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    Physician-led (not industry-controlled) clinical trials of early treatment for COVID-19

    By Sheryl Hamlin

    Hosted by American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, the January 7, 2021 webinar featured Dr. Sabine Hazan, MD, whose medical businesses are located in Ventura county.

    Source: Dr. Hazan, 1/7/2021

    Dr. Hazan, a gastroenterologist, specialized initially in fecal transplants where stools from healthy patients are transplanted to others. Such work showed her that something in the microbiome causes physiological changes in the recipient of fecal transplant. For example, hair is grown on bald people, fat people lose weight and even improvements in Autism and Alzheimers. According to Dr. Hazan, gut microbes determine human immunity.

    Source: Dr. Hazan, 1/7/2021

    Worldwide Trends and Covid

    Worldwide obesity in western nations correlates to huge prescription drug usage and COVID cases. Physicians are not telling patients to lose weight, she says. Globalism gives rise to obesity which she calls “Globesity”. Autism also increasing in the United States.

    Clinical Trials: Microbiome and Disease

    There 42 clininical trials at her company. She contends that loss of gut diversity leads to disease and death. We are killing too many useful bacteria in the gut with medication. 4 billion prescriptions in the United States, which she calls “Drug America”.

    Source: Dr. Hazan, 1/7/2021

    Is Covid doing the same thing? Why are people dying with Covid? Is it something in their gut? There are only two studies at US Clinical trials on this topic, one of which is hers.

    They collected stools from 300 patients and analyzed the microbiome which then involved genetic sequencing of entire virus in its entirety with thousands of copies. PCR is just the head of the virus. They found no virus in stool of those with Vit C.

    Topelia Therapeutics

    No pharmaceutical company wanted to fund a clinical trial of a “cheap” solution so she and Dr. Barody decided to fund it themselves. They brought on Dr. Tarek Alam from Bangladesh. Dr. Peter McCullough, who testified at the U.S. Senate, has been a leader in generating scientific interest in home therapies for Covid. See the entire team.

    Read about the company here: Topeliatherapeutics

    Principle: Boost not blast the gut.

    Source: Dr. Hazan, 1/7/2021

    FDA Clinical Trials Absolutely Necessary

    Dr. Hazan explained the need for FDA clinical trials as well as the massive amount of documentation required.

    Source: Dr. Hazan, 1/7/2021

    Their team has three protocols under study: PRG-042, PRG-044, PRG-049

    Source: Dr. Hazan, 1/7/2021

    She stressed that “cheap” solutions “rarely make it to market”. Doctors do not get credit for their field research.


    To participate in trials or donate, see below:

    Source: Dr. Hazan. 1/7/2021

    The webinar will be available only for one week at: Webinar

    For more information on the author click sherylhamlin dot com

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    Edo McGowan
    Edo McGowan
    3 years ago

    Topella suggests that one start treatment before day 6. This may be difficult, not because of any fault of Topella, but a fault that lies within the turn around time for the typical test. A faster test is needed. To get ready to treat by day 6, means that a well-oiled government testing system must be in place. Is it?

    What symptoms prompt the average person to seek a test and how long does the average person wait to get a test result? How long does the test result take to come back. Following that, how quickly can the patient see their physician following the test results and how long does it take to get the needed medications together including those from the pharmacy? Are we likely to be within those 6 days?

    Within the current testing, is the turnaround adequate to meet these requirements? Is anyone in government focusing on a more rapid testing turnaround?

    Dr Edo McGowan

    Alison Brannan
    Alison Brannan
    3 years ago

    I know there were several studies started using Disulfiram, which is already FDA approved and very safe. Any additional information on that?

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