Recall Newsom Tour Comes to Ventura

Sponsored and organized by, the Recall Tour rolls into Promenade Park by Ventura pier from 12-4 this Saturday, February 20. Headlined by Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr. Judy Mikovits, author of Plague of Corruption, and Dr. Cordie Williams, founder of 1776 Forever Free, we are poised to restore power to the people. We will also have live music by Victor Vega as we rock the Recall numbers ever higher.

On February 16th the Recall petition reached the 1.5 Million signatures needed to get a recall of Gov. Newsom on the ballot this summer. However, about 10% of signatures typically are disqualified due to errors, so the efforts will continue right up to the March 10th deadline to collect and validate signatures.

Come on out and participate in this historic event where we take back our state and our country!



We Have Rights

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Here is the RSB coverage of the Recall Gavin rally yesterday:


Right Side Broadcasting covered it live for a couple of hours. A copy may still be at their YouTube channel.

Citizen Reporter

Yeah, we saw it. Good coverage.

Mike Smith

Please do recall Gavin Newsom!

But don’t expect the replacement to ‘fix’ the State Territory of California.

California’s #1 problem is the California people.

Michael A....

The joke used to be all fruits and nuts eventually migrate to California. That may have been true 30 years ago. Today those fruits and nuts have managed to leave a legacy on the children who have come along since then. “Everyone is victim” etc. Add in masses of Latino immigrants who are commanded to demand benefits beyond their ability to pay taxes and you have California. To put a finishing touch add in the corrupted influence of public employee unions to complete the disaster.

Last edited 9 months ago by Michael A....
David Puu

Wow. What an amazing group. That they would come alongside to help poor Ventura, which has been run into the ground by arguably the most stupid City Council and corrupt County Govt in Ca, is incredibly generous! Attending! Thank you for publishing this.

Janice Beaty

This is bullshit. I will not participate., “take our state back “. Indeed!i never lost It!

Michael A....

This is brilliant! I will participate., “take our state back” , Indeed! we did lose It!

Brian Kearsey

From your guttural choice of words, I can see why you support Newsome; he worked hard not only to keep the state in the gutter, but leave it closer to slipping into the sewer.