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    Ron DeSantis, Please STAND DOWN for the Good of the GOP and America

    By Wayne Allyn Root


    Yes, it’s true I’ve been one of the most dedicated, passionate and loyal Trump supporters in the country for eight years now (since even before he came down that escalator in June 2015). So, I’ll admit I’m a bit biased. I’m MAGA, America First, and Trump 47 all the way.

    Why wouldn’t I be? Trump was the best president of my lifetime. He actually did, what he said he was going to do. He fought for the middle class. He brought manufacturing back to America. He made energy cheap and plentiful. He cut taxes and regulations. He created a roaring stock market. He produced the lowest black and Latino unemployment in history. He produced the greatest middle class income growth in modern history. He won the trade war with China.


    He made America prosperous again.

    Trump also stood behind Israel like no president in history. He destroyed ISIS in a matter of weeks. Oh, and one other little thing: There was peace around the globe under Trump.

    Did I mention what Trump did for the GOP? First, in 2016 he pulled the biggest upset in US political history by beating Hillary Clinton. Then in 2020, Trump got the most votes ever by a sitting president… the most votes of any Republican in history… and added the most new votes of any president in history.

    We don’t need any other GOP Presidential candidates in 2024. We already have one of the greatest presidents of all time for that role. And certainly, the greatest Republican ever.


    Okay, so now you know I’m a “forever Trumper.” 

    But interestingly, I’m not anti-DeSantis. I like Ron DeSantis. I think he’s the best Governor in America.

    Every day DeSantis does something fantastic in Florida. He just passed e-verify. He banned central bank digital currency in Florida. He signed a new law demanding Florida public bathrooms be based on “biological sex” to protect women. He protected innocent children from transgender brainwashing at school. He signed a new law eliminating diversity, equity and inclusion in Florida higher education. And he’s taking the battle against transgender-loving Disney to new heights.


    DeSantis did all that in a WEEK!

    Are you getting the idea I really like DeSantis? I do. He’s fantastic. He’s “America’s Governor.”

    All of that is well and good. But he won’t beat Trump. He has no chance. Zero. It’s a suicide run. By running against Trump now, he will have to go negative about Trump, and thereby turn off enough Trump supporters to never be the 2028 nominee. By supporting and endorsing Trump now, he will become 2028 President-elect-in-waiting. It is that simple.

    DeSantis’ moment in the sun for 2024 has come and gone. From the moment Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg indicted Trump, it became obvious that there was no other choice. Trump is the only human being on earth who can defeat the Deep State and save our nation. That’s why the DC Swamp, Deep State and virtually the entire US government is out to get Trump.


    We need a miracle. We need God. Trump is that miracle. Trump is that gift from God. 

    The man is super-human. The Deep State can demonize him, frame him, indict him, arrest him, maybe even convict him. But they can’t stop him.

    From the moment of Trump’s indictment, DeSantis became insignificant. He became the incredible disappearing Governor. He became “the Casper the Friendly Ghost” of politics. He’s now invisible.

    No one outside Florida cares what great things DeSantis does in Florida anymore. Florida is just a state. DeSantis is like “the homerun king of Triple A.” Trump already won the Triple Crown and World Series in the Big Leagues.

    DeSantis runs a state. Trump is needed to defeat the evil Deep State. It’s so clear at this point: It’s either Trump, or it’s the end of America.

    But here’s the problem. The window is closing. Our chances of saving America are shrinking by the minute. Our only chance to save America is for Trump to win in 2024. And to do that, we need UNITY.

    Ron DeSantis is a distraction now. He can’t win. But he can divide the party, wound Trump, thereby ensuring Trump loses the general election. So, what is the DeSantis gameplan? Why is he announcing now? Is this all about ego and selfishness? Is this about bigger book deals and higher speaking fees?

    Or is there something more sinister at work here? The people funding DeSantis hate Trump. They’re mostly “Never Trumpers,” DC Swamp rats and Deep Staters. They must know if we don’t win in 2024, America is finished. It will be a one-party police state run by Big Brother, protected by a weaponized federal government that bans all dissent and free speech.

    Maybe the people funding DeSantis know all that. Maybe that’s the plan. Divide the GOP and make sure Trump loses in 2024. Maybe sacrificing DeSantis’ political future is part of that plan. DeSantis is their sacrificial lamb. Maybe DeSantis’ ego prevents him from seeing that he’s being used by people who do not have America’s best interests in mind. I know one thing…


    DeSantis needs to stand down.

    There is only one path forward if we want to save the greatest country in world history – electing Donald J. Trump as the 47th President of the United States. DeSantis must stand down for the good of the GOP and America.

    Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Wayne’s latest book is out, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.” Wayne is hosts two TV shows – on Real America’s Voice and Mike Lindell TV. He also hosts the nationally syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Audio Network, weeknights from 6 PM – 9 PM EST. Visit for more information.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of Citizens Journal


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