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    By Tyler Bolsoni

    The Democratic debate, if summarized  as a simple phrase, would be described as, a competition on  who can the scold or frown upon  America the best.  Such examples can be exhibited  when they practically spit in the faces of countless  homeless veterans by raising their hands on if they would “Provide Healthcare to Illegal Immigrants.”

    Senator  Kamala Harris  said, “What is the greatest  national security threat to America? It’s Donald Trump.”   Joe Biden’s pitch to America is to repeal the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”(created  job stimulus  and bonuses for millions of Americans) and his first act as President would be to ” win Donald Trump”.  These are just a few examples of appalling  or at a minimal   rhetorical  gibberish  coming from the Democratic debates.

    The Democrats are at war with the core values of America, whether  it comes to refusing to secure our southern border,  promising Medicare for All (which in point of fact has a price tag of $40 trillion annually), Wiping out all student loan debt (which has a price tag of $1.4 Trillion)  and The Green New Deal that has a handsome cost of $90 Trillion (which they didn’t bring up at the debates interestingly ).   The policies they proposed rather proves that their approach is mythological  to genuinely concrete issues and their manifesto on policy is so abstract, abhorrent, and vile towards America that even Joe Biden realized how  he couldn’t go as far as to support Medicare for All  ( even though he has conflict of interest stating he is for such a policy because of his involvement in Obama Care).

    This doesn’t even nearly  touch the surface of what policies they were avidly and vehemently supporting.  As Senator Harris and many others support the closing the all of migrant camps  and instead want to release them into America without any proper vetting. These positions are not only repulsive,    but are  inhumane, allowing “coyotes”, drug cartels, and human traffickers,  to utilize our southern border as a vehicle, using women and children as a weapon for exploitation. The candidates  on the stage won’t want to  admit to such a crisis because it isn’t politically expedient (as  they  preferably want to demonize the President on this front), as they are ravishing the Hispanic community into an overwhelming crisis (which they want to excuse as a non-crisis) .

    This also hurts everyday Americans as an opioid crisis hits the US  at heartbreaking levels with 72,000 people deceased  via opioid overdoses last year according to the CDC .   Yet, at the Democratic debates, this topic wasn’t even touched upon,   even though 90 to 94 percent of heroin comes through the southern border per the  Washington Post.   The Democratic platform for 2020: say the world is ending with no solutions and only more problems. How are they going to subsidize/finance the  programs they desire to  implement?)

    Concerning  candidate performance, it was a competition for who is going to give the most  away. Kamala Harris stood out on her attacks on Joe Biden being proud of working with “white supremacists” and not supporting the busing program in the 1970’s. Mayor Pete seemed ill-equipped to handle the attacks from an incident of an officer involved shooting involving an un-armed African-American male.  According   to Time Magazine Joe Biden slid 10 points post debate polls show. While Kamala Harris is now currently tied for third place, Elizabeth Warren gained 6 points polling at 12 percent, which is behind Bernie Sanders for second place and Joe Biden as the frontrunner per Vox.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    Tyler Bolsoni is our youngest Citizen Columnist, 15 years old, home-schooled and writing for us on and off since he was 9.

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