Over five thousand attend; millions watch Non-Essential Event- (Event Video Here)

By Michael Hernandez

CHINO HILLS—Over five thousand were in attendance and millions more in all 50 states watching the two and one-half hour Non-Essential Event held at Chino Hills Calvary Chapel which featured seven speakers; a panel moderated by Calvary Pastor Jack Hibbs; worship leader Danny Gokey; as well as a fundraising campaign to support law enforcement officers; and an operations plan for ‘peaceful protests.’

Dr. Dan Erickson: “Let’s protect the vulnerable, get the country back on track”

“Let’s protect the vulnerable and get the country back on track,” said Dr. Dan Erickson, owner of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield (Kern County). “We need free discussion” after the “suppression of scientific discussion,” said the urgent care doctor who was banned from Google after his released videos hit five million views.

“The World Health Organization just recently said the lockdowns are not the right strategy anymore. They want us to move beyond that. Lockdowns are doubling world poverty and it is time to get rid of them.

“You can’t legislate risk in human life. We need individual liberty, personal responsibility to guide our legislature so we need more freedom to handle catastrophic events not executive orders.

“You are a radical essential creation of God,” explained Dr. Erickson as he described the human body: cells, kidneys, heart, brain and five senses. “Do not let anyone call you non-essential. You are incredibly important in the sight of the Lord, on a divine mission to accomplish rescuing the republic to its former glory.”

Godspeak Pastor Rob McCoy: “The Governor said the Church was non-essential” “The Governor said the Church was non-essential; yet cannabis and liquor stores and abortion clinics were open,” said Godspeak Pastor Rob McCoy. “This governor would change the goal posts while all of us suffered. The cure is worse than the virus itself. We have been wide open since May 31 (without masks or social distancing) once we saw the governor embrace and encourage protesters. We said that ‘is enough.’”

Pastor McCoy, the former Thousand Oaks Mayor, resigned from his City Council position as the conflict grew between his congregation and the County and State. Prior to May 31st, Godspeak Calvary had observed communion services with social distancing and county health protocols on Palm Sunday.

“We’ve been fined and threatened. The temporary restraining order we received said we would be cited as would be 1,000 congregants or visitors. The governor wanted us to take down the names of people.  That was not going to happen.

“We used the Freedom of Information Act to discover that of the 150 tragic cases of Covid deaths in Ventura County, only two were from Covid (a 94-year old man and a woman in her 70s) and the rest were with Covid. Since being wide open; we have not had one case of Covid.

“Let’s reopen California,” said Pastor McCoy in ending his comments with a story from a pastor who claimed they ‘we’re not a political church’ which McCoy refuted: ‘These draconian measures have closed many churches. You marched with Black Lives Matter.  You forced businesses into bankruptcies. You forced the elderly to die alone. You stood by tyrannical officials who received full paychecks while the State homeless and poverty rates lead the nation. To say, ‘you’re not political’ is not accurate as you stand with tyrannical officials that have ruined the economy, closed schools and labeled your church as non-essential. You are political even if you choose to think you are not political.”

Cissie Graham Lynch: “Over 40 million evangelicals didn’t vote in 2016”

“Over 40 million evangelicals did not vote in 2016,” said Cissie Graham Lynch, the granddaughter of evangelist Billy Graham. “One of the reasons: ‘I don’t love either candidate.’ When did love become the standard to vote for somebody? What is the public policy this politician stands on? How will they represent me and my neighbors?

 “We have two political parties with two visions of America. It has never mattered more on who is going to govern us?  Where are these parties on pro-life, religious liberty and children’s education and prayer?

“Bureaucrats (control) what we are allowed to do every single day of our life? Where we are allowed to go? What we’re allowed to buy? If we’re allowed to go to church or go to school? What books are my children allowed to read in school?

“We are at a crossroads. Who governs us, has never mattered more. It is essential. We can’t afford to sit out (this election). The time for Christians on the sidelines has passed. 

