Pastor Jack Hibbs: ‘The Office of President-Elect does not exist’

By Michael Hernandez

CHINO HILLS—”What year was the Office of The President-Elect” created? asked Calvary Pastor Jack Hibbs before starting his Sunday in-person service on “The Futures: What Happens Next?” Pastor Hibbs continued reading his tweet of Nov. 26th: “What Department of the Government oversees “The Office of the President-Elect? Is “The Office of The President-Elect answerable to the United States Senate? the House of Representatives? or the Supreme Court?

“The Office of President-Elect does not exist. It’s Joe, the DNC (Democratic National Committee)…the Media pushing this lie. I don’t know if our culture has a stomach for truth. Our role is to expose the lies. We love lies. The father of lies is none other than Satan.

“The election must first be certified by each State. This has not happened yet. The Electoral College must vote first. That has not happened yet. The winner has to receive 270 of 538 Electoral College votes. That has not happened yet. Who occupies the Office of The President-Elect? There is no office.

Pastor Hibbs lambasted Time magazine’s commemorative issue on Joe Biden—the 46th President of the United States.  “We have been lied to. My job is to tell you. This is not about Trump vs. Biden. This is about light against darkness. It’s about the spiritual realm of dark places. I ask a question: ‘What is true?’ Truth rushes up against falsehood. Light invades darkness. Good collides with evil. The world is made up of these diametrically opposed realities.”

 (Editor’s Note: To view “What Happens Next?” go to the Calvary Chino Hills website at:

Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service; editor of the History Makers Report and founder of History Makers International—a community nonprofit serving youth and families in Ventura County, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. He worked 25 years as a middle school teacher in Monrovia and Los Angeles Unified School Districts. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email at [email protected].

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Well, “Sean,” hundreds of witnesses have seen otherwise. Deep State Bill it seems has failed to interview any of the numerous actual eyewitnesses who have gone on record in oral or written testimony/affidavit, while Billy hides inside the beltway pontificating. Bill shoulda done what Barry did- get rid of political enemies on day 1.


What your not picking up on is that Trump is taking you all for a ride and he really doesn’t care about you. He’s a conman. He’s trying to con the country and he really doesn’t care what damage it does to it. He’s only ever been in it for himself.


In 2016 when Trump lost the election but won the electoral college he also had a banner declaring “Office of the President Elect”. But nobody made a fuss about it. It seems Trump supporters are extremely sore losers.


Not just a banner, an entire lectern. Anyone else see Jack’s double standard here?

So Jack, anything to add or should we just consider you the “father of lies” who needs to be exposed? How about you, Debra Tash?

Citizen Reporter

It was interesting that Candace Owens forced Politifact to retract their posting that her piece denying that Biden was the “President-Elect” was false. It’s not.


Are all administrators of this pages right-wing partisan cranks? Certainly seems like it.

Citizen Reporter

No and fortunately most of its commenters aren’t either. Look in a mirror.


“Citizen Reporter” (aka anonymous peddler of misinformation) – you don’t seem to be able to support Pastor Jack’s one-sided sermon now that Jesse has called him out, so you try an alternative attack. Sorry but Biden is clearly the President Elect. Just ask the GSA.

Michael A.

In 2016 you Dems were certain Hillary would win, thus you didn’t plot to cheat like you did in 2020. In addition the media weren’t you co-conspirators to suddenly declare Biden as Potus elect as they did in early November 2020. In other words, in 2016 you were caught with your pants down because you arrogantly believed you had it in the bag.


Mikey, you certainly know how to play the sore loser. But it’s time to learn some humility and accept that America did the Trump experiment and most people didn’t like the outcome. Weaving a web of lies to make it feel your guy was hard done by is not the way it happens in this country and it is fundamentally dangerous to it. Truth is back in style.

Michael A.

Yeah but Billy, you guys spent the last 4 years trying your best to reverse 2016. If you guys had just acted like normal losers we wouldn’t have to play anything, loser or winner. You can’t take back history Billy. You guys are still playing like Hillary just found out Bill is unfaithful.


Billy: Re: “when Trump lost the election but won the electoral college”

That statement proves you don’t know s— about the law and also don’t acknowledge the massive fraud taking place.


So great to hear a person of Faith further knock this imaginary office!


What has being a “person of Faith” got to do with it. He’s a messed up hypocrite like the rest of these clowns.

Mike Smith

What about all the clowns whose god is government and religion is politics?

Do you believe there are no messed up hypocrites among them?