POLITICS | Sacramento Smith’s Begging Pays Off

Hypocrite Smith accepts help from lobbyist, corporate funded DCCC

Valencia, CA – It appears the only thing Christy Smith wasn’t lying about recently is admitting she was “moving on all fronts” to secure help from the lobbyist and corporate PAC-funded Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Despite claims of refusing to accept lobbyist and corporate money, hypocrite Smith is now happily accepting TV advertising funded by the DCCC and all of its lobbyist laden cash.

“It’s another Sacramento side-step from politician Christy Smith – telling voters she doesn’t accept lobbyist and corporate donations, now happily accepting help from groups funded by those very same people,” Mike Garcia Spokesman Lance Trover said. “Less than a year ago, Smith, a major proponent of a single-payer healthcare system, was accepting money from insurance PAC’s.”

Smith has claimed she wouldn’t accept lobbyist and corporate PAC money despite accepting more than $1.3 million from the California Democratic Party, an organization partially funded by corporate and business donation.  

“Sacramento Smith and her lobbyist pals are recycling the same baseless attacks they use year after year because they don’t want to talk about her tax hike voting record,” Trover said.

As recently as three months before announcing for Congress, lobbyists and PAC’s were filling Smith’s campaign coffers in Sacramento.

In a now curiously missing tweet, Smith claimed it was OK to accept corporate PAC money, then flip-flopped to claim she would only refuse tobacco, oil and pharma money only to later claim she will refuse all corporate money.

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