THE Debate: #1, September 29, 2020



By George Miller

The long-awaited Trump-Biden presidential candidate first debate finally occurred. Trump didn’t get removed or shot first and Biden didn’t die of Alzheimer’s or spew any demented ravings (at least not clinically). There were no major blunders and no clear victor. Neither candidate conducted himself professionally. There was name-calling, interruptions, talking over and wild accusations on both sides. No one was grabbed by the “pussy.”

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In the spirit of fairness and disclosure, I had to make this an opinion article, as I have a 5 year pro-Trump paper trail and even put a Trump flag up on my property when I started seeing BLM and Biden flags in my Liberal neighborhood. I support Trump not because I like him, but because he mostly supports policy positions I favor and is the only one with sufficient cojones to even attempt to take on the corrupt media and deep state. I thought Ben Carson was the finest man competing in the 2016  primaries, but he wasn’t ready for prime time and is much too nice.

I was reading the early CNN debate report as I was writing this. It was disguised as a news report, but was incredibly biased- more so than this opinion article. So were most others I perused.

Largely, the debate was a disappointment. At least Biden didn’t melt down as Republicans predicted. But they constantly interrupted each other, Trump more than Biden, but both were irritating. Biden used the same technique when he debated Paul Ryan in 2012 and Ryan crumbled. Amazingly, the moderator interrupted too, sometimes seemingly taking Biden’s side. Even though Fox managed the debate, they chose left of center Chris Wallace to moderate and it showed. So Trump will have no neutral moderators this year. Biden tried laughing at Trump several times, but didn’t pull it off. The laughs were nervous, forced and sometimes poorly inserted. Trump was often tense and defensive. Biden repeated the standard anti-Trump media/DNC tropes. Trump repeated his favorite Trump rally slogans.

Questions were skewed toward attacking Trump, his personality, actions and record. To some extent, an incumbent is running on his record, so that will happen, but it seemed extreme.


Topics were: Barrett Supreme Court appointment; Obamacare; COVID-19 and economic recovery from govt.-ordered lockdowns; Trump’s tax payments; Taxes in general; Race; Do candidate’s records justify voting for them?; Climate Change; Election integrity, including controversial mail-in ballots.


A running summary of the discussion, if one could call it that- and some commentary ….

Wallace asked about Trump’s nomination of Barrett to SCOTUS.

Trump: Barrett nomination is legitimate, the Constitution is clear.

Biden: Jammed through with abusive power.

Wallace: Why is it right or wrong to put Barrett on the court?

Trump: We won. Dems would do it even faster. They would have installed Merrick, but didn’t have the Senate. We won, we have the right to fill the Ginsberg vacancy.

Biden: American people have a right to have a say. Won’t get that chance because we are in the middle of an election. Should wait for outcome of election. Trump made it clear he wants to get rid of ACA (Obamacare). (At this point Biden went tangential): Would strip 20 MM people of health insurance. Barrett seems very fine. But she wrote that ACA is unconstitutional. Prior conditions would be eliminated if ACA was eliminated.

Trump: Not 100MM people with prior conditions. People already have their say. I am elected for four years, not three and can fill the position. You would extinguish 180 MM private health care policies.

Biden: 200K people died on Trump’s watch (COVID). (Blaming all COVID-19 claimed deaths on Trump is a stretch, but debate rhetoric is like that).

Trump- You had 300K people die in military (VA). (Not sure where that number came from either) You didn’t want to ban travel.

Biden: President opposed to Roe vs Wade. It’s on the Ballot. (Trump disagreed with that statement.)

Biden: Expand, increase, Obamacare. Would allow private insurance. I am the Democratic Party. I set the platform. (Wowser).

Wallace: An Obamacare SCOTUS case is coming up. You (Trump) have vowed to repeal but have no replacement. Trump disagreed. He said he eliminated the individual mandate.

Wallace: You signed executive orders modifying Obamacare. Legal? (maybe, maybe not, but Obamacare may not even be legal. That is why Dems are so nervous about Trump judicial appointments, especially originalists).

Trump: I guess I’m debating you (Wallace) not him (Biden). (Wallace did seem to be advocating for Biden at times).  I’m lowering drug prices. You could have done it in the 47 years you’ve been in Govt. but didn’t. Obamacare no good, I took away individual mandate. No matter how well you run Obamacare, it’s a disaster. (Democrats usually harp on a few points such as prior condition coverage, but 1000+ pages of ACA have far more forced control of health care which is rarely discussed because of its obscurity and complexity).

Biden- Promised health care plan, has no plan, hasn’t lowered drug prices, doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Wallace- If Barrett appointed, will Dems pack court and end filibuster?

Biden: (To Trump) Will you shut up, man?

Trump- For 47 years, you’ve done nothing.

