Oxnard | Statement from the Interfaith Council on “Community”

Google defines it as, “A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common” and “A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”
Oxnard is a Community; a group of people from diverse backgrounds, living, working, and playing together. Though we have different views on dozens of issues, we choose to honor and respect one another. We believe that while we may disagree on some things, what we have as human beings all sharing the same planet far outweighs the things that would otherwise divide us.
We believe our best days lie ahead and that it is by dialog and peaceful interaction that meaningful relationships can develop. It is from those relationships a better future will rise.
Leaders of many faith-communities have joined together to issue this statement of unity in seeking the best for our community. Representing different faiths, we differ widely in things we believe are of vital importance, not only to this life, but the next as well. Yet we’ve built bridges of communication and established mutually beneficial relationships. If dedicated leaders of differing faiths can unite for the benefit of our community, we know all individuals and groups can as well.
At this moment, when it seems hostility is on the rise and people are dividing into exclusive factions, let’s remember that the best way forward is by protecting what it means to be a Community.
We know Oxnard has ground yet to cover to become the Community we’d all like to see it become. While many communities struggle with issues of justice, and Oxnard is no exception, we unite in affirming our support of the work of the Oxnard Police Department and its desire to unite the Community, even as it continues to work on its “growing edges,” as do we all. The Interfaith Council came about as a result of Chief Scott Whitney’s urging. We salute Oxnard community members for coming forward and engaging our City and Police Department on issues that concern them and we’re encouraged by local law enforcement’s desire to proactively engage the people they serve, specifically sharing the changes that are happening in policy and an emphasis on community-policing. We hope by doing this, OPD is changing the image and substance of merely being there to follow up on crime, to building relationships that would keep it from happening.
Melissa Campbell-Langdell, Rector, All Saints / Todos los Santos Episcopal Church
Mohammed A. Islam, President, Islamic Center of VC
Tim McDonell, Southern CA Director, Peace Catalyst
Tim Helton, Ph.D.
Rabbi Dov Muchnik, Chabad of Oxnard
Adam S. Lopez, Community Liaison, Revive Community Church, Commissioner City of Oxnard
Pastor Fernando Franco, City View Worship Church
Fr. Celso Marquez, Our Lady of Guadalupe
Pastor Lance Ralston, Calvary Chapel of Oxnard

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William Hicks
William Hicks
1 year ago