Parent Movement Hosts Event To Educate Parents On Critical Race Theory Curriculum In The CVUSD

by Chris Bailey

17 July 2021, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County

“We’re fighting for our children. This is not an over-exaggeration when I say we are really fighting for the future of our schools and our children.”

Katherine Strange is coordinating an event to educate parents and the public at large about Critical Race Theory, the push to force “Teen Talk” sex education into our schools, and the extent that the Left will go to force their Socialist agenda on our youth. The movement Katherine is leading is R.A.C.E. which stands for Raising Awareness of Childhood Education. She is fighting for parents to have more of a say in their child’s education and push back against Sacramento’s liberal agenda. Inspired by a mother who stood before a school board, reading aloud from “Snow Falling on Cedars,” one novel involved in the Conejo Valley School District’s high school literature debate. A similar public outrage toward the school district happened in June 2021, and can be read here 

Teacher Tiffany Wilder will speak on the current curriculum changes to support equity grading. A Conejo Valley School District Resolution on the topic can be read here 

Dr. Shannae Andersen PhD will talk about transgenderism. A biography of Dr. Andersen can be found here.

A former teacher Brenda Lebsack with 25 years experience as well as an Orange Unified School District School Board member from 2016-2020 will speak on Sex Education.

Teachers James Cook and Melodee Smith will speak on Equity Committees and Teen Talk. Santa Barbara’s FAIR education Sheridan Rosenberg and attorney John Morse will talk about their experience in Santa Barbara County. Read Ms. Rosenberg’s filing of her declaration concerning her FAIR Education lawsuit

The event will be held at the Novo Cafe in Westlake Village on Monday, July 19th at 7PM. The cafe is right next to the Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co  on Russell Ranch Road between In N Out Burger and Costco. Novo Cafe is at 30770 Russell Ranch Rd, Westlake Village, CA 91362.  The restaurant will be closed at the time of the event, but you will still be able to buy desserts! How cool is that? Not so cool that you forget your water as it is very hot outside, and we all need to stay hydrated, and there will be no drinks available. Just desserts.

Sign in on the Guest list outside, and tell them Katherine Strange invited you for seating purposes.

The last R.A.C.E. event had between 200 and 250 participants, as everyone wants to learn what is going on. 

Chris Bailey is a reporter-at-large of, a business owner, military veteran and long time resident of Camarillo

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“raising awareness’ EVERY time you hear this phrase, some sort of anti-normal nag-fest will immediately follow !

Bruce Boyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff

Why is there no contact info included? No web site? No email? Incomplete article!

George Pattone

Great to see local pushback against the creeping tide of Marxism in public education…
Dr. Shannae is awesome…
Hope it went well!!!


Wow, Chris thanks alot for keeping us informed on such an important topic! All of these changes going on under the nose of our community is truly horrifying. As parents we just want to raise healthy respectful and productive children, not ideological nihilistic brats.


For sure.