POLITICS | Race for the 25th – Sacramento Smith’s Greatest? Hits

The Special Election for CA-25 is only one week away and voters face a stark choice for who they want to be their next representative in Congress – Navy fighter pilot Mike Garcia, who wants to lower taxes, or liberal politician “Sacramento” Christy Smith, who hasn’t met a tax she didn’t want to raise.

As the campaign enters its final stretch, we thought it would be worth highlighting some of Sacramento Smith’s greatest hits from the last several weeks. While there are so many from which to choose (denigrating our military, lying about firing teachers, and Twitter spirals), we’ve done our best to narrow it down.

So, without further ado…Sacramento Smith’s Greatest? Hits…

#1 – The Big Lie

Sacramento Smith lied A LOT to voters throughout the campaign, and we still have a week to go.

So, how can we not begin with the biggest lie of them all?

In running for her Assembly seat, Smith promised voters she wouldn’t go to Sacramento and be some “hair on fire liberal” and raise taxes.


This promise must’ve slipped her mind as she went on to vote for more than $3 billion in higher taxes, failed to support a repeal of the gas tax and voted for the jobs-crushing AB5.

Now, Smith claims she’s a moderate and wants to take her experience to Washington. Not sure Southern California families can afford that.

And, for those still wondering if she might be telling the truth, click here and keep this number in mind when you watch – $3 billion.

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