NIH Director Wants To ‘Track Down’ Spreaders Of Online Vaccine ‘Disinformation’

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Ailan Evans

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Dr. Francis Collins stressed the dangers of incorrect claims regarding the COVID-19 vaccines and suggested tracking down spreaders of vaccine misinformation in an interview with NPR on Sunday.

“The thing that worries me most is the way in which misinformation and, frankly, disinformation has become so prominent in the face of a public health crisis,” Collins told NPR. “And it has been manipulated in some situations for political reasons in a fashion that is turning our culture wars into something really serious.”

When asked whether misinformation is “the deadliest disease,” Collins responded affirmatively, encouraging repercussions for those who intentionally spread false claims about the vaccines.

“I really think they are the ones that we ought to be trying to track down and figure out, why are you doing this?” Collins said. “And isn’t there some kind of justice for this kind of action?”

Collins went on to suggest that vaccine disinformation should be viewed as a threat to public safety and implied support for taking legal action to prevent it.

“Isn’t this like yelling fire in a crowded theater?” Collins asked. “Are you really allowed to do that without some consequences?”

The NIH did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment regarding whether Collins’ remarks represented the agency’s position.

Collins’ comments echo remarks made by other health officials, including Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, who called for tech companies to crack down on vaccine misinformation.

President Joe Biden said Facebook was “killing people” for not adequately removing vaccine misinformation from its platform, while press secretary Jen Psaki said the White House was flagging posts for social media companies to remove.

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Patricia Garrett

He might want to look at both sides of this vaccine coin instead of accusing people of spreading “misinformation.” If there is misinformation being spread, perhaps he should look in the mirror and accuse himself.


No, Patricia, we’ll just accuse you.

Patricia Garrett

Well, if people are dying by the thousands now from Covid vaccines, which seems to be the case, why is it a crime to report it to the public. Is it the plan to depopulate the world by killing people with a so-called vaccine? I have been reading about Covid vaccine deaths or seriously life threatening reactions occurring after receiving the first or second vaccine for some time now. What’s going on? There is always a push for people to get the flu vaccine yearly to keep cases down. That’s been happening for a long time. But encouraging people to get the flu vaccine has paled when you look at the pressure put on the public to get the Covid vaccine. Yet the flu vaccine has side effects and people die from the flu and from the flu vacvine. They just don’t tell you about it.. But I don’t recall “rushing” the vaccine for the flu. I believe it went through the usual protocols before unleashing it on an unsuspecting population.

Not so with the Covid vaccine. Is the general population now considered lab rats? I’m now beginning to feel bad for lab rats. Or are we trying to kill people under the guise of saving them? The Covid vaccine is dangerous especially since it was rushed. But now I’m wondering if that was done on purpose. I recently read about 3 Air Force pilots being grounded by their Colonel after all 3 got the Covid vaccine and complained about chest pains…3 healthy young men in prime physical condition. Frightening. And a mother in her 30s dying after getting the Covid vaccine leaving behind a husband and small children….all because she was told she had to be vaccinated to be a classroom mom. Explain that to me. Shouldn’t the public be made aware if these incidents and the potential risks in getting this vaccine?