Paint:Lab – It’s Star Wars Week


Let us Pass On What We Have Learned (about painting technique) in one of our upcoming Star Wars themed classes!

..or, check out some off our other classics from the vault!

we are open – stop by to shop or give us a call

Adult Workhops


Join in on the fun with with one of these virtual step by step workshops! Call the studio to pick up a supply kit or to arrange delivery 🙂  310.450.9200


Happy Hour Acrylic Workshop
Friday 3.12 5-6:30p 

Buzzzzzz into this Happy Hour Painting by the artist Moebius, who created the original concept art for Star Wars! We will focus on his fantastical wonderlands with bug riders

The rules for Happy Hour Painting are:
First rule —- there are no rules!

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Adult Drawing and Watercolor Workshop
Sat 3.13 3-5p

We’re finishing up Star Wars week with this Moebius image of a mystical fairy! Moebius was the original inspiration of Star Wars and inspired may other sci-fi feature films and series

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Happy Hour Acrylic Workshop
Friday 3.19 5-6:30p

Paint this Freaky Friday Kitty using all the colors in the rainbow! Practice color separation and organic forms while creating this colorful cat.

The rules for Happy Hour Painting are:
First rule —- there are no rules!

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Adult Acrylic Workshop 
Saturday 3.20 3-5p

Practice Van Gogh’s impressionistic brush strokes while recreating this garden of flowers. Learn about color mixing and painting flora like the blooming Van Gogh

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Afterschool  Workshops


Thursday 3.11 3:30-5p

Ground Control to Major Tom!!! Let’s rock this rocket and blast into this painting were we will learn about industrial form and outer spac. Class will be in acrylic 🙂

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Friday 3.12 3:30-5p

BB8 is sooooo cute! Join us to recreate this minimalist Star Wars Poster in acrylic while practicing robotic forms and typography

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Thursday 3.18 3:30-5p

Roarrrrrrrr, it’s T-Rex time! Learn how to paint Basquiat’s T-Rex and design your own background ; )

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Friday 3.19 3:30-5p

Chameleon is a symbol of patience! In this lesson we will adapt into this jungle full of patient chameleons and focus on perspective and color separation

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Family Class

Saturday 3.13 1-2:30p

Create this Retro Mandalorian Poster, “This is the way”. Practice design, form and typography with the family and create your very own Star Wars Poster!

Saturday 3.20 1-2:30

Recreate Gustav Klimt’s tree with your family making a “Family Tree”! Practice pointillism and learn about Klimt’s expressionistic style

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Big Savings

All art supplies are 20-50%

We are selling some of our equipemnt. easels, side tables, light tables and other accessories! 20-70% Off!!

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Gift Cards

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Keep art in your life, pass some time, and create something cool.
Join us and tell your friends!
Please feel free to give us your thoughts, we love hearing from you!

Thank you for choosing us, we know there are other studios out there.
We appreciate you so much!

Stay safe and healthy!


If you are in a position to, please donate. Any amount is helpful to keep our instructors & staff in the studio.




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