School Choice is the Answer!


By Jennifer Amodei

Nothing says taking your power back like $14,000 of your own money to spend on your child’s education as you see fit! That is what it is to have a school choice, and the petition to get this on the ballot will be hot off the press next week and ready for signatures. If this measure passes in November of 2022, you will have a world of better education at your fingertips. Private schooling, homeschooling pods, or remain in the public school system, and you will be able to put that money in state-funded savings account for college, a total of $150,000 of your money back in your pocket to spend as you wish. This will open up every class of citizens to a better world of education and help elevate our children’s dismal scores as they struggle to make the simplest of requirements. It will force the hands of the schools that currently seem to be drunk on power with your money, sending one dictatorial command after the other to the people of how they will raise your child.

With issues at the forefront like critical race theory seeping into our schools that are historically a road map to social justice warriors with the intention to dismantle governments through creating social tension and division, we now can change this direction. The magnitude of the overreaching and outlandish sexualized curriculum or health orders will have to return to a sense of reason; peddling their ideas on an open market will dilute their power, a mechanism our founding fathers gave us to keep governments in check. Through the beauty of a free market system and controlling how dollars are being spent, we can see the quality of education rise as parents will be at the wheel of their children’s lives once again. 

Perhaps it is not a great reset, but a great awakening was needed to see how broken the system really was. Our children have had to have drills based on a shooter being let loose, a red flag we ignored. Subsequently, at the same time, the rise of the Ritalin drug introduced in the 1980s fueling this gun violence over the years. And why did we have to drug our children to go to school? Perhaps it is because our core values were removed. When public education was first introduced, the main purpose was to teach children God, Country, and family. These values have been swallowed up by special interest groups funded by foreign money to change perceptions of the next generation to dismantle a culture based on a Judeo-Christian philosophy. And why such an attack at the foundation of who we are? Because when we have the support and love of family and pride in a nation based on morals and values, no one can buy us, detour us, or make us question who we are, making strong individuals as well and most deterring to our enemies a strong nation. 

Americans are famous for raising against tyranny, and I am filled with promise as I see thousands of parents organizing at record numbers and speed. October 18th is a California Statewide public school walkout against the vaccine mandates; with the hope of school choice in the distance, it may be a walkout for good that will serve our children and our nation for generations to come.

Please get in touch with to find a petition near you and participate in restoring our children’s future.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Ms. Amodei is a local activist

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“….due to your negligence”? What are you talking about and to whom is your vitriol directed at? You’re in private school and being subjugated by your school that is the apparatchik of the state, not by civil society. The entire narrative is wrong about masks and vaccines so go lash out at the right group of people that have encroached on your life.

Doug Blois

I am all in, and will help with the signatures on the petition!

Jennifer Amodei

I think you are missing the point. This is 150,000$ dollar of your money back to you per child. You can put them into what ever school you want with what ever you believe is the best thing for them. 14,000$ per child per year and if you don’t use that money it can go to their college education.

Michael A...

If it helps break the CRT lovin’ teachers union then I am in.

Nancy Leflett

Love this

Chris Bailey

Most parents don’t know they can develop networks and homeschool their children at a relatively low cost. In addition, CA is required to provide laptops and Charter School assistance for each child of school age


that will be awesome for parents, students and private schools.