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    Senior Citizen in Excellent Health Succumbs to Rare Disease after COVID Booster

    Letter to the Editor

    My 74 year old mother received her 2nd booster on May 24, 2022, she called me that day saying she felt strange and was going to take it easy. May 25th, she still felt strange but said she would rest during the weekend and not drive if she didn’t have to.

    By June 11, she was having a hard time seeing and couldn’t remember basic things like that she needed to charge her cell phone.  My mother lived alone and was independent, walked 3 miles per day, read at least a book a week, could answer any Jepardy question and was a crossword puzzle queen. I spent the day with her on June 23, 2022 where she exhibited more odd behavior including hallucinating, not being able to walk in a straight line and forgetting where she was, writing notes to her cat.

    My sister took her to the hospital on June 24, 2022.  She was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection which they claimed was why she was hallucinating.  She went down hill daily from there.  After the first hospital released her to a rehab facility, not sure what they would rehab, after 3 weeks in the hospital, she could no longer speak, eat, drink or go to the restroom.

    Mom had no idea who we were or who she was.  After 3 painful days in the rehab facility, my is sister and I removed her and took her to Rush Hospital ER in the city (Chicago).  Within 2 days we had the diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, we were beyond devastated.  My mother sadly passed on August 10, 2022.

    I know deep down that my mother who had no history of CJD, dementia or Alzheimer in her family history got this terrible disease as a result of the Covid 19 booster shot.  My sisters and I right now are doing what we can to keep in together.  Mom’s autopsy was done at the CJD lab in Ohio and we are currently waiting for those results.  In the mean time we hear and see more and more cases pop up, this disease that usually only affects 1 out of every million.

    My mom did not want to die, her and I argued about the vaccine.  She told me she would get one every six months if that meant she would be safe and she could go to the library and see her grand kids.  If she knew that she could possible get a disease that would turn her brain to mush before killing her, she might have thought twice about getting the booster.

    Now we are left to tell anyone we can that my mom’s life mattered and she is not just collateral damage.  These physicians and politicians know people are dying and don’t care.  I care and I will do whatever I can to tell everyone I can not to get vaccinated or boosted until they educated themselves and don’t just listen to what the media says.

    Thank you for your time.

    Elaine Hasselbeck



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