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    Two Visions of America by Don Jans

    Some Republicans Are Here To Get Rich, Not Serve

    I raised the question several years ago: “Why are Republicans working harder to obstruct the president (i.e., Trump), whom America has waited for since Ronald Reagan, than they are working to crush the Democrat Party into oblivion?”

    That question is no less applicable today. The short answer is, because the so-called Republican Party many have been deceived into believing cares about We the People, America and traditional values no longer exists; and that presumes that it has existed as true conservatives would like to think it has since the end of the 19th century.

    Republicans aren’t here to serve We the People or the country. They’re here to get rich serving the interests of the nefarious entities that manipulate outcomes and incomes that benefit them.

    The truth is the Republican Party is nothing more than a sissified collective of Democrats with a pachyderm for a logo juxtaposed to the more appropriate ass for their logo.

    As Rachel M. Emmanuel reported for Western Journal on Nov. 11, 2023: Five Republican presidential candidates invited to participate in a Thanksgiving Family Forum were each mailed a scathing letter by the RNC, which is headed by Ronna McDaniel. The letter threatened them with disqualification, i.e., expulsion from any future “RNC- sanctioned presidential primary debates,” if they dared to participate in the Christian Family Forum.

    The Family Leader hosts the Thanksgiving Family Forum. Bob Vander Plaats is president and CEO of the Iowa-based organization and is an important Christian figure in conservative politics. Family Leader is the umbrella group comprising The American Leader Foundation, Marriage Matters, Iowa Family PAC, and Iowans for Freedom. It is loosely affiliated with the national social conservative organization Focus on The Family, which was founded by Dr. James Dobson.

    An even darker threat was implied in the letter, and that was the candidates would receive no financial support or RNC support if they disobeyed and participated in a Christian forum. Does that sound like a party that’s a conservative bulwark?

    Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis and Tim Scott spoke up immediately indicating they would participate regardless. Since Scott has abandoned his pursuit of the presidency this time around, it’s unclear or perhaps unlikely that he will attend the forum.

    Mid-afternoon, Nov. 11, Plaats made a jubilant announcement that the forum is not a debate, and accordingly, the RNC was allowing the candidates to participate. He announced on his X account: “The RNC and I have agreed on the format of … the Forum. The Forum is not a debate … the RNC is giving thumbs up for candidates to participate. Thanks to the RNC for facilitating a win/win for the process.”

    I’m forced to ask: Has Mr. Plaats lost his mind? How is this something to be applauded? What right does the RNC have to dictate what forum a candidate can participate in? Their attempt is no different than when professional baseball players were not permitted free agency and thus forced to accept nominal pay or not be allowed to play at all.

    I agree with those calling the GOP a party of losers. They’re worse than losers. They’re the Washington Generals to the Harlem Globetrotters. The Generals were the foils for the Globetrotters, losing over 16,000 games while winning only one game against the Harlem team over 60-plus years.

    The Republicans are gladiators only when it comes to giving soundbites, which their fans eagerly ingest like nutritional supplements intended to bring on brain atrophy or blindness to what should be transpicuous.

    The candidates are gifted at attacking President Trump. Attacking President Trump earns them favor with the party leaders and ensures those leaders continue to make buckets of money by betraying We the People.

    Consider how many hundreds of millions of dollars people have donated for the so-called leadership to supposedly address issues that factually matter to the People. The return on that political investment is zero for GOP voters.

    Republican voters hear boasting GOP loyalists brag about the hundreds of millions of dollars they are contributing or raising to ensure President Trump doesn’t win. But, the question that goes unasked is how many of We the People are included in the 50-plus point lead Trump has over the political landscape?

    The RNC and GOP are more than capable of sealing the border with or without Biden’s help or blessing. They’re more than able to put an end to the epidemic of anti-Semitism. They’re more than capable of ending Obama’s behind the scenes manipulation of opinion against Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Republicans are more than capable of getting the first balanced budget passed since Clinton was in the Oval Office. The Republicans were more than capable of stopping Obamacare. They should be carrying out a scorched earth policy right now to alert their base that the Obama woman and/or Gavin Newsom would be disastrous, but so-called Republican leadership is quiet as church rats. How difficult would it be to destroy “limousine Barry” who brags about his fantasies of having sexual relations with men? John McCain and Mitt Romney notwithstanding.

    The people who ask how that can be done are the people blind to the power of the congressional purse strings. All expenditures pass through the hands of the House of Representatives where the Republicans are the majority. They have much more power in the Senate than the public will ever know, even if they are not the majority. But, Republican leadership likes being in the minority, because that guarantees them massive amounts of cash as they fundraise on promises of what they will do if the voters just help them retake the majority. And the public buys it.

    People may have bought the political agitprop about President Trump not being nice enough, calling out failures and, even worse, daring to put America first; but, I’ve searched through history, and apart from the misanthropic hatred of communists, Marxists and similar, placing the interests of the people first has never been a bad thing.

    Any political construct that tries to convince the public there’s an acceptable reason for threatening candidates who participate in a Christian Family Forum is a political organization I have no interest in being part of. I don’t care what lies they tell after the fact. Where I come from there’s no such thing as trusting those who play Christian, but who do everything possible to prevent and discourage moral standards.


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    Michael A…
    Michael A…
    8 months ago

    “The truth is the Republican Party is nothing more than a sissified collective of Democrats”

    So if I am to understand you, you’re saying there are two kinds of Americans – (1) Democrats and (2) Sissified Democrats, a.k.a. “Republicans”.

    Yep, sounds right, Great investigative reporting CJ!!!

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