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    Team Biden, Twitter, Padilla Get Sued!


    By Dan Reynolds

    Los Angeles –”The Center for American Liberty (@Liberty_Ctr) in conjunction with the Dhillon Law Group, Inc. (@dhillonlaw) and on behalf of the client Rogan O’Handley, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit yesterday against former California Secretary of State and now U.S. Senator Alex Padilla, current CA SoS Shirley Weber, Twitter, Team Biden campaign consultants SKDK, and others for the state’s coordination with Twitter in permanently suspending conservative commentator and attorney Rogan O’Handley who tweeted concerns over the 2020 election on the platform.”

    According to the Desert Review article (link below), CA State Controller, Betty Yee, refused to pay Biden’s consultants, SKDK, $35 million because it violated California’s State Rules. But the Dems controlling CA State Legislature paid it anyway!

    There is a Distinct difference between working for a company that has restrictions on proprietary information or employee company representation versus the 1st Amendment of free speech. That is inherently different from any person in the United States paying a social media company to use the social media company’s internet platforms for the purpose of free speech — what Twitter had presented themselves as such.

    The “Social Media” has been hiding behind the ploy they are private companies or corporations. The very fact they are called “social” means they are beyond that designation; are interfacing with the public, offering to post PUBLIC opinion.

    Social Media should not be used for propaganda or coloring public opinion by allowing only one point of view. If a platform such as Twitter or Facebook wishes to only post a Democratic point of view than they should label themselves as “Democratic Media”. That distinction has to be made clear. Otherwise they are merely propagandizing. — Propaganda: “the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person” per Merriam Webster Dictionary (link below.)

    With the facts obtained for this lawsuit it has become clear Twitter was nothing more than a puppet for CA State Government, and Democratic Party’s propaganda machine, thus, abridging the public’s freedom of speech. The 1st Amendment (link below) states “no law…abridging the freedom of speech….” — Abridged: “shortened or condensed especially by the omission of words or passages” Note word “Omission”, per Merriam Webster Dictionary (link below).

    This relates to the Prunier Doctrine that says “even private companies are subject to 1st amendment if they have a de facto monopoly in the public square.” No private company or State has the right to abridge the news to curtail public opinion or news facts to suit their own market value or political power upon the population of any nation. This is what the Democratic Party and Certain companies have done and must be put in Jail for this crime.

    Video Links:

    Lawsuit that PROVES Twitter Is a STATE ACTOR? Viva & Barnes HIGHLIGHT!, Jun 23, 2021


    Video Links are in Center for American Justice article — link below

    Article Links:

    The Desert Review, Jun 18, 2021

    “…”Big tech companies have been using the ‘private company’ narrative to skirt First Amendment protections …elected officials at the highest….we are looking forward to fighting this injustice.”

    Article Link: https://www.thedesertreview.com/news/u-s-senator-alex-padilla-twitter-and-others-sued-for-1st-amendment-violations-regarding-state/article_f129d9ec-d051-11eb-b280-930ef66f4071.html

    Stop Big Government’s collusion with Big Tech violating your First Amendment rights! Center For American Liberty — video links inside this article

    Article Link: https://libertycenter.org/cases/ohandley-v-padilla/

    Constitution of the United States, First Amendment: https://constitution.congress.gov/constitution/amendment-1/

    Merriam Webster Dictionary: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/propaganda

    Link: ITC Ltd. V. Punchgini. inc. https://h2o.law.harvard.edu/cases/4796


    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    Dan Reynolds resides in Ventura County

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    George Pattone
    George Pattone
    2 years ago

    High time that this tyranny gets challenged in court!
    Good for Rogan, Dhillon Law and all others involved… We are with you!!!

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