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    Guest Editorial | RE: “Misinformation Targets Latinos” Article in VC Star- 3/8/2021

    Guest Editorial



    By Wayne Kerbaugh

    Misinformation, per Webster’s Dictionary definition, is “incorrect or misleading information”, first used in 1605.  However, a few days ago in the VC Star on the very front page (news section), appeared an article that screams misinformation, titled “Misinformation targets Latinos”.  I found this article particularly offensive and full of misinformation on its own merit. (Editor’s note: we couldn’t find the link to the Star article, but believe they published this AP article.)

    I found this article offensive on at least two fronts: first in that it demeans an entire bloc of minority voters telling them that if they, Latinos, don’t go along with the gravy train and propaganda as espoused by the Democratic National Committee or its platform of victimology and/or class envy as not being thinking, informed voters that can make individual choices for themselves in their best self-interests or personal belief structures.  Rather, they must be told how to think, no research necessary, no questions allowed, we will take care of you and let you know what is fact versus fiction or misinformation.

    It reveals that the DNC is worried about losing the Latino voting bloc by comparing them to their formerly tried and true voting bloc of African-Americans, who are becoming more informed voters by reading from the likes of Candace Owens and her book, “Blackout,” or Jason L. Riley’s, “Please Stop Helping Us,” and beginning to think for themselves.  Why do I refer to the DNC, why is Tom Perez’s picture emblazoned in the article and speaking out on this subject on Spanish language media outlets?”

    The main thrust of the article, aside from patronizing an entire ethnic voting bloc, was overtly demonizing anything conservative without balance regarding things such as opinions questioning the integrity of the election or election process, vaccinations or vaccination safety, or any other differing/dissenting viewpoints as talked about in conservative circles or forms of media be they social or otherwise– as being nothing more than misinformation and thereby definition untrue or not factual.

    It also references a claimed non-partisan report compiled by Stanford and Washington Universities along with Graphika and the Atlantic Council’s DRFlabs in support of their argument.  However, it makes no reference by name/title of the report or provides a link that directs readers to do their own research and make their own determination if it has any bias.  It’s co-researched and written by two universities that are in the top 200 liberal universities according to “”, a college/university ranking site. The other two organizations, on quick research, were unable to find a site that ranks any bias for them.  Misinformation or poor reporting? I believe a little of each without seeing the article.

    The second has been a well-honed process: 1)- vilifying or at minimum discrediting opponents’ positions , etc., 2)- promoting class envy from those that work hard to earn what they have through individual rights of accomplishment and hard work vs. the collective state that is supposed to take the place of family, guardian, and respective God by providing everyone with an equal share,”in their eyes” used throughout history by totalitarian dictators, despots, and/or political parties/movements to their opposition or impediments to their goals.

    The Nazis did this with the Jews and Gypsies in Germany.  They also did this to anyone else in order to gain their population’s support to do what they did to their opponents.  They made the individuals, groups, or organizations out as less than human and simply evil.  Even our sometimes not-so-proud history gives us examples of the same regarding what it did to conquering the Native “Indians” and taking their land, recently freed slaves post civil war being only 3/5ths of a citizen and rights thereof, and to the Japanese Americans in order to easily put them into interment camps like Manzanar in Northern California.

    History does often repeat itself for those not paying attention and challenging those in power, as exampled by such books as, “1984” by George Orwell or “Animal Farm” by Aldous Huxley, or Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451.”  We should all be afraid, very afraid, of what is happening today with unbridled corporate censorship and cancel/woke/victim-culture etc.  I encourage you to do your own research and investigate so as to educate yourself.  Be that young child that continues to annoyingly ask the parent to answer that question of “why,” again and again, until you get a satisfactory answer or destroy the pontifications.  You may not like what you hear, but you’ll be much better informed and not part of the masses of lemmings just going along.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    Wayne Kerbaugh lives in Ventura County

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