Wallace- 7MM COVID-19 cases, 200K+ died. It may take months or years to return to normal, even with vaccine. Why should American people trust you?

Biden- He repeated the number of  cases. USA has 4% of world’s population, 20% of dead. Trump said it is what it is. President has no plan, knew it was deadly back in February. He said not tell people and  scare them. Claims Trump complimented China on transparency. Biden said he had  a plan. Claims Trump in his bunker and sand trap- Biden would fund what is needed. (Leading political figures on both sides played down COVID-19 early on. Trump was one of the first to react to the threat, with air travel shutdown, ventilators, hospital ships, masks, therapeutics and a “Manhattan Project” style approach to obtaining a vaccine. He also realized that the lockdown approach is an overreaction which likely caused more damage that the virus itself. He favors protecting the most vulnerable and reopening to the extent practical).

Trump- If we had listened to you., millions would have died. You don’t know China, Russia, India Deaths. (much controversy about case and death counts/causes in China, India, Russia and USA. The first three are said to be undercounts and the USA overcounts because of incentives and reporting approach). You claimed I was xenophobic, racist for closing country. Fauci and Governors said Trump saved thousands of lives. We got gowns, masks, ventilators, therapeutics, we are close to a vaccine. Fake news gives me bad press, you good press. You didn’t do very well in swine flu.

Biden- We didn’t shut down economy for swine flu. How many of you had relatives die? Your own director says save half of deaths with a mask.(Didn’t shut it down for Hong Kong Flu either, which was more serious).

Wallace: (to Trump) You have been in conflict with your top scientists on vaccine availability.

Trump: I’ve spoken to pharma companies who said they can go faster. (Some say Trump is over-optimistic about the speed and even likelihood of an effective vaccine availability. I have spoken to two virologists who say one may never be developed. Over 200 drugs/therapies to be used on COVID-19 were undergoing FDA review).

Biden- Maybe you can inject some bleach in your arm and get rid of it. Vaccine won’t happen until next year.

Wallace seemed to be helping Biden and unloaded repeated gotcha questions.

Biden- Do you believe him in light of all his lies? He didn’t tell us in Feb. how serious it was. A lot more will die. Biden said that Trump wasn’t very smart.

Trump- You said smart? You said you went to Delaware State and you didn’t. You graduated either the lowest or the lowest in your class.

Wallace: Biden much more reluctant to reopen.

Biden- Got to provide money to business. Nancy Pelosi and Schumer have a plan. He sits on his golf course. (The “plan” is more massive bailouts. The longer business is locked down, the more it suffers financially and the more bailouts for businesses, government and individuals the Democrats demand).

Trump- Biden wants to shut down the country. We know who is vulnerable and who isn’t now. More people will be harmed by shutdown than the virus.

Wallace- You have questioned effectiveness of masks. Everyone here tested and social distanced.

Trump- said he wore a mask when the need arose.

Biden- Open businesses by providing wherewithal, money. We’d save 100,000 lives if masks worn.

Trump- Fauci has gone back and forth on masks.

Wallace- You are holding big rallies, Biden isn’t.

Trump- No one comes to them (Biden’s).  Outdoor rallies safer, tremendous rallies.

Biden- He is totally irresponsible with handling crowds.

Wallace – Economy is recovering faster. 8 1/4% unemployment. Is it a V or K shaped recovery and what makes the difference?

Trump- built greatest economy in history until the China plague. Now reopening. Doing record business, recovery. He will shut it down again. Drugs, alcohol, divorce, depression will be the result. They are trying to keep it closed until after the election, especially Democrat states. Biden would shut it down.

Biden- Millionaires and billionaires like him are doing well due to tax cuts, market. Working class don’t. He will be first president to leave with fewer jobs. He is insisting on reopening even with increases in cases and deaths. Can’t fix economy until you fix COVID crisis. Schools are closed because it takes a lot of money to do safely. They’ve done nothing to help small businesses.

Wallace- A report says you only paid $750 in federal income taxes for two years.

Trump- I’ve paid $37MM, $47MM . You’ll see it when audit is complete. My assets were made public.

Biden- Tax code put him in a position to  pay less taxes than a school teacher. I will eliminate Trump tax cuts and “invest” in people who need it. (most rules governing taxes due were passed before Trump).

Trump- In 47 months I’ve done more than you did in 47 years.

Wallace- (To Biden) Your tax plan. You proposed $4 trillion in new taxes, which Trump says would hurt economy,

Biden- My plan would create 7MM more jobs than Trump’s. Buy American. Every penny must be American. Will make corporate tax 28%. 98 of Fortune 500 pay no income taxes.

Trump- I got it done and economy boomed.

Biden – Claimed Obama second term generated more new jobs than Trump term. (Trump was way ahead until govt.-forced COVID lockdowns).

