POLITICS | Oxnard Treasurer Reminds of Illegal Deprivation of Employee Social Security Payments

Mr. Stein, (Lawrence Paul Stein)
Your accusations, your poignant statements, your attempt to show the lack of common decency, your attempt to show how inhumane the City of Oxnard treated these “limited benefit employees” is…factually, legally and professionally correct.
I informed Mr. Gillig, in Feb 1998 that his interpretation of the tax codes of what a ‘subcontractor’ is,  was wrong and placed these long time employees at risk. I reminded Gillig, Oxnard city Attorney, that to be a legal subcontractor these facts had to exist:
1. subcontractors provider their own tools; and
2. set their schedule; and
3. hire their replacements; and
4. decide when the work is completed; and
5. right to control how the work is performed; and
6. provide their work transportation.
But these ‘limited benefits’ employees were directed the city, given city tools, told when and where to report, could not appoint their replacement, told when the work was finished, were told how to perform their duties and were provided city transportation to the job.
His answer in front of 40 mid-managers “I, Gary Gillig, am the highest legal officer of the city, I decide what is legal.”
I’m glad to have helped those limited employees to get at least 3 years social security, though I regret they did not get the social security coverage they deserved.
Why did the city do this?  So top managers could be paid more at the expense of the people at the bottom.
Phillip Molina is currently the Oxnard City Treasurer 

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1 month ago

Per Transparent California, City Attorney Gary Gillig retired from the City of Oxnard in 2008. (See https://transparentcalifornia.com/pensions/search/?q=gary+gillig.)

Per a published court decision (https://law.justia.com/cases/california/court-of-appeal/2011/b222370.html), Molina originally retired in 2001 and started receiving a PERS pension in December of that year.

John Hernandez
1 month ago

One the city’s legal attorney is arrogant in saying he will decide what is legal and what is not. Follow the law and I’m sure you’ll be the one that would be correct. However you’re not the one to interpret the laws that are written.

1 month ago
Reply to  John Hernandez

This is very old news. Gary Gillig retired as City Attorney in 2008.