The Great American Mask Rip-Off! Citizens are peacefully rebelling against face masks



By Jeff Schwartz

A peaceful rebellion is taking place worldwide.  Citizens are taking political action by refusing to wear face masks and going mask-free everywhere they can.  I am a local liberty activist who is promoting this movement, which I call “The Great American Mask Rip-Off.”

Many outspoken (but censored) doctors, scientists, and communicators have inspired this nationwide movement.  For example, Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD says that face masks pose serious risks to healthy people. Dr. Sheri Tenpenny, DO claims that face masks do nothing to prevent the spread of viruses. Physician and civil rights attorney, Simone Gold, MD asserts that mask policies are based on pseudoscience instead of science.  She says that, from a civil libertarian perspective, wearing a face mask is “extraordinarily dangerous” because “you are showing the leaders that we’ll comply with anything and that we will stand for nothing. It’s critically important that you don’t wear a mask.” Author Allan Stevo has written a book on this issue called, “Face Masks in One Lesson.”

I encourage all citizens who don’t believe in masks to consider going mask-free, anywhere and everywhere they can.  I have developed a mask-exemption badge as a tool to make mask-free shopping easier.

I have personally been successful shopping mask-free for the past three months in dozens of local shops with a high success rate.  Now, I am teaching other people how to use the badge to successfully shop mask-free.

I have been promoting and dispensing my mask-exemption badges all over Ventura County at rallies, shopping malls, and church parking lots. Bright banners reading, “Get a Mask Exemption Badge Here!” adorn my display table. My table attracts attention!  People take photos of my table or give me a thumbs up when driving by. KABC-TV Channel 7 news broadcasted a news report which mentioned my table.

Demand for my mask exemption badges is brisk. I have already distributed over 700 badges in Ventura County. 

Several thought leaders believe that face masks are part of a broader political agenda to erode our human rights. Author Patrick Wood says that all five elements of the First Amendment are currently being violated in the name of COVID.  He believes that coercive mask-wearing is one feature of a “coup d’etat” currently underway, led by a cabal of “elites.” He says that the political and economic system which these elites are trying to foist upon the world is “technocracy,” an authoritarian system first envisioned in the 1930s. International trial attorney Reiner Fuellmich is preparing a series of evidence-supported lawsuits that allege that scientific fraud is the foundation supporting the entire virus panic of 2020, and that this constitutes a crime against humanity.

Global political leaders monitor mask compliance and use it as a simple measure of citizen submission to their authoritarian political agenda. Some political analysts believe that this authoritarian agenda will likely continue to grow stronger unless or until enough citizens stop complying with COVID edicts that they don’t support.  Ever more tyrannical infringements on our liberties could be proposed in the future in the name of “fighting viruses.” This could include an unending series of government-mandated injections of pharmaceutical products against our will, or the rounding up of citizens who refuse to comply and locking them up in internment facilities, all justified under the pretext of fighting an alleged invisible enemy.  We must stop this freedom-killing agenda before it becomes too late.

I regularly discuss these political issues with other activists in an online discussion group that I organize, called the “American Freedom and Anti-Lockdown Discussion and Activism Group.”  If you love liberty, you are welcome to join our group.  You can also learn more about these issues by watching any of the videos listed here.

I invite all freedom-loving Americans to consider trying to go mask-free as part of the Great American Mask Rip-Off.  You can get your own mask exemption badge online here

Stay free. Go mask-free!


The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Jeff Schwartz distributes mask-exemption badges online and resides in Thousand Oaks.  He is the leader of the American Freedom and Anti-Lockdown Discussion and Activism Group and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Ventura County

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Happy Realist

If the exemption badge won’t work, wear the mask on your chin everywhere you are required to wear one.

This will reveal exactly where the Mask Nazi-owned businesses are, so they can be singled-out and boycotted.

Works every time.


Ho hum on Jeff’s badge. But the practice of carrying a mask but not using it as often as possible is right on.


the ebay link goes to your store but there are 0 items. did they shut you down?

Citizen Reporter doesn’t have a store.

