Trump-Endorsed Maricopa County Audit Finds That Biden Won By An Even Larger Margin Than Originally Tallied

Andrew Trunsky 

A months-long, scrupulous recount of Maricopa County’s 2020 election results found that President Joe Biden won by an even larger margin than originally tallied and that the election was not “rigged” against former President Donald Trump.

The intensive report of Arizona’s largest county, led by the firm Cyber Ninjas and first reported by The Arizona Republic, shows that Trump lost the county by 45,469 votes, more than the 45,109 vote margin originally tabulated. It also reaffirmed that Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly won the county.

The results are set to be officially announced Friday, The Republic reported. But while the results further discredit Trump’s claims that the election was stolen from him, the outlet noted that the final report focuses heavily on issues related to the electoral process.

Both the audit itself and Cyber Ninjas were frequently criticized throughout the process. Arizona election officials, who were excluded from being involved, consistently raised security concerns over voting machines being forfeited to the company, and the Department of Justice said that it was a potential violation of federal election law.

Officials have also characterized Cyber Ninjas’ methods as dangerously flawed.

“The Ninjas don’t understand Arizona’s voting laws,” Benny White, an Arizona elections consultant, told The Republic. “They don’t understand the structure of voting systems.”

“It was a conspiracy to keep Donald Trump in power by extraconstitutional means,” he added.

Trump said Thursday he was looking forward to seeing the audit’s results. “Everybody will be watching Arizona tomorrow to see what the highly respected auditors and Arizona State Senate found out regarding the so-called Election!”

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Michael A...

If you recount crap you will still have crap. The bigger and more important issue-going forward-is how we vote. The recent California recall is an example of how NOT to run an election. In California generally, Democrats have set up the system whereby elections can be “adjusted” to insure a victory almost every time. These include: Motor voter (DMV registration whether citizen or not), ballot harvesting, print your own ballot (comical when looked at rationally), mail in voting and voting machines with questionable security.
All those moves to insure ‘adjustments’ can be made. The Democrat mantra is “give me a crisis (covid for instance) and we shall rig the system.”
All the while Democrats scream like stuck pigs concerning rational ideas like voter ID. Tsk tsk California.


If the issue is crap in equals crap out then why did the AZ GOP spend millions on their fraudit? I mean if the results were doomed to be of no use from the start why would you do it?

Because maybe, as unlikely as you think it may be, you’re mistaken Michael A…??? Could that be? Or are you always right?

George Pattone

. “They don’t understand the structure of voting systems.”

Oh, you mean the Do minion Voting Systems (DVS) that are evaluated by a Wheat Ridge, CO security consulting firm on the CA Secretary of State’s website, and described as having multiple security weaknesses, but are “explained away” by applying appropriate integrity and training???

The backdoors and adjudication weaknesses are described in detail, but whitewashed with ‘be honest and everything will work alright’ commentary…

That’s why Texas told DVS to go pound sand and why corrupt former CA SOS Alex Padilla eagerly accepted these security exploits..

The Democrats that run CA and AZ applied them in November in AZ and again in September in CA for Gruesome Newsom’s sham recall election…

Without the router packet data, these audit results are meaningless, and these systems DO connect to the internet, as the routers were not working the first hour of the first day of in-person voting for. Ventura County’s recall election…


Thank you CJ! I retract my previous statements about your integrity, and apologize if you found them offensive.

You’ve earned my respect and goodwill today.