“We need to stand boldly for the gospel. ‘I love God; not politicians.’ My family has the right to worship freely. Religious freedom is not to be silenced, not to be bullied. Religious liberty is essential.

“We have been given freedom; but it is a choice to be part of the solution. To whom much is given, much is expected. What are you going to do? Are we going to be part of the solution?”

David Harris, Jr.: “Black Lives Matter crept into the church, robbed believers”

“The Black Lives Matter movement crept into the church and into the hearts and minds of believers and robbed (us of) our identity in Christ,” said David Harris, Jr, founder and CEO of Uncorked Health & Wellness and host of a popular podcast. “When someone chooses to identify with the color of their skins over their identity in Christ, they have missed it. 

“That is satanic. They don’t know that at the root of this is a Marxist movement that is anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-family, and anti-America. All lives matter in Christ. Every single life matters.

“It pains me, that 20 million Black babies never had a chance for life. Black Americans make up 14 percent of the country and child-bearing Black women account for four percent of the population, but 40 percent of all abortions,” said Harris whose wife was born despite her mother initially going to an abortion center before changing her mind.

“Where are the pastors standing up for unborn babies? Where are the Black pastors that will say, ‘if you are part of a party that supports abortion, you will not get a platform in my church.’ Pastor, there is blood on your hands.

“Every single believer needs to be voting for their values and faith. It is essential you vote for the party pushing for life. We need to vote for the President that is standing for the lives of unborn babies.”

Charlie Kirk: “We win, they lose” on Nov. 3rd

“We win, they lose,” said Charlie Kirk, founder and president of Turning Point, referring to the reelection of President Donald J. Trump. ““This is an election that will determine the future of our country. If Biden wins, it is because the church let it happen. It is in your hands, I tell you.

“The Church is essential. The Church founded this country. Activist Christians (knew) our rights came from God and not from the government. They founded the greatest country to exist around two words: freedom and equality. The founders make it their duty and responsibility to make the world better. We are so blessed to live in the greatest country to ever exist. We still have the power to express our voice.

“The billionaire from New York once he won, fulfilled his promises because he had integrity. God has His hand on this man not like the average billionaire who has seen a net increase during the lockdown by 20 to 30 percent or are 645 billion dollars richer.

“When Benjamin Franklin was asked after the Constitutional Convention: ‘What kind of country do we have?’ He said: ‘a republic if you can keep it.’ This election is the turning point election that will determine the future of our country. The ruling class will be dealt a reckoning they have never seen before.”

Kirk Cameron: Remembering the National Monument to the Forefathers

“Our founders wanted to go to a place where they could raise their children freely. Today, those principles are largely forgotten in our country. Our founders left us the secret sauce on how to build and sustain a free and just society—it is called the National Monument to the Forefathers which is calling out the nation to come back to its principles.

The National Monument to the Forefathers, formerly known as the Pilgrim monument, commemorates the Mayflower Pilgrims and honors their ideals of Morality, Law, Education, and Liberty all under Faith said Kirk Cameron, “Growing Pains” star.

The finished 80-ton granite monument, which stands 81 feet tall, was dedicated on Aug. 1, 1889 at its present location in Plymouth, Massachusetts and is believed to be the world’s largest solid granite monument and faces northeast towards Plymouth Harbor. 

Under Morality stand “Prophet” and “Evangelist.” Under Law stand “Justice” and “Mercy.” Under Education are “Youth” and “Wisdom.”  Under Liberty are “Tyranny Overthrown” and “Peace.”

“Every one of these figures is under attack in the United States. Good is being called evil; and evil is good. Our children are being indoctrinated with ideologies in reverse of what our forefathers and churches taught us.  

“We must be willing to fight for our monument. They want to topple the entire monument and God called one special department to put out this fire and it is faith’s children—the church—to rebuild the ideas of this monument into our culture and restore these ideals to the maximum beauty and glory. With God’s help that is exactly what we are going to do. 

The front is inscribed as follows: “National Monument to the Forefathers. Erected by a grateful people in remembrance of their labors, sacrifices and suffering for the causes of civil and religious liberty.”

