Media ‘propagandists’ face troubling times

'Donald Trump was right' but they 'claim otherwise for weeks on end'

Richard Grenell, the former Acting Director of National Intelligence, says the Washington media are not just in bed with Democrats.

They’re not just covering for Democrats.

They’re actually “shilling” for them.

He wrote recently at the American Center for Law and Justice, with which he now is affiliated, that the mainstream media are facing a “growing list of news stories” about the 2020 election that members got wrong.

Significantly, he said, “The series of erroneous stories not only consistently helped Joe Biden’s campaign or covered up Biden’s mistakes but they also criticized Trump’s leadership at the same time. It is clear that the D.C. media is openly helping Joe Biden and always looking to criticize Donald Trump.

He said, “If the media mistakes made over and over again were problems for both Democrats and Republicans, then we may be able to chalk them up to media bias or unplanned errors. But even when faced with facts proving their stories false, the partisan reporters refuse to correct the record. Clearly, something more sinister is happening.”

He listed, among the stories “where Donald Trump was right even though the media claimed otherwise for weeks on end:

  • Hydroxychloroquine works;
  • Covid 19 probably came from a Chinese lab;
  • Hunter Biden’s laptop is real;
  • Lafayette Square was not cleared for a photo op;
  • The “Russian Bounties” story was fake;
  • We did produce vaccines before the end of 2020, in record time;
  • Blue state lockdowns didn’t work;
  • Schools should have been opened;
  • Critical Race Theory is a disaster for our schools and our Country;
  • The southern border wall worked; and, most recently,
  • Tik Tok has access to Americans’ personal data and turns it over to Communist Chinese leaders.

He wondered why were legacy media unable to cover Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal.

Why, he wondered, were “reporters acting like campaign operatives? Why are they acting like stenographers for whatever Biden wants? The answer is that they are part of the propaganda arm of the ruling party. They benefit when the Left is in power in Washington, D.C., so they self-servingly protect the system that gives them their control and access.”

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George Pattone

Unbiased media coverage is not easily found and the majority of Trump’s assertions are proving to be true over time…
Not huge fans of his style, but big fans of his SUBSTANCE…

Michael A...

The better question for society is why ‘certain’ people lap up and believe the obvious nonsense from legacy and/or fake media.