Trump Vindicated! Massive Voter Fraud Found In Fulton County, Ga., Including Evidence Of Duplicate Voting And Pristine, Unfolded “Mail-In” Ballots

(Natural News) We have long maintained that only a fool who wants to lose a lot of money would ever bet against Donald Trump, no matter how ‘crazy’ something he says may sound to you at first.

That’s because the man is always right. Not sometimes right, always right.

He was right about the Obama regime spying on him. He was right that fired FBI Director Jim Comey was dirty. He was right that the ‘Russian dossier’ was fake. He was proven right when he said he never offered Ukraine a “quid pro quo.” He was right when he said he never said there were “good people on both sides” of a deadly encounter between neo-Nazis and Antifa in Charlottesville, Va.

And he’s been proven right about his claims that there was massive voter fraud in the 2020 election — in Georgia, anyway, a state he is certain he won.

The Epoch Times reports:

A group seeking to ensure that elections are run fairly said this week that an in-depth analysis of mail-in ballot images obtained through a court order shows that the hand-count audit in Fulton CountyGeorgia, last year “was riddled with massive errors and provable fraud.”

The analysis turned up at least 36 batches of mail-in ballots, containing 4,255 votes, that were added redundantly to the audit results, according to Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA). Nearly 3,400 were for Democrat Joe Biden.

“We believe that there is massive audit errors,” Garland Favorito, founder of the group, said in a press conference in Georgia.

Specifically, the audit team found seven ballot audit tally sheets they say were fabricated to depict phony vote totals. In one example, a batch that contained 59 ballot images for ‘President’ Joe Biden and 42 for ‘former’ President Donald Trump was reported officially as 100 votes for Biden and none at all for Trump.

“The analysis revealed that 923 (60 percent) of the 1,539 mail-in ballot batch files contained votes that were incorrectly reported in the county’s official 2020 election result, compared to the audit totals, VoterGA said,” according to The Epoch Times.

In a press conference where the findings were announced, Favorito said he believes that elected officials in Fulton County have known about the fabrications “for a long, long time” but that they “covered it up.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.), who is mounting a challenge to GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, the official who recorded Trump during a phone call in December and then turned it over to The Washington Post, said that Raffensperger needs to step aside.

“In Fulton County, there is now undeniable proof of voter irregularity if not outright voter fraud,” he said, pointing to VoterGA’s evidence.

But it gets better. Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on the findings during his Wednesday show, adding more context to what’s going on in Fulton County.

To kick off the segment, he noted that there was a strange incident at a warehouse in the county in May where more than 140,000 absentee ballots from the 2020 election cycle were being stored. He said the sheriff’s deputies and private security personnel guarding it were called away from the building for some reason. Mind you, the building was double-locked and there were laser-motion sensors located inside the building.

When the security personnel and deputies returned, the 100-pound door was standing wide open. And while it’s not clear if anything was taken or replaced, Carlson observed: “We do know that a lot of people might have had reason to try and get inside the warehouse. Depending on who you ask, the building contains evidence that either confirms or refutes the claim that voter fraud affected the outcome of the election in the state of Georgia.”

USA Features News reported that Trump responded to the news of fraud coming out of the Peach State.

“The news coming out of Georgia is beyond incredible,” Trump said. “The hand recount in Fulton County was a total fraud! They stuffed the ballot box—and got caught. We will lose our Country if this is allowed to stand!”

Americans, if you still think that Trump was wrong about there being widespread vote fraud in the last election, you shouldn’t.

Sources include:

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George Miller

Truth is finally getting out more widely.


Of coarse he was right.we seen with our own two eyes what the election people were doing,like the freemans,cheating,blocking,freeman,,, refunding ballots over and over and over,ballots arrived same day they were sent out,some just showed up,thousands showed up unfolded,and they HAVE to be folded to be mailed,usps is in on it too,dont think they didn’t play a huge roll in this fraud.they did.and deserve whats coming for them,every single one of them.suckabucks got skin in this too.fb is criminal,same with Google and twitter


“He was right when he said he never said there were “good people on both sides” of a deadly encounter between neo-Nazis and Antifa in Charlottesville, Va.”

First,there was no “deadly encounter” between “neo-Nazis” and Antifa in Charlottesville. Is that like a memo that you retards get,like “Any time you talk about Charlottesville, make sure to write ‘deadly encounter’ so everyone thinks it was a mass murder like Katyn Forest or something”? Isn’t your job to inform people,not MISINFORM them?

1 extremely obese, two pack a day smoker died at Charlottesville that August day in 2017. Her own mother said she died of a heart attack. That isn’t surprising considering that she smoked about a pack of Newports a minute and she was about 300 pounds overweight,wearing all black, jumping up and down in the August heat screaming about how not destroying monuments to American war veterans that have been happily standing there for 100 years or more IMMEDIATELY is like,fascism, or whatever.

What would be surprising is how the coroner’s report of “blunt force trauma to the CHEST” as a cause of death would be accomplished by being struck by a low profile commercial grade “muscle car” instead of say,a garbage truck or something whose grill would actually come up higher than said landwhale’s shins, as the media continuously falsely alleges is the case.

