PROOF That COVID “Vaccines” Cause Prion Disease

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(Natural News) What you are about to read got Steve Kirsch of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund permanently banned from Twitter because it proves that the “vaccines” being administered for the plandemic are causing people to develop prion disease.

Before the shots were first introduced by the previous administration as part of Operation Warp Speed, there were next to no cases of prion disease. Now, prion disease is fast becoming a household name.

“There is no doubt the mRNA vaccines are causing prion diseases,” Kirsch writes. “People didn’t have these diseases before the shot and suddenly they develop them after the shot. There is no other explanation for this.”

“None of the ‘fact checkers can explain the cause of the excess rates. Prion diseases are incurable and always fatal. You can die as soon as 6 weeks after COVID vaccination.”

Twitter, meanwhile, says that this is false, even though a simple VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) query shows a considerable “excess” of prion disease cases ever since the injections started getting plunged into people’s arms.

Just a few hours after Kirsch tweeted an article from his “good friend” Jessica Rose about the matter, the Twitter gods eliminated Kirsch’s account, including all of his content over the past 12 years that he made available to his roughly 75,000 followers.

“My messages were removed,” Kirsch says. “There was no opportunity to download my content.”

Twitter is an enemy of the truth

Back in May 2021, Prof. Byram Bridle made public a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request about the Pfizer jab’s bio-distribution data. In this disclosure, it was mentioned that the spike protein was associated with Lewy body formation, which is linked to prion disease.

At the time, Bridle expressed concerns about the injections causing prion diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), the latter of which Rose discusses at length in her article (which is only available to paid subscribers).

It turns out that Bridle’s concerns were warranted. A VAERS query shows that the only injections causing seriously elevated rates of prion disease are those being administered for the Fauci Flu.

Nearly 84 percent of all excess dementia and Alzheimer’s cases this past year are linked to Chinese Flu shots. For Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which is much rarer, that figure is nearly 86 percent.

“Remember, these are 30-year searches for all vaccines,” Kirsch notes in his article.

“Clearly there are excess reports. And we know VAERS isn’t being ‘over-reported’ this year which I’ve shown many times before (events not caused by the vaccine are reported at rates comparable to other vaccines).”

If all of these excess cases of prion disease have nothing to do with the shots as Twitter claims, then what is causing this sudden spike? Should all of the outlying evidence pointing to the injections be ignored simply because the mainstream media is refusing to acknowledge it?

Keep in mind that not a single “fact checker” has even bothered to look at VAERS, or the claims made about the data thereof. They are simply rejecting the evidence because it does not fit the official government narrative.

“Unless you can explain how all these cases of CJD and Alzheimer’s which NEVER showed up (in any significant numbers) *before* these vaccines are showing up in droves *after* these vaccines, then you are putting people in DANGER by censoring my tweet and suspending my account,” Kirsch says.

“If you are going to cancel my account, the least you can do is tell me your unassailable proof that my Tweet was misleading when all the scientific evidence (and VAERS data) supports what I wrote.”

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Chuck Dickerson

These vaccines are being exposed as the greatest hoax on civilization ever perpetrated. As of this writing at least 947,000 people have died as a direct result of these vaccines. Mainstream media simply needs to report facts from the VAERS data compilations, but they WON’T! Why not?


Obviously you don’t understand what VAERS is actually used for do you. QAnon loves to invent uses for VAERS. Simply stated, for the simple minded, VAERS is a catch all database of deaths. If a person is entered into it, it does not draw any conclusions, it’s just speculation provided for future research. Don’t be so dense, actually read a book or something.

Karmic mirror

Lol wow very articulate. The sheer respect shown in this comment is astounding.
Speaking of dense minded, how would a database on deaths not be a good source of information on people’s deaths?
Vaers literally stands for vaccine adverse event reporting system, so it’s not even what you say it is.

So simply put for the simple minded. Vaers is not a “catch all database of deaths” it’s a database on public experiences with vaccines. And therefore may be unreliable.
So if what you’re saying is, it’s inaccurately reported, then that’s just speculation on your part.
Don’t be so dense, maybe look into what you’re talking about or something.

Michael A...

but, but, there is sooooooo much money to be made. Come on man!


Also kerp in mind, many Of the adverse reactions that later end in death aren’t necessarily updated to reflect that death.

The profits made from this experiment are obscene and disguising, esp when so many people have been maimed, injured, murdered, gaslit, and abandoned.

Our must be painful to be that}powerless to profit. Still, that is no reason to fk us, ESP without compensation!


Twitter is run by Jews. Remember who sends Israel your tax money.


You’re deplorable.

Christopher Lucas

The Vatican has been at the head of this whole agenda. If you read Crux, a Catholic publication, it had a recent article talking about how the Catholic church 200 years ago had a punishment and reward system for vaccines. Edward Jenner is a Catholic who popularized “vaccination”. Today we see the Pontifical Council of Culture working to censor speech, especially concerning the “vaccine” but also it is using the medical misinformation tag to censor churches speaking out against the Vatican, as my church was censored off Twitter and 2 channels removed from YouTube for speaking against the papacy.

Some Girl

Can someone tell them what the name is for free floating strands of mRNA in the body? Prions. They’re called prions.

Some other girl

Free floating mRNA are not prions. So I’m here to tell you that prions are specifically misfolded proteins that can produce more copies of the same useless potentially dangerous proteins. Free floating mRNA is just called mRNA.

Some other girl

Free floating mRNA are not prions. So I’m here to tell you that prions are specifically misfolded proteins that can produce more copies of the same useless potentially dangerous proteins. Free floating mRNA is just called mRNA.