Also included are the names of those who came over in the Mayflower and a quotation from Governor William Bradford: ‘Thus out of small beginnings greater things have been produced by His hand that made all things of nothing and gives being to all things that are; and as one small candle may light a thousand, so the light here kindled hath shone unto many, yea in some sort to our whole nation; let the glorious name of Jehovah have all praise.’”

Dinesh D’Souza: “The Church is the sleeping giant of American politics”

“The Church is the sleeping giant of American politics,” said Dinesh D’Souza, author of 15 books and filmmaker of two documentaries. “We are living in a crucial time where the mission of the church is now different. Today, we are living in a secular society. Christians need to speak truth into that secular culture. That gives our voice an added urgency.

“Our politics have taken a dark turn. Part of the agenda of the secular left is to move America in the direction of socialism. This is not just about money dividing us between the rich and the poor, male against female, gay against straight, and Blacks against whites.  

“The new type of socialism goes beyond that.  Socialism today is about abortion and about transgenders. It is not just a political fight; but a cultural war against us. We’re not just talking about political parties’ but academia, media, Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

“What is the goal of the secular left? They want everything. They want to terrorize everybody. Who are the villains? Entrepreneurs, Conservatives and Christian values. This is about making us conform and live by their rules. If we don’t; we will be punished. Our churches will be shut down. We will be thrown out of our jobs and kicked off digital media. We will be branded as hateful.

“I was locked up for eight months for giving $20,000 to a political friend of mine. When will those who have received money from foreign governments, when will those guys go to prison? That is what I want to know? 

“It might seem like they have all the megaphones of the culture. But we have one giant megaphone left—our secret weapon—the Church. It is us. 

“In the story of the lion tamer and the lion, who is the most powerful? The lion does not know its own power. The lion thinks the lion tamer is more powerful.  We are the lion. The power is with us. It is time for the lion to roar.”

Billy Graham Association supporting law enforcement with retreats

Non-Essential event participants were challenged by Ryan Higgins, a producer of the event, an aide to Ben Carson (U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development) to support the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as they provide law enforcement weekend retreats.

“Besides the military, law enforcement is the only profession that trains every day to die. We need your prayer for the police,” said a video supporting the project.

(Note: To contribute to the weekend retreats you can go to: BillyGraham.org/essential).

Calvary Chino Hills Pastor Jack Hibbs Question & Answer Panel

Calvary Chino Hills Pastor Jack Hibbs moderated a panel to close the “Non-Essential Event” that included: Cissie Graham Lynch, Kirk Cameron, Dinesh D’Souza and Charlie Kirk.

Cissie Graham Lynch Question: What can I do as a busy mom to make a difference?

“Start locally by looking at school boards—the power of our school board is so important. Look at the power they have in choosing the books that our children will read.  Start where you are. Start with your children and those governing them.”

Kirk Cameron Question: How did we get here where there is so much hate and anger?

“Perception is not always reality. I find that there are people in the culture who are writing a script trying to get us more divided for their own purposes. When I look at my neighbors (who have different persuasions or different color skin), they don’t hate me. We should stop believing this false narrative that would tell us: ‘We are divided, full of hate, full of racism. We are Americans. We can find commonality to work together and solve problems.”

Dinesh D’Souza Question: How can I explain to my kids that socialism is dangerous?

“Socialism turns ordinary people into thieves. If someone would come to you and say take something (from your neighbor), you would say: ‘I am not a thief.’ But a socialist would say all this stuff belongs to you: because your great, great, great grandfather took it and it is stolen goods that has passed from generation to generation. The good news the socialist says is that the State will ‘take it back for you,’ keeping some (of the goods) and giving you the rest. This tempting message is the socialist doctrine that annihilates and suppresses your conscience by saying: ‘I am not a thief” by operating a scheme labeled social justice.”    

Charlie Kirk Question:  I don’t want to vote for either candidate, what should I do?

“We are all sinners and fall short and need Jesus Christ. We need to look at policy arguments. President Donald Trump is the bodyguard of western civilization. When the fighter comes, he wins. Elect Donald Trump.”

