Petition: NO to Ventura Mask Ordinance

The Ventura City Council voted to create an ordinance mandating masks be worn in doors — against advice of the county’s Health Officer.
Wear a mask if you please, but don’t force others.
Please sign and & share to stop this ordinance from taking effect.

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C E Voigtsberger

So what is the penalty if apprehended by, what, the police department? If the non-mask runner runs away are the cops going to gun him down? Tackle him? Tase him? Pepper spray him? Beat him with batons? Kneel on his neck?

So we are to assume with the PD busy chasing non-maskers that burglaries have dropped to zero. Car thefts have also fallen off the scale? No shootings in Ventura? Wait, didn’t I just read that someone got shot just a day or two ago? Will the cops have time to investigate that or will they be busy busting non-maskers?

Seems to me the city council has bigger issues to deal with in the city than mask/no mask. What about the enormous shortage of cash facing the city? Made any moves to sell surplus city property? How about fixing the roads? With city staff all wearing masks there is no reason why the road crew can’t get to work on making our streets look less like some third world country.

By the way, just throwing a slurry coat on the street is like putting a bandaid on gangrene. Telephone Road between the 101 and Victoria is already starting to look it belongs in some third world country.

Dale Marinus

Sue, I would gladly stay home, if like you I chose to live my life in fear of a virus with a 98 – 99 % survival rate. Thank you for volunteering to support my family during this trying time where I, as an essential worker, have been busting my ass without a mask or fear for the last four months. Do not think you can try the “shameing tactic” on me because I feel sorry for you choosing to live you life on your knees. At least if this country ever gets invaded by a real enemy we now know who will surrender their freedoms at the drop of a hat. I will put my trust in God, you put yours in Bo Peep.

Edward Swanson

In America we have laws. California laws ch. 8 sec. 185 makes he wearing of masks against the law. How can it be enforced then, rather stupid. And under the emergency powers act 8558 the law states no new laws may be put in place under the emergency! All you feelings police should relax and follow the law like us non mask wearers are doing and try to have a nice day would ya 🙂


Dear Petitioners,
Don’t be an idiot. The rate of infection in the United States on a percapita basis leads the world. Go with the flow. You need to be a responsible part of society. If you don’t want to wear a mask stay home.


Sue you do you but I will not comply with this bullcrap …… go ahead and wear your mouth covering at least we on the right know who to stay away from. you give up a little at a time your freedoms. stop it


This is a selfish and disgusting petition. You are not a real news site and should be reported and cited for being unbiased. Gross.

Citizen Reporter

Citizens Journal did not write this. As you can see, it is a press release. CJ publishes many varied opinions on this and other subjects. So, yes, it is real news when someone puts out a petition to oppose something.

August West

An Op Ed is not news lunkhead. You can call it a “press release”, but don’t insult us by calling it news. This is a disgusting piece of yellow journalism and you should be ashamed of yourself for promoting this drivel.

Citizen Reporter

You seem unclear on the concept. It was not labeled as news. It was labeled as a press release because that’s what it is. If you persist in abusive language, you will be removed from this site. Take up your grievance with the initiator.


there are more than one side of issues and you clearly are on the left lying side ….bugger off our real news site.


You have the right not to wear a mask in your own home or even go naked but when you encounter fellow citizens there are some rules you must follow. This is what we call civilization. Lose the no mask petition

Dale Marinus

As the city council has decided to only exempt (favor) one class of citizens from the mask requirement, they violate the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment and the Unruh Civil Rights Act. The WHO, CDC, Surgeon General and the Ventura County medical officer Dr. Levin have all stated the masks should not be worn by healthy people or people with respiratory issues. That fact that the medical data for the county DOES NOT support the need for mask is intentionally overlooked by council members. The fact that the council is FORCING people with respiratory issues to wear masks that are DETRIMENTAL to their health leaves the city, and said council members that voted for it, open to lawsuits under the ADA is reckless. That the city would consider passing the ill advised flawed ordinance, at a special meeting instead of the regular meeting without further debate from the public, is a violation of the Brown Act. It does not qualify under the emergency exemption portion of the Brown Act as medical data proves and is further proof that the ordinance is illegal and discriminatory. I myself have respiratory issues and refuse to endanger my health with a mask. I urge others to consider filing a Class Action lawsuit against the city and individual council members that approve the ordinance under the ADA. I myself WILL NOT spend my hard earned money anywhere in Ventura if it is enacted. I will spend it in outlying cities instead.


Stay home, take care of your health. Come out when the pandemic is over.
We forgive you for not being able to perform responsible tasks that protect the entire community.


My body, my choice.


Imagine being such a crybaby that you can’t wear a thin piece of fabric/cloth over your mouth for the hour or less you’re in public. If you think you’re inconvenienced by the aforementioned, you’re in for a wild ride when you test positive for COVID-19.


its not about that its about being told to wear something ineffective and bad for your health NOT DOING IT still do not know anyone sick …..sheep sheep sheep dont be a sheep

Paul Gregory

New findings, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, suggest that neither surgical nor cloth masks are at all effective in stopping the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

The research, conducted by investigators from the University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Chung-Ang University Hospital, and Sejong University — all in Seoul, South Korea — involved a group of four participants receiving medical care for COVID-19.

To find out whether — and which — masks could stop the viral particles from spreading, the researchers asked the participants to cough over petri dishes without a mask, while wearing a disposable surgical mask, and while wearing a reusable mask made of cotton cloth.

In each of these three circumstances, the participants had to cough five times. Each time, they did so over a different petri dish.

Finally, the team swabbed the outer and inner surfaces of each mask — cotton or surgical.

They expected to find droplets containing SARS-CoV-2 on the inner surfaces. The question was whether any viral particles had been able to pass through the masks to their outer surfaces.

After analyzing the swabs, the researchers found particles of SARS-CoV-2 on the outsides of both types of mask, suggesting that neither type can contain the virus.

“Neither surgical nor cotton masks effectively filtered SARS–CoV-2 during coughs by infected patients,” the researchers write in their study paper.


Who’s idea was this of NO to mask.. stupidity and ignorance. If ojai has followed the rules we can to Ventura


This is the most selfish petition I’ve seen today. We wear masks to prevent spreading our own germs to our community. By not wearing a mask you’re sending the message that you only care about yourself. What is wrong with people! Do you just want to kill people?

David Praver

For those selfish enough to only be concerned about his/her own health, and refuse to take steps to protect others (distancing and/or wearing a protective mask), if you catch the virus don’t ask our front line health care providers to risk their lives to save you and send back the stimulus check you received.


go ahead and ruin your immune system thats on you I wont comply with moronic rules


Wow. Nobody wants to kill people. That is just an insane comment.
Free country, remember?