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    NEW STUDIES: Covid Vaccines Do Not Prevent Infection, Spread… They Simply Do Not Work As Claimed


    (Natural News) At least three new studies prove that the vials of mystery chemicals they are calling “vaccines” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) do absolutely nothing to stop infection with or spread of the disease.

    Yale University graduate who also obtained a PhD from Princeton University says that the jabs do not work as claimed, which only adds to the growing mountain of evidence against their continued use.

    Nina Pierpont published a paper on September 9 that analyzes numerous studies showing that Fauci Flu shots fail to stop the disease from infecting the “fully vaccinated” or transmitting in and out of their bodies.

    In her report on the findings, Pierpont explained how getting injected for Chinese Germs will not bring about “herd immunity,” nor will it do much of anything beyond making people sicker due to vaccine-induced autoimmune disorders and other diseases.

    The jabs do not protect fully vaccinated people against infection, she writes, nor do they keep fully vaccinated people from carrying the infection and spreading it to others. Why, then, are government bureaucrats trying to force them onto everyone?

    Natural immunity, it turns out, is the best way to avoid getting sick or dying from the Chinese Virus. There is no need for a lethal injection to try to magically cure it based on blind hope, in other words.

    Getting jabbed is just plain dumb

    The three studies Pierpont looked at included one from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), another from the University of Oxford, and the last from the U.K. Department of Health & Social Care.

    Each study revealed in its own way that people who get jabbed for the Fauci Flu are actually worse off than people who skip the jab and opt for natural immunity instead.

    The CDC study found that the vast majority of new “cases” of the virus are presenting in people who took the jabs. The Oxford study identified the same, though specifically in a health care setting.

    The U.K. Department of Health & Social Care found that the viral loads of people who take the jabs are essentially the same as those who do not. This means that jabbed or non-jabbed, the virus is still spreading just the same.

    The situation gets even worse once “Delta” and other variants come into play. These forms of the virus, which appear to be vaccine-induced, seem to have the ability to outsmart the injections, including their boosters.

    “It appears to me – as in the Massachusetts study – that the vaccine is not decreasing susceptibility to infection at all, and is in reality somewhere between slightly (insignificantly) decreasing susceptibility and slightly increasing susceptibility to the Delta variant,” Pierpont writes.

    “The UK study is clear that viral load (and thus infectiousness to others) is much greater with Delta than with Alpha, and that, with Delta, viral load and infectiousness are equal in vaccinated and unvaccinated infected people.”

    So, what does it all mean? In Pierpont’s view, this is more than enough evidence all by itself to show that vaccine mandates are completely anti-scientific. If the jabs do not work, then forcing people to get them is tyranny with the intent to cause harm.

    Even if they did work, nobody can force somebody else to take a needle against their will. This amounts to rape, after all, which those predominantly pushing the jabs claim to oppose.

    “Anybody with half a brain cell and willing to think for themselves could see this truth from day one,” wrote one commenter at Principia Scientific International.

    “When they came out and said that the only thing that will save humanity from the dreaded killer covid pandemic is an mRNA nano-particle injection, that was the only info you needed.”

    Chinese Virus injections are pseudoscience. To learn more, visit

    Sources for this article include:

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