POLITICS | Race for the Thousand Oaks City Council – Meet Colleen Andersen

CEO, entrepreneur, 12 year resident, member of T.O. Economic Development Committee.  Website “ca4council.com

The next four years are critical for Thousand Oak’s recovery and continued success in the future.

We must achieve Covid recovery, submit our plan to address State housing mandates, resolve lingering housing, homelessness, municipal and safety improvement issues, and complete our General Plan for the next 15 years. 

Incumbents now promise to make lingering issues a priority and to “take the same steady approach to leadership” if reelected.  Where were they on these priorities their first several terms? Steady is good, but some matters call for active resolution.

It’s time to add a sense of urgency to our leadership. As a CEO and entrepreneur I know how to prioritize, maintain standards, achieve consensus, innovate where needed, and get things done.

Pillars: Put the Community’s Voice First and Get Things Done

The community’s voice is being eclipsed in our leadership process. Increasingly our Council is voting on the recommendations of City staff, committees and consultants, with little involvement in the process.  I’ll participate in every step throughout the process and put the community’s voice first on every item I vote on.


Lead economic and community Covid recovery.

Improve safety, communication, and municipal infrastructure and procedures. Significantly expand fire prevention.

Resolve the housing shortage for workforce, students, seniors and low income while protecting open space and ensuring quality of life into the future.

Collaborate and innovate with law enforcement, community social service and faith based organizations to address homelessness and mental illness and provide meaningful assistance to those who need it.

Colleen Andersen

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Ed Reed
Ed Reed
1 month ago

To Colleen Andersen, I say, please go away. In all honesty, being a 12-year resident of the community, doesn’t really mean anything to people who’ve been here for decades. I don’t believe you have our best interests at heart. Please go away and stop spreading your lies about our current incumbent members of the City Council. I don’t think you’re really looking out for the interests of our community but rather looking out for your business relationships. Please stop, we need better than you.

mia smith
15 days ago
Reply to  Ed Reed

you must be a City Council member…