Project Veritas investigation results in a felony voter fraud conviction

Earlier this year, Project Veritas conducted a series of undercover investigations on voter fraud. Irregularities in six states were exposed, including a confession to double-voting.

New Hampshire resident Robert Bell, was caught on hidden camera wherein he admitted to voting twice in the 2018 federal election, once in New Hampshire and again in Florida.

As a result of Project Veritas’ findings, Bell was arrested, charged, and convicted of felony voter fraud.

On Wednesday, a jury in Rockingham County New Hampshire found Bell guilty of felony double voting. He is scheduled for sentencing on November 7, 2019, with penalties ranging from significant fines and/or prison time.  Bell could also lose his right to vote under the New Hampshire Constitution.

Bell’s defense argued that it was not his intent to commit voter fraud, alleging it was more an issue of confusion.

Nick Chong Yen, NH Assistant Attorney General, challenged the defense’s claim.

“Based on this information the defendant knew his vote in Florida would be significant…Those are not the choices of a confused person.”

Election integrity must be preserved, and Project Veritas will continue with its mission to expose voter fraud wherever it exists. 

Veritas is winning! Let’s keep up the good fight.

James O’Keefe

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