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    Goodbye Constitution Freedom America by Don Jans

    The Deep-Staters Are Going Down … Think Pharaoh And His Horsemen

    Why do the nations conspire
    and the peoples plot in vain?
    The kings of the earth rise up
    and the rulers band together
    against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,
    “Let us break their chains
    and throw off their shackles.” (Psalm 2:1-3 NIV)

    The church has been waiting for the rapture ever since the “Left Behind” novel series was canonized into scripture by readers who bought 81 million copies of the story. Doubtless, many copies made their way around to friends and family with the admonition to “read this,” so it is difficult to overestimate the influence the “Left Behind” timetable had in the Christian Church here in America, and likely in other parts of the world as well.

    God likes to judge people and events by the fruit they produce. “Left Behind” produced an apathetic church that neglected God’s plan for an end-times harvest of those who would come to Christ in the last days. Instead, the church began to focus on the proliferation of evil and lawlessness in the world. They began to see this evil not as an absence of God’s influence in the earth (the church), but as a series of highway mileposts on the road to Armageddon and the early rapture of the church. Oddly enough, Christians began to encourage each other with examples of a world going to hell in a hand basket. Not exactly the salt and light that we were called to be in the world.

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness, trying to deceive the Christ with all the great things he (Satan) would do for Jesus if the Lord would simply bow down and worship him (Satan). Jesus responded with scripture, because the Lord knew that He was face to face with the biggest liar in the entire universe.

    If that sounds like the world today, well maybe it is. The information war that many nations are now involved in against their own population is much like what Jesus experienced during his temptation in the desert. The deep state, or the one-world government, is promising all who today will obey their mouthpieces blessings that they have no ability to impart. They will simply continue to do what they have done in the past: steal our money and time, and give a tiny bit back through their governments to those who bow down and worship the deep state’s one-world government. Bow down and worship us. We will take care of you. Yes, using the time and money they have already stolen from us. Such a deal!

    The one-world government wants to arise before its allotted time, which has been set by God. Satan does not want God’s end-times harvest of souls to come to pass. He wants as many human beings in hell with him where he can torment them for all of eternity. The best way he can accomplish this is by neutering the church and pushing his great tribulation timetable forward, ahead of when God planned for it to appear.

    But Satan does not have the power to change God’s timetable. Nobody does. God does not change his timetables. Nothing has any ability to change what God has ordained to occur, or when. Why would anyone even try?

    Destiny is one of the concepts that much of the church and the secular world has lost track of. Yet God tells us that he has placed and anointed certain people and institutions “for such a time as this.” Before we were in our mother’s womb He knew us. He knew what He wanted us to become. He knew what he wanted us to accomplish for Him on this earth.

    If we ignore our own destiny, we likely will not accomplish what God put us upon the earth to do. If we don’t hear the “still small voice” when we make decisions that affect our lives, how will we accomplish what God has put us here to do? Think back to times and places in your own life where you were making a key decision, and see if what you decided may actually have been God watching over His Word, to see that it was performed. The concept of destiny is not compatible with the idea that anyone can do anything they want, whenever they want, and if they can’t afford it then the rest of us need to pay for it. Nor is the concept of destiny allowed to work when abortions control which babies are born and which die, because the child is not “convenient” right now for mom or dad. In this context, abortion may be viewed as a direct attack on God’s sovereignty. That hasn’t worked well for Satan, and it’s not going to work well for you or me either.

    One of the reasons we can trust God when he says something in His Word is that he doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sometimes we separate the old and new testaments, and say that God “doesn’t do that anymore.”

    I happen to think that God is doing “that” right now. In the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, they found themselves entirely dependent upon a God most of them did not know very well. It can be tough, but if you know Him and ask Him, he will usually tell you what to do, if not why to do it. God seems to be most impressed by love and child-like faith. If ever there were a time for these things, it is now. Some have referred to our time now as “one more exodus coming,” which means we have some time in the Old Testament before this is over.

    This exodus is from the deep state and its one-world government, which has determined they will make slaves of all who do not participate in their scheme. The question for many of us, especially those of us who have sat in church pews most Sundays for the bulk of our lives, yet still been poorly fed, is do we trust God to deliver us, or should we make a deal with the devil?

    My own understanding is that God is now crushing the deep state/one-world government plan. There will be less left of them than the Egyptian army after the Red Sea closed over them while they pursued the Jews as they escaped Egyptian slavery. If you will recall, the Egyptians told the Jews to just go – they gave them treasures to leave after the plague wars between Moses and the sorcerers. Egypt, as we know today, never recovered its world-power status.

    So it will be with the deep state/one-world government types of today. They will not build Star-fleet. They will not populate the universe with their hybrid humans or robots. They will be crushed by God’s hand, and the treasures they had stored up for themselves will be given to people God trusts to take care of others and the earth, in accordance with His Will.

    It can be tough to step into that level of faith regarding God acting on behalf of us, His Children. But faith and trust in God is now more important than it has been all during our lives. No one but God is capable of waging a war against the tech giants currently ruling the earth. The scale of God’s attack is stunning, and the results on our behalf will be absolute victory, accompanied by the rise of the Sons and Daughters of God, who have yet to remake the world as God will direct them – and then the end will come, and we can all forward those “everything will get worse and worse, and then the end will come” posts to everyone, and the tribulation will for a time be allowed to cover God’s light with its darkness. The church triumphant will be raptured, as mankind without God is allowed their time to rule. Our only option is to trust in God, because he is undefeated. Make sure you are on the right side of the ark when the rains begin to fall.



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