Cissie Graham Lynch Question: What shall I say to those voting pro-choice candidates?

“These are moral issues that we lost in the pulpit. We are not teaching our congregations what to believe, why they believe, and how to stand firm. We have lost the knowledge of God and the fear of God. Those who know God will take action but we don’t know our God.  You address people with truth and grace. Jesus Christ was 100 percent truth and 100 percent grace. Ask the question: ‘Why?’ There is a reason for their stand. Their answer is not going to line up with scripture; because the scripture is so definite on life. Our unborn children need our voices for them.”

Kirk Cameron Question: What needs to be said to congregations and to pulpits?

“The Judeo-Christian worldview is essential to the nation—that is how our country flourishes. I am thankful for pastors that are fearless preaching the word of God, the authority of scripture, the need for salvation and the application of God’s word in all areas of life. Pastors and shepherds need to lead us with the Word of God.”

Dinesh D’Souza Question: How can we stop this nightmare the country is facing?

“Socialism involves a gangster class that benefits those who do it. We need to block the thief scheme. We see the deployment of paramilitary in streets—they are not street gangs because they have powerful friends in Hollywood, in Mayor’s Offices, and in the Deep State that are linked to corruption of power. We need to do to them; what they’re doing to us, or they’ll never stop.”

Charlie Kirk Question:  Why is there so much division today?

“One of the main reasons that the Soviet Union would come to power and stay in power was the removal of truth from the dialogue of society. This is what the universities have done instead of letting students drink from the streams of liberty. They have said there is no such thing as truth. This is evil. They are imposing absolute truth by saying ‘there is no truth.’ Christianity is so different from other religions because Christ said things that are true. He was the endowment of truth.  It is a real gift from God that we can find truth. Tech companies, mainstream media and teachers are not the biggest censors. We are the biggest censors. We self-censor. Seventy-one percent of us, self-censor and are less likely to talk to a neighbor or a family member. We are the silent majority. Why are we so quiet? You have a moral obligation given by our Savior to never allow lies to come across our radar screen. The introduction of truth will keep our society; and save the country; or we eventually will lose civilization.”

(Editor’s Note: You can find answers to more questions by going to: [email protected].)

Kirk Cameron: “We need you to lead one of these peaceful protests”

“We need you to step up and lead. We have a choice to make. We will either step-off the cliff into the abyss of socialism and lose our values and liberty; or we are going to stand strong together and preserve and protect our essential freedoms that we hold so dear by turning fully to the Lord as we vote.

“We have nonessential peaceful protests ready to deploy all across the nation. We want to see hundreds and thousands of these peaceful protests. We can carry the momentum of what we have experienced tonight.”

Dinesh D’Souza Prayer: “Lord Jesus, we run with your strength”

“Lord Jesus, we want to be your arms and legs in this world. We want to be true to your will in all things. This battle has been stuck in our hand and we have to run with it in your strength and with your wisdom, courage, and truth. You are going to carry the day and help save this land.”

(Editor’s Note: To watch the Non-Essential Event hosted by Chino Hills Calvary go to: https://www.nonessential.live/watch-it-live.)

Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service; editor of the History Makers Report and founder of History Makers International—a community nonprofit serving youth and families in Ventura County, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. He worked 25 years as a middle school teacher in Monrovia and Los Angeles Unified School Districts. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email at [email protected]

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Colleen Floryan

Thank you, Mike, for writing this excellent article. I was present at the event and it was AWESOME!! Hopefully those that haven’t seen this event will watch it on facebook or YouTube. Also, let’s all get out and vote in person. Take your vote by mail ballot in and ask for an old fashion paper ballot. Ask them to write surrender across the ballot envelop, and each ballot page. Vote and put your own ballot into the box. Over 40 million Christians don’t vote. God has blessed us in this country with a republic form of government. Please don’t take this for granted. God expects us to be involved in life on this earth and reflect Him in our voice and actions. Vote for life, vote for freedoms, vote for liberty!

Sally Smith

Excellent and interesting