Trump- Denied and said your higher taxes will drive out companies.

Biden- We handed him a booming economy- he blew it.

Biden- Manufacturing went in a hole even before COVID.

Trump- they said it couldn’t be done (Obama had said manufacturing would never come back) . We brought it back. (Well, some, anyway).

Biden- He’s done very little. He talks about art of the deal, but it’s the art of the steal by China.

Trump- Your son goes there and takes millions of dollars. (Biden denied everything). Your son took 3.5 mm. + Buristima board- has no skills.

Biden- It’s hard to get any word in with this clown. He wants to talk about families, ethics. I don’t want to do that. Trump doesn’t want to talk about what you (points to audience) need.

Wallace- complained about interruptions- especially  Trump.

Wallace- About Race. Trump talked about very fine people on both sides at Charlottsville.

Trump: I did more than any president except Lincoln on race. Who can do best?

Biden- Equality, decency, Constitution. Trump has walked away from it. People walking out of fields spewing anti-Semitic bile. When Floyd was killed, Trump tear gassed peaceful demonstrators to hold a bible in a church across the street. Pastor said he didn’t approve of Trump. Biden referred to Trump “dog whistle.” 1/1000 of African Americans killed by Coronavirus. This man has done virtually nothing. What he did has been disastrous for Americans.

Trump- Biden called Afro-Americans super-predators in 1994. I’m letting people out of jail. You have treated African American community worse than anyone. (Actually he has donme quite a bit, which is not much heralded by MSM, but is documented). My African American  support is way up. 250 military leaders (some opposing him, too) , almost every law enforcement group, supports Trump. I don’t think you have any LE groups. Radical left cities having problems. Seattle, Minneapolis we got back (referring to federal intervention). Top 40 cities run by Dems, mostly radical leftists.

Wallace- No homicide charges in Breonna case. Is there separate unequal justice? (it appears that police serving a warrant were shot at through the door by Breonna’s boyfriend. Police returned fire, tragedy ensued.)

Biden- Yes, systemic racism, but most cops are very good, but some bad apples (How does that equal systemic racism, Joe?). We’re gonna work this out. Cops aren’t happy with the injustices, must make them accountable. Peaceful protest.

Wallace- You stopped critical race theory and racial sensitivity training.

Trump- I ended it because it was racist, radical, insane, it’s in the military, schools, all over. They’re were teaching people to hate our country, calling it a horrible racist place.(“Critical race theory” is right out of the Frankfort School [Marxist] playbook, designed to divide people).

Biden- Nobody’s done that. There is racial insensitivity, hurting them, people need to know that, This guy and friends look down on many people of different color, faith, income, social status.

Trump- During Obama/Biden admin, there was much division, violence.

Biden- Claims violent crime went down 17%, 15%. (The violent crime rate was on a downward trend since 1992. That trend reversed toward the end of the Obama admin. Since the BLM disturbances, it is rising significantly.)

Wallace- You claim  increase in violence is due to Democrats, but up in some republican cities, too.

Trump- Way up in Dem cities. If he got in, it would get worse.

Biden- accusing Trump of “dog whistles.” Biggest threat is failure to deal with COVID, environment.

Wallace- What is re-imagining policing and do you support BLM calls for community policing?

Biden- support police having the opportunity to deal with situation. Totally against defunding. Need psychiatrists to go on calls to tell police how to avoid violence.

Trump- Name one LE group that supports you. Biden tried to end this line of questioning. Wallace immediately changed the question.

Wallace- You said you are the Dem party. Have you ever called a Dem gov/mayor to ask to stop violence?

Biden- I’m not in office. They can  take care of it if Trump would just stay out of the way.  Trump former spokesperson said riots help Trump’s case. He keeps trying to rile people up, he just pours gasoline on the fire. (I believe that staff observed that the Dem-supported BLM/ANTIFA disturbances help Trump’s poll numbers, since many voters correctly conclude that he opposes what is being done and how Dem mayors/governors enable it. Many law and order voters prefer the Trump approach, but a lot do not).

Trump- I would send national Guard and it would be over quickly.

Wallace- willing to condemn white supremacists and militia?

Trump- I’m willing to do anything to fix.  Somebody’s gotta do something about ANTIFA. He said most of the disturbances are left wing instigated).

Biden- Antifa is an idea not an organization.

Wallace tried to change the subject again ….

Wallace- Second term election is a referendum on his record. Based on BOTH Of your records, why would voters elect you?

Trump- Never been an administration/President who did more in 3 1/2 years, in spite of constant attacks. Had the greatest economy in history before COVID. Fixing military and VA (a mess under Biden, now 91% approval), 300 federal and maybe 3 SCOTUS judges appointed.