Dorothy Reilly

One thing you did not mention (sorry if I missed it) is the psychological damage of not only wearing a mask and that creepy feeling of being one of the virtue signalers and just seeing everyone around me with them on sends me over the edge…like being in an alternative universe.The worst is what is being done to the children…here in Pennsylvania, which is almost as bad as California, children age 2 and up are supposed to be in masks all day in school (when they are open) and in child care…that is blatant child abuse. Only time I have worn one since this nightmare began was to go to the dentist for an emergency and a doctor’s appointment…so sad that those in the medical field are so compliant and ill-informed. Thank you for what you are doing.


the medical profession for the most part is complicit in this scam. not that they haven’t been complicit in many others…

Ella Brooks

You are spot on. The medical providers are driven by greed. There are billions of dollars being “awarded” to the medicine gods for doling out the covid poison. Follow the $$$$. There is nothing altruistic about any of this.

Happy Realist

Wear the mask on your chin.

That way you can tell who the mask Nazis are… But also the businesses that are pro-science/pro-American Liberty.

Works every time.

Michael A.

I have started testing the limits. When going into a store I carry a mask and eventually put it on. But I walk in without that thing in place. Try it, it’s fun.


Please reassure us that should you require medical care for the benign virus you will refuse and give your place to a compliant fool


Moderator’s note: sorry, but you can’t talk about other readers like that here. Your comment was deleted.


What you are advising is utterly irresponsible and would undoubtedly mean the difference between life and death for some people. It is many things. It most certainly isn’t “fun”. Grow a brain.


You are entitled to your opinion, and people with opposing views are entitled to their opinions. There is a large number of doctors and scientists who disagree with you. However, they have virtually all been systematically censored and removed from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and are blacked out by all other mainstream media. You can find links to them in my article. You can also read more about the alternate viewpoints by checking out these other sources here:

Charles S

Well done, and well said! I’m all for going mask free wherever possible, but … Constitutionalists like Sheriff Richard Mack believe it is constitutional for stores to mandate customers to wear masks, asserting that it is a 10th Amendment right for owners to use their property as they see fit. So, if you called him for help for being threatened with expulsojn or trespass for entering a store without a mask, he would not support or defend you and he would tell you you were in the wrong.

And Peggy Hall has a website that offers many ways of telling the draconian store owner one has a right to enter a store without a mask, but the thing is — stores like Trader Joe’s don’t give a damn what you think your rights are, and they will not let you in, even if you do have a mask exemption badge.

To such stores like Trader Joe’s, a badge or a plea for one’s civil rights is just so much wind.

I do not wear a mask when walking outside, and I’m one in ten thousand in SF. I have found one or two store owners here that do not mind me entering and showing my maskless face when making a purchase at their store, but most stores in SF do mind and do care, enough to prevent you from entering the store without one. We need lots of people to resist complying. it’s not enough to talk about “rights” or “technocracy,” I have discovered.

While it is clear one needs to be a rebel in regard to masks, the real necessity is to have hordes of people become rebels in order to create change.

Jeff S.

The method I have been successful in using is assertive, but not aggressive. I have never once had the police called on me or been charged with trespassing during the four months I have been shopping mask-free. My method is successful in many, many shops. However, there is a small percentage of shops where I have not been able to shop mask-free even with a badge. Some activists are considering the possibility of organizing legal peaceful protests with picket signs and leaflet distribution nearby these stores. We haven’t won this fight 100% yet, but that is no reason to stop trying, by assertively going mask-free everywhere and anywhere we can. Here are some specific tips that have been used by one user for shopping mask-free:

Charles S

In the link you forwarded, I’m glad you mention the stores where your device does not work: Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods. You did not mention Walgreens, but that is another store, which does not allow for medical exemptions. Those are the stores I shop in and are the only stores available to me as I don’t have a car, etc. This has nothing to do with being assertive or non-aggressive, and taking advantage of store people who are too busy to confront you isn’t “successful” because of your device or your attitude. It’s just a coincidence and pragmatic. Whatever gets you through is good enough, I’d say, because the whole masking mandate is outrageously burdensome and unhealthy.


Lol Right on.. Yeah at this point only the ENEMY wears a Mask.