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    Subject: Urgent Notice To Cease & Desist From Illegal WLA VA Soldiers Home EUL Activities


    Open Letter to:  VA Secretary Denis McDonough, VA GLAHS Representatives Steven Braverman, Robert Merchant, Keith Harris and Alan Trinh; VA OAEM Representative Brett Simms, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System:

    By Ryan Thompson

    This email correspondence Notifies you that the 05/16/2022 Notice Published by the Veterans Affairs Department in the Federal Register; regarding the VA Secretary’s Intent to Enter Into Enhanced Use Leases at West Los Angeles VA Soldiers Home, as well as matters described therein are in Fact:

    a) currently, clearly and expressly prohibited by prevailing authorities at Public Law (including the West Los Angeles Leasing Act As Amended),

    b) known by the VA Secretary, VA GLAHS administrators, VA Office of General Counsel and VA Inspector General to be violations of prevailing authorities at Public Law,

    c) are gross and negligent violations of mandated Procedures regarding Enhanced Use Leases and others under the Administrative Procedures Act,

    d) do not comply nor accord with the Mission of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and

    e) further evidence a criminal conspiracy to facilitate the unremorseful and intentional theft of Public Lands and Public Funds by a land misuse racket for private gains at the continued expense of damaging the lives, liberties, health and safety of disabled and homeless Veterans in Our Nation’s Capital of Veteran homelessness.

    You are required by Public Law to Cease & Desist from all activities relating to Entering Into Enhanced Use Leases at West Los Angeles VA Soldiers Home until:

    a) the VA Secretary has legal standing to Enter into such EULs,

    b) higher-priority uses of WLA VA Soldiers Home land and facilities by homeless Veterans are diligently contemplated as prescribed under the McKinney Vento Homeless Act and other related Public Laws before any EULs,

    c) a VA Secretary’s intent to Enter Into EULs is ethical,

    d) the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs complies with procedural mandates governing EUL transactions in a transparent manner and

    e) US DVA transparently and competitively proposes and evaluates prospective EUL lessees in accordance with Public Law; as opposed to the secretive and illegal fiat process by which US DVA feinged to Award Principle Developers based on pay-to-play, bribery, improper political campaign finance activities and similar criminal pre-requisites.

    Let us also Notice for Public Record that there are not only no substantial prior nor current disclosures about the specific and intended / proposed uses for most to all of the facilities illegally grouped under a single intended EUL – the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has, in stark contrast to many other intended VA GLAHS operations, selectively chosen to not Publicize its latest intent to EUL twenty buildings and five parking lots of the largest VA Managed facility in the Nation beyond a silent Notice onto the Federal Register.

    Although I will frequently followup on this matter with many detailed Facts proving most to all of the foregoing beyond reasonable doubt as a courtesy to US DVA, the Press, VSOs, Veterans and Los Angeles County Residents – let us Notice the United States Department of Veterans Affairs is Required to and Responsible for already knowing those Facts.

    Personally speaking, I substantially believe VA Secretary Denis McDonough and VA GLAHS administrator Steven Braverman are acting in a gross, negligent and desperate manner to accomplice the largest by acerage, most deadly and costly criminal land misuse Racket within the past one-hundred years of U.S. History; and their blitzkrieg approach to such is a malicious strategy to outpace Justice in total disregard for the lives and Civil Rights of U.S. Military Veterans, as well as the General Welfare of U.S. Taxpayers.

    Ryan Thompson
    [email protected]



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