these issues would have had a great deal of criticism from the media in the past.

But now nearly all media are owned by six companies (or six people). They are Liberal and hire Liberals. They no longer make any attempt to appear impartial or objective. In order to know what is true you really have to do your own research and most people aren’t inclined to or don’t have the time to. We would think getting SO many big stories wrong, getting caught editing video of George Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him look racist, Ferguson, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”, Russian collusion, no mention of fake dossier or who paid for it, Trump said ALL Mexicans were rapists and murders, the Covington boys, Jussie Smollett, etc. that they would at least try to be more careful and less biased……but I see no evidence of it. God bless America! We need his blessing now more than we ever have since the American Revolution. Winning our revolution against the strongest military in the world was a miracle. I pray for another.

Michael Greer

Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:

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