Biden- We have become weaker, sicker, poorer, divided. Trump caused recession. He is weak toward Putin. Billionaires got wealthier, you’re in more trouble than you were before. Our admin had 15% less violence. You talk about military being losers, suckers. My son was a hero.

Trump- Hunter (Biden’s son) thrown out of military,  had no job until you became VP.

Biden- My son had drug problem, overcame.

Wallace- Climate change. Forest fires consumed millions of acres,. hundreds of thousands of people dislocated. Trump says not climate change is not the problem there. You pulled US out of Paris Accords

Trump- I want crystal clean water and air, but not to destroy business. Paris would have destroyed it. Forests loaded with dead trees, need forest management. Do whatever we need to have immaculate air water, planting a billion trees.  Climate change? To an extent, yes. But, with good forest management, you wouldn’t be getting these calls.

Wallace – Why have you rolled back clean power plan and fuel economy standards?

Trump- What they’ve done in CA is just crazy.

Wallace- $2 trillion clean energy plan, zero greenhouse gases by 2050. Trump says it would tank economy

Biden  says he ‘s wrong. Could be done cheaper than coal or gas. Turn federal fleet electric. Build economy to weatherize buildings. It would create, not eliminate good paying jobs. Would rejoin Paris Accords. Brazil rain forest being ripped down.

Wallace- Trump said balance economy and environment?

Biden- Trump tearing down protections.

Trump- You want $100 trillion program, more than we could afford in 100 years.

Wallace- quoted things out of the plan.

Biden- create millions of good paying jobs. We spend billions on hurricanes, floods, rising seas, didn’t happen before. We make up 15% of the world’s problems.

Trump- why didn’t you do it in 47 years. He called the military stupid bastards.

Biden- Green new deal will pay for itself. Bust said he didn’t support Green New deal.

Wallace- Election integrity. How confident it will be a fair election. How to reassure people winner is legitimate?

Biden- DHS and FBO said mail in ballots have no evidence of cheating. Trump does it himself. Make sure people can vote in person if they want.Trump trying to dissuade people from voting. (Biden) will accept results. If Trump loses, he must go, can’t stay in power. Change needed to avoid 4 more years of these lies.

Trump- There was no (orderly) transition when he won. Constant opposition. You gave the  idea for Logan act violation with General Flynn. Solicited mail ballots are OK, unsolicited means millions of ballots sent all over country (illegitimate), duplicate ballots, Trump ballots were trashed, etc. Might not know results for months NY, NJ, VA, losing 30-40%. A shame, a fraud. Nov 10 deadline is 7 days after election. (The Left and media constantly attempt to conflate requested mail in-ballots with sending them out for all registration records. It has already been proven that there are millions of  invalid registrations, including dead people, moved, duplicates, ineligible. Ho bad is it? Example. Judicial Watch and Election Integrity Project forced Los Angeles County into a settlement to delete 1.25 MILLION invalid registration records. This is only one county and it’s not all of the bad registrations).

Wallace- mail in ballots used by 31 million last election. Are you counting on SCOTUS to watch election?

Trump- at least 1% of 2016 ballots invalidated. Only solicited mail ballots. Mailman was  selling ballots, others dumping in the river.

Wallace and Biden kept insisting there is no difference,

Biden- says must be postmarked by election day.

Wallace- Biggest problem is invalid ballots and deadline. Concerned about SCOTUS with Barrett settling election.

Biden- Need affidavits.

Trump- Massive mail in ballots will swamp the system.

Wallace- 8 states forbid processing until election day. May not know on election night the results.  Will you urge your supporters to stay calm, not declare victory, discourage violence?

Trump- Urging his people to watch. Poll watchers were thrown out in Philadelphia. If I see manipulation, I can’t go along with that,

Biden- Biden will agree, if ballots counted. He still tried to make all mail in ballots synonymous with solicited absentee ballots. Said  will accept it and he (Trump) will too.

At this point, Wallace declared the debate over, almost on schedule. It started about 6:05 pm PDT.

George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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William Hicks

OR, President Trump could have let Biden hang by is own iffy comments.

William Hicks

It was an embarrassment;the equivalent of a childish food fight. NO ONE WAS A WINNER, especially the voters, when the issues we want to hear to make an intelligent selection were drowned out by comments like the childish style of “I’m Rubber, you’re glue.”

We can only hope that there will be built in constraints in future debates where the two candidates don’t talk over each other.



Trump blew is ‘stable genius’ disguise. Seems like all the Trump White House insider books are spot on.

Doug Sinclair

Wallace was completely in the tank for Biden…

Wallace was a disgrace….

Ken Kenyon

Trump had to be agressive in the debate because he was debating both Biden and the moderator Chris Wallace. Wallace was the worst moderator I have ever seen.