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    The Hypocrisy and Racism of Jenny Fitzgerald



    By Luis Maldonado

    Last week at the board meeting for the Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD), trustee Jenny Fitzgerald acted in a way that was disturbing to many people in attendance. When a Latino member of the audience vocally disagreed with her, Fitzgerald lost her cool.

    CVUSD Trustee Jenny Fitzgerald
    CVUSD Trustee Jenny Fitzgerald

    The irony is that before Fitzgerald was elected, she herself was a highly disruptive audience member. She would routinely stand up while board members were speaking, and would try to interrupt by hissing and snapping in a very immature and disrespectful way. The idea that Fitzgerald is so deeply offended by outbursts by the audience is the height of hypocrisy, given her history.

    During the meeting, Fitzgerald rushed out of the room looking for a sheriff’s deputy. When she did not find one, a staffer was sent out and was overheard calling the police. This was a very bizarre overreaction to having a member of the public disagree with her. Apparently, this former Marine’s alleged crime was Disagreeing While Mexican (DWM).

    Fitzgerald claimed that it was “a security issue.” Apparently, when Mexican-Americans are not docile and submissive, they are very scary to Fitzgerald. Heaven forbid that a Mexican actually disagree with her. Maybe the district should provide therapy puppies to soothe triggered board members like her.

    Fitzgerald sits up there during every board meeting and smugly oozes white privilege.  Last week was no different. Isn’t it ironic that earlier in the meeting, this young frightened racist white trustee voted to recognize National Hispanic Heritage Month.

    If Fitzgerald really respected Mexicans, she would listen to them instead of calling the cops. Mexicans care deeply about family and children. Most Mexican-Americans are not on board with Fitzgerald’s agenda to impose bizarre new sex ed and gender theory on our elementary school children. She was given the opportunity last week to set the record straight by updating board policy to keep this optional new curriculum out of elementary schools. She voted NOT to pursue this policy update, so she has made her position clear. Fitzgerald showed everyone that she supports giving this crazy material to our kids and messing with their heads.

    Jenny Fitzgerald has no business being on the CVUSD school board. She needs to resign or be recalled.

    Luis Maldonado is a resident of Thousand Oaks

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

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