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    Oxnard Police Department | Asset Forfeiture Community Funds Available

    The Oxnard Police Department participates with outside agencies in the investigation and prosecution of narcotics related crimes. Assets seized are proportionately shared among the participating agencies. The California Health & Safety Code requires that a portion of the seized assets “shall be used for the sole purpose of funding programs designed to combat drug abuse and divert gang activity…It is the intent of the Legislature to cause the development and continuation of positive intervention programs for high-risk elementary and secondary school age students.

    The Oxnard Police Department invites community-based organizations interested in this funding to visit and complete an application for consideration and review. As the City of Oxnard continues to look for viable options to the gang lifestyle for our youth, the Oxnard Police Department is excited for this opportunity to work with the community to provide healthy and productive alternatives.

    The deadline for applications to be submitted is Friday, May 24, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

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    5 years ago

    This is ‘share the wealth” as Barack would say. There are many things the reader needs to know #1 The ‘assets” are usually cash but also can be vehicles and other ‘items” they are ‘forfeit” that means there was no criminal conviction and stipulation/fine. It is a ‘taking” there is no due process, they just take it and keep it. So yes this is what crooks do, they take your money and keep it! This is done ‘by Law Enforcement”, so who ya gonna call?? Want to know how much what and from whom?? Go ahead and ask…I have, they will not disclose it… We know that nationwide the amount is in the Five Billion dollar a year range. That is MORE than all that is stolen from all burglaries. The cops use the money to ‘fund” themselves and spread it around to the organizations that they ‘grant” the money to… This is theft and corruption, all ‘legal’ of course. Who supports this? Politicians and police unions do, including former AG Jeff Sessions who strongly supported it to ‘buy’ the support of ‘law enforcement’. I say we need a new ‘law” in this County, that is why I am running for Ventura County Sheriff as i will NOT allow this thievery.

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