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    Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets in the Trip

    By Chele

    Today, there are so many kitchen gadget types to play around with when you’re on a road trip or adventure. We’re going to fill you in with our top 5 picks and provide more information.

    Are you off on an exciting adventure? Doing your planning, looking at Tripadvisor and seeing what’s around? You’ll also need to plan for food. Whatever your adventure may entail, it’s good to have some gadgets in hand just in case there is no restaurant near you. There are so many to choose from, and they even have integrations with things such as your vehicle battery. No matter where you are, you can always have a bite to eat, and even have room for a hot coffee in the morning. Let’s look at what to pack for a trip! 

    1. A miniature Fridge

    It is important to keep all of your food items and drinks cold during your trip, especially if they are perishable. When you’re traveling around during hot summer months, a cooler with some ice in it simply won’t do. Instead, try to get cooler which has a power adapter that can plug into your car. This power adapter could also charge a mini-fridge where you’ll be able to fit in everything from vegetables, MCT oil in a trip, and perishable goods that you might need to carry, such as milk or meat. 

    2. A Portable Oven

    Why should you not be able to cook when you’re on the road? You’d be surprised, but you can actually purchase a portable oven that can do everything from toast your sandwiches to cook pizza. This kitchen gadget can connect seamlessly to your car’s power and make it feel like you’ve brought the kitchen on the road.

    When traveling, a lot of people have problems and skip on their health. They seem to feel like they can leave their health behind because they will lack the equipment to help them eat what they need. When you’ve got a portable oven, this needn’t be the case. As an example, a lot of people are giving the ketogenic diet a go – this is a high-fat and low-carb diet which causes the body to reach a natural state called ketosis where it relies on fat stores for energy. Essentially, the result is that the body is able to metabolize fat better and burn it off, leading to weight loss.

    Previously, many people would not be able to cook high-fat meals with ingredients such as fatty fish or red meat that require high heat cooking in substances such as the best MCT oil. Now with the help of a portable oven in your vehicle, it is very easy to stick to this kind of diet. You can eat a high-fat diet on the go with ease. The result is that you feel much better when you lose a healthy amount of weight, and you lose it much faster than if you were to try and count the calories on the road. 

    3. Portable Coffee Machine

    When you’re on the road, and it’s early, you’ll probably wish there was a Starbucks nearby. However, this is not going to be the case! You can purchase products such as an Aeropress coffee press, allowing you to get your drink on the go. Even the most swanky looking espresso machines can work on a light power that comes from your vehicle. Immersion boilers can also be hooked up to your vehicle to get hot water very quickly. 

    4. Water Purification Tools

    If you have a trip to the area where the water quality is questionable, a SteriPEN can use ultraviolet light to kill germs in the water; it runs on standard batteries. This is an incredibly useful gadget to have, and it can prevent a lot of harmful illnesses. Highly portable, cheap, and good for use on the go. 

    5. A Portable Grill

    There are so many grills that you can take with you on the trip. You can carry around a simple old-school disposable charcoal-powered grill or invest a little more in a battery-powered variety. Some can even run on propane gas bottles that you can store in your vehicle. When you make your choice, think about where you’re going to be cooking. As an example, if you’re camping then charcoal grills that are lightweight may be better to use, whereas if you’re lodging in places, then propane varieties will be better.

    A Kitchen Gadget for Everywhere Use

    It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, these gadgets will certainly help you. Take your creature comforts and necessities on the road the next time you head off on an adventure. We wish you all the best.

    What are the items you could not live without on the road? A chef’s knife? Maybe a veggie peeler? Tell us in the comments section below.

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    Author’s Bio: Chele used to work as an English language teacher and has done her fair bit of traveling around Southeast Asia. She managed to change her career five years ago and focus on her skills in writing. Nowadays, Chele works as a freelancer and is able to travel whilst writing for various websites and publications.

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