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    The Emperor’s New Clothes Revisited

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    By The Gray Man

    In April 1837, Hans Christian Anderson published a fairy tale called the employers new clothes.  This was an obscured little story to tell children in the early 1970s, yet I still remember it.  I recently read it again because it resonates in the current political and social climate. 

    If you were fortunate enough to have attended school in the last century you were forced to read certain books which were thought to be vital for forming you into a useful member of society.

     Books like Animal Farm, 1984, and Brave New World were required readings throughout high school.  As I think back on reading them, I really had no idea what the purpose was.  George Orwell’s 1984 was a book that I read again more recently so it is fresh in my mind.  The idea of total control of the government and big brother watching made no sense in the early 80s.  It now seems as if this book is coming true before my eyes.  With technology, it is true that big brother is watching.  Many cities have cameras on every block with facial recognition to trace our every movement. In Orwell’s book this was portrayed as TV screens. These cameras providing unlimited surveillance were all placed under the guise of Public Safety. 

    The mainstream media has been so corrupted by outside influences that they only report on stories that they think you should hear about. This would be the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s novel.  It is not enough for them to choose and report the story, they will also include what you should think about the story.  People in America will migrate to either CNN or Fox news based on their political tribe.  Humans have a need for confirmation bias.  In other words, we like to hear stories that reinforce our belief system. 

    Whether that belief system is right or wrong it really does not matter.  Because once we establish our belief system it is very difficult to change it.  Mark Twain one said, “it is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled”.  This is the plight of our society and what creates the division.

    With many of the social issues including race and transgenderism, the parallels are more closely related to HC Anderson bedtime story. We see in the story that only the wisest and most worthy can see the magical beauty of the emperor’s new clothes. Trusted noblemen from the emperor’s court would rather lie about seeing the cloth than be found unworthy of the emperor’s favors. This parallels both the race and transgender issues and goes high into our government and military institutions.

    When the Chairman of the Joint chiefs of staff acknowledges “Critical race theory” and “white rage” as actual things rather than the invisible cloth woven by swindlers, it gives credence to the notion and others join in enthusiastically. The CRT movement didn’t begin with General Milley and due to political pressure, it did not end with him.

    “Critical Theory” means the Western-Marxist philosophy of the Frankfurt School, developed in Germany in the 1930s and drawing on the ideas of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. Critical race theory is the derivation that focuses on blacks in American society. Critical theory was devised by Marxist to incrementally destroy the United States by chipping away at the foundation of our society. The race alternative is doing the same thing.

    America has is faults. America has some pockets of difficult history. The swindler weavers of our time are weaving an invisible cloth of our society that white people are oppressors and minorities are victims.

    Black children need to be graded easier because of the plight of their situation. Grade school children are aware enough to determine their gender. It’s perfectly normal to blunt your puberty with exogenous hormones without your parents’ consent. The teachers know more than your parents. And the list goes on and on. Those that are unworthy or just plain stupid cannot see the beautiful colors and texture of the tapestry. Who would ever deny they see it? Perhaps a bit of the go along to get along?

    The moral of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” when it was published 184 years ago was that people should (and must) be willing to speak up if they know the truth, even at the risk of shame and ridicule. We are not sheep, and we should not believe what we are told without empirical evidence.


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