What MIGHT explain how someone could die of blunt force trauma to the chest,given the scenario in question, is improperly administered CPR for an unrelated condition,like, I don’t know….a heart attack, which would be capable of cracking the ribs,breaking the sternum, bruising the pericardium or heart tissue itself to an extreme degree or even puncturing a lung with a rib bone if done by an improperly trained paramedic or someone administering rushed sloppy medical emergency treatment.

As to the second point,there were a LOT of flags and symbols at Charlottesville,there was precisely ONE person who had a swastika flag that the media has produced a photograph of. A completely brand new swastika flag that still had creases in it from out of the box. Obviously not one that he used very often. Or ever. No one at Charlottesville protesting the removal of statues of American war veterans or desecration of human remains,these are the “neo-nazis” you’re referring to knew who the guy with the swastika flag was. Maybe he was one of the guys from the FBI who orchestrated the “deadly” Gretchen Whitmer “right wing extremist kidnapping plot” that was plotted by 12 guys from the FBI,NSA,DHS,DOJ,and CIA and one retarded dude who they managed to convince to listen to them plot this kidnapping so they could put him in jail for listening to their criminal plot.

I don’t know. Neither does anyone else. Unlike the 400 grannies from the January 6th unarmed “insurrection” of selfie-takers,the media doesn’t seem too interested in discovering the identity of the 1 dude with a swastika from Charlottesville. Or the 30 or so people photographed waving the symbol of a murderous regime that our government has decided wasn’t so bad because they killed white Ukranians and Russians,the hammer and sickle flag or the communist BLM fist that is a visual depiction of the communist salute. Which is a threat of physical violence against people,a closed fist.

None of the remaining people protesting the removal of American war veteran statues or the desecration of their graves (the so-called “neo-nazis”) either explicitly threatened preemptive physical violence OR indeed carried any out. They were the SUBJECTS of a lot of it that doesn’t get discussed by the media very much. A lot of people were threatened with a home-made incindiery device by a rioter who was there rioting IN FAVOR of vandalizing statues of American war veterans and corpse desecration. An old man had his head split open with a flag pole. James Alex Fields,the one person involved in anything resembling a “deadly incident” at Charlottesville was HIMSELF THREATENED WITH AN AR-15 by a pro-vandalism and pro-grave desecration rioter who admitted as much on video before Fields turned a blind corner into a street that had intentionally been blocked off by a communist and anarchist mob that 2 Chins McNewports was a part of. His vehicle was then assaulted by bricks and bats,causing the car accident that the media continues to falsely portray as a “terrorist attack”.

The media seems strangely incurious about why, AFTER the governor had declared a state of emergency, this particular mob and others like it of communists and anarchists were being allowed to block off streets that may have been used by the “neo-nazis” who had all just been driven from a public park by police acting on political orders from the anarchist-friendly Obama administration governor to escape the city?

Could it be that the “deadly violence” of Charlottesville was deliberately created so that anyone who didn’t eventually want statues of the Founding Fathers replaced with statues of Josef Stalin or George Floyd or whatever scumbag could be portrayed as a “violent terrorist”?

The only problem with saying “There were very fine people on both sides” is that it isn’t factually true.

The media like to do a moral inversion on Charlottesville where they say that “There’s no moral equivalent between violent anti-fascists and violent neo-nazis. One is fighting for Nazism and the other is fighting against it.”

I’d argue that absolutely no one that you are calling a neo-nazi personally identifies as one. Therefore,people are having their first Amendment right to peaceably assemble (and that is what the “neo-nazis” were doing before the police forced them into a crowd of incited communists and anarchist rioters) abridged or even removed from them based on a label that SOMEONE ELSE applied to them. That’s an end run around the Constitution that says you can’t take away the rights of anyone without proving them guilty of an actual crime and then only for period that they are incarcerated. That’s like forcing you to display a sex offender sign in your yard because someone called you a pedophile on the internet.

I would also argue that peacefully advocating for Nazism is NOT a crime,while attempting to stir up a mob to vandalize statues of American war veterans and desecrate their graves ARE BOTH CRIMES.

So no,there is no moral equivalence. 1 group,who there were very fine people on the side of, was attempting to give speeches voicing their opinion that vandalizing public property and grave desecration was wrong. The other group, made up of violent rioters and identified with communism and anarchism, had purposely assembled with the express intention to VIOLENTLY prevent the “neo-nazis” from peacefully speaking.

Youra Dumozz

Your first mistake was believing anything that Tucker Carlson reports. Your second mistake was to repeat the morons false narrative.

George Pattone

Not concerned about the Sharpie bleed thru that resulted in manual adjudication and changing the votes, Sue??
Vote Democrat, do you???

George Miller

LOL- Politifact :-). Crushing evidence of fraud continually increasing.

george jones

Sue you are either ignorant or part of the fraud! Only 2 choices! I saw in Fulton County Georgia at the State Farm Arena, after the observers were told the counting was finished for the night and they should go home. Then boxes of ballots were being pulled from under a covered table, and ran through the counting machine at least 4 times, with the same stack! The workers were videoed and caught in the act! No question about it! Why Fulton County Sheriff Labat did nothing about it is criminal! He should be fired and tried for felony election fraud also!




Dream on. More fabrications created by the big fat whiny baby who can’t accept he was too unpopular to remain in office.