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    The Road to Tyranny by Don Jans

    Operation Extermination–The Plan To Decimate The Human Immune System With A Lab-Generated Pathogen

    Column by Judy Bruce of Simi Valley

    “If someone wished to kill a significant portion of the world’s population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now would enable it.” Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President made that statement as well as the following comments in a recent interview:

    Question – Does the Covid-19 vaccine damage the immune system?  Answer – It does. It impairs the body’s ability to fight infection, viruses, and disease.

     Question – If that’s true, then why haven’t more people died after getting vaccinated?  Answer – I’m not sure what you mean? The vaccine has killed more people than any vaccine in history. “So far, in the United States, the death toll is three times higher than the total of all vaccines in the last 35 years.” 

    Question – All I’m saying is that the percentage of people that have died is quite small compared to the tens of millions that have been vaccinated.  

    Answer – And all I’m saying is that if the vaccine is a lab-generated pathogen – and I think it is – then it certainly was not designed to kill people on the spot. It was engineered to produce a delayed reaction that gradually but relentlessly erodes the health of the vaccinee. 

    It means the vaccine short-circuits your immune system which clears the way for infection, disease, and an early death. 

    We’re nearly 12 months since the first jabs began, so their immune systems are falling apart; that is the reality and that’s what I’m seeing. The scientists predicted that this is what would happen and lo-and-behold, that’s what happening. The people are getting sick and dying… It’s frightening.” (“Omicron is ‘vaccine injury’; it’s nothing more than that.” John Looney, Rumble)

    It sounds feasible and it certainly fits with the depopulation agenda which requires a hybrid biologic that doesn’t kill its target outright but basically dismantles the critical defense systems that make human survival possible. Scientists warned of this very outcome when mass vaccination was first proposed. Naturally, opposing views were ignored and censored.

    How many people would have gotten vaccinated if they’d known it would reprogram their immune system?

    Probably no one, which is why our public health officials and Board of Supervisors never broach the topic. Anything that veers even slightly from the “vaccines are good for you” narrative is omitted from your “Stupid-19 Summary Report” and mainstream coverage and erased on social media. But aren’t people entitled to know what’s going on, what is being injected into their bodies, and what impact it will have on their lives and health? Isn’t that what is meant by “informed consent” or is that another casualty of the rush to inoculate all 7 billion people on planet earth?

    Why don’t the people of Ventura County know they’re taking a risk?

    Because you haven’t been told the truth. And the reason they haven’t been told the truth is because they are a target in a war of extermination that is being waged on them. Our pandemic managers and their foot-soldiers, like yourselves and our public health officials like Levin, and the media, and government want to do us harm. You all want to inject us with a mysterious substance that will wreak havoc on our immune systems and shorten our lives. This isn’t just a struggle for personal freedom or bodily autonomy, it’s a battle for survival. We are defending our right to live.

    Make no mistake., you will be held accountable in one way or another for being complicit in this criminal act of genocide. 



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