Rallies across the southland, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks – 3,000 Cars Estimated By Redondo Beach Police at “Asians for Trump” Sunday Rally

Local Trump rallies were held in Simi Valley and on the Lynn Road overpass in Thousand Oaks off the 101 Freeway.

Greg Abrams, Simi Valley

Greg Abrams, Simi Valley

Tim McCoy, Simi Valley


Thousand Oaks, John Wurts

Thousand Oaks, Beverly Wurts

Tim McCoy, Thousand Oaks

Tim McCoy, Thousand Oaks

Besides a blowout rally in Beverly Hills our neighbors to the south were rallying too.  From Asian Industry B2B:

Redondo Beach, CA – Over three thousand cars, with thousands more participants, as estimated by the Redondo Beach Police, participated in the Asians for Trump rally thrown by Asian Industry B2B, South Bay Republican Assembly, Democrats for Trump, Filipinos for Trump, Indians for Trump, Koreans for Trump, South Los Angeles Inglewood Republican Assembly and many more partner groups.

They cruised the South Bay on Sunday October 25, 2020 to support the re-election of Donald Trump and send a message to the US Senate to vote the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett and in protest against Senator Mazie Hirono‘s questioning during the confirmation hearings.

The MAGA Trump Caravan assembled in the parking lot of the Redondo Performing Arts Center located at 1935 Manhattan Beach Boulevard before 9 am and overfilled two and a half parking lots next door from Northrop Grumann by the time the rally started at 10 am. Asian industry B2B featured many conservative candidates and a special portion, highlight the voices of representatives from the Asian communities who experienced oppression in their native countries and have moved here to seek freedom. This included Tae Kim from Korea, Crystal Jade from Malaysia, Sunny Meagher from India and Fountain Valley Mayor Pro Tem Michael Vo from Vietnam. Filipinos for Trump representative Noel Omega opened up the event in prayer.  Social media conservative influencer, Vietnamese American high school student, Vince Dao, fired up the crowd. The full video can be seen here of all the speeches.

Throughout its route, the many cars in the caravan experienced thumbs up and enthusiastic from 99 percent of the bystanders. There was only one reported incident in Carson, where caravan participants were intimidated by leftists and brandished by guns against our peaceful protestors.

In addition to the massive enthusiasm for the Trump Administration, the protesters are excited for Constitutional Originalist Judge Amy Coney Barrett to be fully confirmed by the US Senate.  Founder and CEO of Asian Industry B2B, and event co-organzier Marc Ang says, “The Asian-American and faith communities came out in full support of this event, as we had representatives from so many groups and the car rallies passed by mostly minority churches along the route who were overwhelmingly ecstatic about seeing this great show of support. They want churches opened and not subject to harassment by governmental agencies like the LA County Department of Health. We are also praying for calm and peace as an historic confirmation takes place this evening.”

Marc Ang’s last event in Walnut, CA, a family fair at a church, was the target of harassment by the LA County Health Department leading up to and at the actual event. This was documented live and heavily covered by ABCNBCTelemundoOC Register and national publications like Breitbart and Epoch Times. Past rallies were covered by Fox News NationalCBSKCRWAsian Journal and lots of independent media. Other events including one of Asian Industry B2B’s members efforts putting up Hollywood-style Trump signs all over California (some taken down on private property, such as the Getty pass 405 one) have been covered extensively by media as well.

South Bay conservatives are beginning to speak out.  South Bay Republican Assembly President Edwin Duterte, organizer of the event who led the caravan, says, “Thousands of Trump supporters drove a 22 mile route in the most liberal districts in California, proving the residents are getting tired of one-party Democratic rule.”

The US Senate is scheduled to have a confirmation vote today, on Monday October 26th.

Marc Ang will be available for interviews about this historic rally.

For more information, contact Marc Ang at 424-291-2102, [email protected].

Future Events:

AIB2B will have a final rally for No on Prop 16 on October 31st at 9 am in Irvine (RSVP here). You are invited to this events, where the press can interview participants from 9 am to 10 am and listen to speakers. At about 10 am, our caravans will hit key locations in the surrounding areas.




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j p


Mike Smith

Democrat voters: if you want to know WHY you’re seeing the images posted here and in person, the reason is hiding in your bathroom mirror!

Michael A.

Sleepy Joe only dreams of support like this in his all too common daily naps. “Cackles” Harris dreams too, of old Joe kicking the bucket soon after a fanciful electoral victory.


Trump is the lowest IQ President in history. According to his science office he has ended the pandemic. LOL.

Mike Smith

Keep dropping nasty comments, lefties — All you lowlifes are doing is helping create more young conservatives!

Combat Veteran

If you support a traitor, you ARE a traitor. Trump will die in prison.

Deolorable Trumpie

IF YOU SUPPORT BIDEN YOU ARE VOTING AGAINST AMERICA- You are anti- American- anyone who can vote for Biden knowing his mental acuity is a traitor to our America-

j p

C’mon Now! Biden is a Chinese Communist Puppet, and Harris is a Whore for Hire.

Stop supporting pedophilia. Stop supporting child rape. Stop supporting the sexual trafficking of boys and girls to a ghastly end in which satanists slit their throats in ecstatic lust.

You can hear them on CNN. You can hear them on MSNBC. You can hear them in the banks and the mortagage companies and all the corporate churches of economic incest. You see it on their message boards, on their monitors, in their statements against freedom, against justice, against America.

The Democrat party is the party of pedophilia, lust, degeneracy, and prostitution of the nation. Stop supporting these things!

Last edited 1 year ago by j p
senior in T.O.

The liar in chief. Rapist in chief. Covid-19 murderer in chief. Why do you want 4 more years of him? More unemployment to come. Health insurance to be lost by millions and you think this is in your best interest? NO THANKS.

T.O. for Trump!

Looks like someone needs a little day nap. It’s ok, we got this covered for you big guy. Try to avoid MSM for now, better focus on “Murder She Wrote”, or whatever it is you old folks like.


Some people are not very sharp. That is what Trump counts on. Thanks for staying informed.

C. Collier

Fact: under President Trump, until the closure and destruction of the economy by DemocRat governers, the US had the lowest unemployment rate since 1969. This includes all demographics.

Fact: under President Trump, until the closure and destruction of the economy by DemocRat governors, it was the strongest economy in several decades.

Fact: under President Trump, household income for all demographics increased more in three years that it did after eight years of Obozo and senile Joe.

If you want jobs and a strong economy,and protection of the Constitution, especially the 2A, vote for President Trump. If you want economic collapse, massive unemployment and destruction of your rights, vote for the Harris-Biden ticket.

j p

If he is causing unemployment, then why are blacks coming out in very vocal support of him?

If he is causing a loss in the people’s well-being, then why did the leader of the Crow nation just come out with a statement of support on behalf of the Crow nation?

If he is a lying racist, then why are Asians, Latinos, women, and a multitude of ethnic minorities pouring out of the rafters to support him?

If he is lowering us into a pit of despair, then why are all the people supporting him…Blacks, Whites, Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, you name it…Why do they all have smiles on their faces, why are they laughing, having a good time? Even in the face of a continuous torrent of some of the most fantastically stark hand gestures, fingers, threats, and a never-ending multitude of degradations our country has ever shamefully suffered?

While all the supporters of Communism, i.e., the Democrat Party of Pedophilia and Satanism, exactly the opposite? With scarred bodies, vicious tongues, contorted faces writhing in hateful expressions?

Join us. Join history. You are willingly being led into extreme and deep darkness by extremely wicked people.

Last edited 1 year ago by j p
M Smith

Stay in your town.