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    SB 27: Bill To Remove Trump From CA Ballot

    California legislators passed a bill that would require presidents to release their tax returns in order to appear on the California ballot. This bill is aimed at keeping President Trump off of the California primary ballot.

    The bill is now on Governor Newsom’s desk.

    “SB 27 is unconstitutional and discriminates against Republican voters,” Robin Hvidston, Executive Director of We The People Rising and California State Coordinator for the Remembrance Project, said. “We are calling upon the governor to not  discriminate  against the more than 4 million Californians who voted for President Trump. We are calling for a veto.”

    Along with visits to the district offices of legislators and testifying against SB 27 during the committee hearings, members of We The People Rising and The Remembrance Project have been contacting Governor Newsom, calling for him to veto SB 27.

    “Statewide, concerned citizens are contacting Governor Newsom to demand that he veto this bill,” Hvidston said. “It is disconcerting that Democrats are engaging in this tactic as a means of political posturing. We hope the governor will do the right thing and take a stand against this bill.”

    Notably, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed an identical bill in 2017.  Below is his statement.

    “While I recognize the political attractiveness — even the merits — of getting President Trump’s tax returns, I worry about the political perils of individual states seeking to regulate presidential elections in this manner. First, it may not be constitutional. Second, it sets a “slippery slope” precedent. Today we require tax returns, but what would be next? Five years of health records? A certified birth certificate? High school report cards? And will these requirements vary depending on which political party is in power?

    “A qualified candidate’s ability to appear on the ballot is fundamental to our democratic system. For that reason, I hesitate to start down a road that will might lead to an ever escalating set of differing state requirements for presidential elections.”

    We The People Rising, The Remembrance Project and America First Latinos are recorded in SB 27 as formal opposition to the bill.

    SB 27 Text

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    Bruce Boyer
    Bruce Boyer
    4 years ago

    As a candidate for Ventura County Sheriff; challenging Legislative imposed ‘ballot qualifications”; I have litigated this issue; i know it. The CA Constitution sets the requirements for our right to elect a governor; Federal Const for president. The imposition of a ‘requirement” is beyond what the Constitution calls for it is ‘extra-constitutional”, The Leg cannot pass laws that change the Constitution, amending the Constitution is a process. Ok you all know that, so why are you not thinking that through? Because the media does not want you to think! If you think a candidate ought to ____ fine, if they dont, vote for the other guy! Thats why it’s YOUR choice! The people of DC reelected Mayor Barry after he got out of prison, why? Because they wanted him over their other choice! The voters choose! This SB27 is another extension of law to impose an oligarchy. The good news is that they have overreached and this will chop them way bck. Watch the court battle and see how the case plays out. As my case is already on track for Federal Court the Trump team may join into the case of your candidate for Ventura County Sheriff!

    Kimberly Lu
    Kimberly Lu
    4 years ago
    Reply to  Bruce Boyer

    So how do I sue against California SB 27 then? This is against my constitutional right as a U.S. citizen. This law imposed upon us by Newsom and his cronies is unacceptable and in someway it is illegal, just because they want to get back at President Trump. This is SUPER dirty of a CA governor. I still can’t believe the democrats had forced this upon us.

    Citizen Reporter
    4 years ago
    Reply to  Kimberly Lu

    Trump will likely sue for you.

    Warren Bowman
    Warren Bowman
    4 years ago

    If we are going to live in a corporate oligarchy, we should at least know who is buying our politicians. Tax returns are just the receipts.

    4 years ago

    Name other President that Had to,do that. Deep Blue Democrats state. Get with it. Stop crying Get on board the American Trump train.

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