Open Letter | Corona Virus Testing; $150. Scam

Mayor, Thousand Oaks, CA

Dear Mayor,

The country is trying to control the Covid Virus but it seems here in Thousand Oaks the people are trying to make money.  I thought the test for the virus was to help stamp out the virus and that the test would be free.

As you may have seen long lines by the Oaks Mall to get tested for the virus.  Well did you know that it cost $150. To get a test?  When I learned of this scam and the long lines of people trying to find out if they have the virus I figure someone is making a lot of money off this pandemic and the City of Thousand Oaks is not helping a bit to help control the virus based on this example.

One hundred dollars for a virus test is unreal.  Thousand Oaks is not going to control anything with these kind of scams going on and the public should know about this.

Ray Holmes is a resident of Thousand Oaks

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