Trucking Company Dumps Empty Shipping Containers On Suburban Streets Near Clogged California Ports

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Harry Wilmerding

A trucking company has reportedly dumped empty shipping containers in Los Angeles suburban streets that are located near clogged California ports amid an ongoing supply chain crisis and rising inflation, according to a local news outlet.

The UCTI trucking company’s lot only has room for 65 containers, forcing them to locate additional space for cargo boxes along residential streets in Wilmington, California, CBSLA reported Monday. President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports in California would be required to stay open 24/7 to fight the growing supply chain problems experienced throughout the country.

“It’s a bunch of neighbors that are very upset because it’s a non-stop issue,” local resident Sonia Cervantes told CBSLA. Cervantes added that that a container had blocked her car at one point while she attempted to leave for work.

“Right now with the ports and everything that’s going on over there we’re stuck with the containers, having to bring them all to the yard, and we only have so much space,” UCTI Trucking owner Frank Arrieran told CBSLA.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is plagued with severe inflation, as companies battle supply chain bottlenecks, as well as labor and material shortages, which are driving up the price of goods. The consumer price index increased 0.4% in September, bringing the inflation indicator year-over-year increase to 5.4%, the highest jump since January 1991.

Experts surveyed by The Wall Street Journal believe inflation will last well into 2022, citing growing supply chain disruptions that will keep prices high and curb production. Proctor and Gamble announced Tuesday they are raising prices for popular goods like razors and beauty products, citing the increase in transportation and material costs.

“Consumers continue to pay the price for Joe Biden’s disastrous leadership and liberal economic policies, which continue to raise the cost of living for Americans in their daily lives. The cost of daily necessities, the Consumer Price Index rose a higher than expected 5.4% last year,” Stephen Moore, former economic adviser to President Donald Trump, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“This inflation is not a short-term problem as the Biden administration has tried to tell Americans. It continues to be a hidden tax on American families,” Moore added.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who has been recently accused of inappropriately taking paternity leave amid an ongoing supply chain and port crisis, defended the administration’s handling of the situation in an interview Sunday.

“Demand is up, because income is up, because the president has successfully guided this economy out of the teeth of a terrifying recession,” Buttigieg told Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

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Buttigieg to the Rescue !


I would wonder if the local ordinances permit the city to effectively seize/impound said containers that block driveways or otherwise impede legal traffic movement.. After seizure, fines would accrue and after X days, and absent payment of accrued fines, the container is then classified as abandoned and sold (if empty) for scrap value or with contents at a public auction. I guess Id wonder if the cities can’t act as if it was a common privately owned vehicle that appeared to be either abandoned or was parked illegally for a continuous period of X hours.


pretty sure the facility wouldn’t dump full containers on the street….. looting a’plenty would result in 2 seconds in LA.


Sounds like a cheap solution for the homeless crisis.