To Recall or Not Recall?


By Ricard Eber, California Political News

Recall Gavin Newsom.  Why not?  If  Democrats in the House of Representatives want to kick a sitting President out of office because of the word of a so called whistle blower who learned of  his conversation with the  newly elected leader of The Ukraine second hand, anything is possible. Apparently, truth is not a major factor today in giving reasons to get rid of a political adversary. 

In Washington D.C. it’s a different flavor each week.  A few days ago it was charges made up of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh exposing himself a frat party over 30 years ago.  The only problem was that the girl who was forced to endure this experience had no recollection of the incident ever happening. 

But who cares in a place where accusation and convictions are indistinguishable?

Having such sketchy information did not prevent such Democratic stalwarts as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris to advocate beginning impeachment proceedings against the President and the Associate Justice.  If such criteria is the litmus test for “offing” your political opponents, then why should we not rid ourselves of Gavin Newsom in California?

What then are Mr. Newsom’s alleged high crimes and misdemeanors that might make citizens desire to recall him from office?  In making up a list we won’t cite Gavin for cheating on his then wife having an affair during a political campaign. Like what was alleged of Judge Kavanaugh, one would imagine Gavin was exposing himself as well, even if the act was consensual.  

However, adultery is adultery. It is forgivable providing it doesn’t take place in the men’s room at the park.  Critics should not despair. There are many recallable offenses of Governor Newsom to consider including:

  1. Advocating  as Lt. Governor and succeeding Jerry Brown as Chief Executive, Sanctuary City policies  This is clearly in violation of Federal laws as I.C.E. efforts to deport undocumented residents who illegally reside in California has been impaired.  Making matters even worse the State is preventing accused and convicted felons from being apprehended by I.C.E.
  • Through the issuance of driver’s licenses, the State has given these illegal aliens the right to vote.  This is not only a violation of State law but Federal as well. Voter registration handled by the DMV is a scam at best.
  • Newsom has openly without approval of the legislature dispensed welfare and free medical services to undocumented residents.  He has also given them access to Federal programs they do not qualify for. This constitutes fraud that can be prosecuted in Federal Court.
  • Child Abuse: This might be difficult to prove but California’s educational policies have placed the state in the bottom 10% in the nation when test scores in English and Math have been tabulated.  Perhaps the Governor has been too busy kissing the ass of the CTA adding State money to their pension fund and brainwashing children to be PC; as opposed to consider achievement as a factor in public education.
  • Going along with this child abuse is the Governor trying to limit and shut down Charter Schools.  Taking away parental choice of how their kids are to be educated is a hallmark of Gavin Newsom and his progressive cohorts in the legislature. Whether this politically motivated policy is a recallable offense, it is likely up to the voters to make such a decision.
  • Pretending there is a budget surplus when just the opposite is true.Each year the State’s bond and pension debt increases exponentially while Governor Newsom makes more commitments to subsidizing non citizens, steals transportation funds for other uses, and increases spending on new government services.  Such policies are what got Gray Davis in trouble some 20 years ago.  Is Newsom next?
  • Collusion with labor unions to increase their membership at the expense of the public.  AB-5 is the poster child of this alarming trend of taking away people’s livelihoods of contracting independently with ride share companies, truckers, and other businesses at the request of member hungry labor unions. These actions and others favoring labor unions constitute overt discrimination, providing a strong case for a recall.
  • Having the state force parents to give their children vaccines they don’t want.  This is another subject that crosses the line of personal freedom in determining what is best for families.  Ironically, Newsom is in favor of mandatory vaccinations while at the same time is a supporter of Planned Parenthood dispensing abortions at any stage of pregnancy.
  • Is Gavin Newsom a co-conspirator of when one of his convicted illegal aliens who is set free commits another felony?   The same applies to violent criminals he lets out of jail early.  Is there personal responsibility for such reckless policies on his part?  If this were the case would the Governor issue “Get out of jail” cards so freely?
  1. Does the Governor bear responsibility to growing homelessness? Is allowing this group to break local laws, conduct blatant drug abuse in public, and promote entitlement of the homeless to defy local communities, provide enough reasons to recall the Governor from office? Perhaps not but when one reviews some of the above horrendous policies, are Newsom’s actions on Homelessness the straw that breaks the camels back?

After scrutinizing this list, there is no doubt in my mind that a strong case can be built on California voters recalling Gavin Newsom.  He has betrayed not only the Constitution of the United States but California’s as well.  In his zeal to impose a socialistic form of government in the Golden State by increased control over his constituent’s lives, Newsom is destroying the unique way of life we enjoy here.

In spite of my distain for the Governor’s policies, I am not personally in favor of recalling him.  Unlike Democrats in Congress who want to impeach the President and in effect redo his 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton, it is not my desire to defy the will of the people. In our democratic system elections are utilized to see who is in charge.

In California I am prepared for 3 more years of reckless behavior from the Governor.  My only hope to moderate his actions is to elect enough Republicans to the legislature next year to prevent the Democratic majority to be less than two thirds of the sitting representatives.

Despite my beliefs in how a democracy should operate, I still have some buyer’s regrets on not advocating the recall of Newsom.   Isn’t this how our system of government should work?

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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2 Responses to To Recall or Not Recall?

  1. Debra Grayley October 28, 2019 at 3:56 pm

    Therefore the people of California have begun the process of recalling Governor Gavin Newsom for his crimes against the people of California. The website where California’s registered voters can download the Petition To Recall California’s Governor and instructions on how to get it back to the State are here;

    I am urging all Californians to step up and get these petitions signed by yourselves, your friends, your family and your neighbors. This may be the only time that being a legally registered voter will count in any kind of election in California! We have only three to four months to get it done to save ourselves! Please watch the video and make this go viral! – YouTube

  2. William Hicks October 23, 2019 at 1:22 pm

    Mr. Eber:

    How do you propose electing enough republicans to “moderate” governor nuisance decision making? Particularly when republican party state leadership will not.


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