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    Trump Winning Again. Trump’s Poll Numbers Exploding UP.

    …Here’s What Clueless Democrats, DC Swamp & Deep State Will Never Understand

    Commentary by Wayne Allyn Root

    I told you so.

    I’ve spent two and a half years now reporting Democrats get away with murder, while Republicans face life-in-prison for jaywalking.

    I spent last week on my TV and radio shows, and in my syndicated newspaper column, reporting that Trump would go UP in the polls after his latest criminal indictment.

    I was right on both counts. 

    Trump is UP in the polls. And he faces life-in-prison for an offense than no one understands, no one cares about, everyone knows is a bunch of bogus B.S. and legal mumbo-jumbo.

    The latest CBS poll (after the latest indictment) puts Trump over 60% in approval. And up by almost 40 points over his nearest GOP rival Ron DeSantis. Trump is running away with the race.

    I’m betting his lead in the general election over Biden will go up as well. 

    Yes, I’m telling you Trump goes up each time he’s indicted. You know why he keeps going up? Because the American people aren’t blind, deaf and dumb. Because we may have been born yesterday, but we weren’t born in the past 15 minutes.

    Let me explain why the American people will never accept any of these charges against President Trump (whether technically it’s a crime, and he’s convicted, or not).

    I’m a street-smart, common-sense SOB (son of a butcher). I’ll always think like my blue-collar father, the butcher. Common sense average Americans know B.S. when they see it. This whole case is B.S.

    The media can put all the “legal experts” they want on TV to explain what a terrible and serious crime Trump has committed. And the average American voter will never care. They will grow angrier and angrier at our own government. Because this doesn’t pass “the smell test.”

    1. A)  It doesn’t affect any of us. Trump didn’t hurt one American by “mishandling” a bunch of papers. How does that hurt me? How does that effect my life? It doesn’t.
    2. B)   Trump himself didn’t benefit. He didn’t sell the papers. He didn’t show them to foreign enemies. They were left in boxes in his basement, and bathroom shower (according to the fake news media). So, who cares?
    3. C)   Everyone does it. Obama has millions of pages of classified documents in his Obama Presidential Library that he never returned. We’ve all seen the classified docs on the floor of Biden’s garage. Even Pence had classified docs. I’ll bet every single U.S. Senator does too. This is a ridiculous waste of time.
    4. D)  Everyone can see the new Democrat motto is, “If you can’t beat ‘em, jail ‘em.”
    5. E)   President Biden has committed TREASON. He sold out the American people. He sold us all down the river. He made tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions, at our expense. Who cares about a bunch of papers in a box at Trump’s home? No one.


    The best and simplest way to explain how average Americans see this is…

    Your neighbor on the right committed murder. Yet no one has arrested him.

    Your neighbor on the left is a pedophile. Yet no one has arrested him.

    Your neighbor directly across the street has committed a $100 million fraud. Yet no one has arrested him.

    But you drove 66 MPH in a 65 MPH zone, and a heavily-armed FBI SWAT team just invaded your home today to take you away in handcuffs and leg irons to a maximum security prison for murderers.


    Make sense to you? Does this make sense to anyone, anywhere?

    Continue reading at

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of Citizens Journal


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    1 year ago

    Good job missing the point, again, Queer Man Ellen Root!!

    And good for YOU, Retards Journal / Ventura County Propaganda, for being the stooges who fall for the Queer Boy’s crap. Owners of this rag must be in the closet, just peeking out like the scared girls they are to keep supporting Ellen Root.

    Thankfully the Patriots of this Great Republic don’t want a Commie Russia loving, war-plan stealing, little whiny cry BABY in the office. Everyone saw it and well over half of Americans say NEVER AGAIN.

    Time for you to get on board or you’ll be the last GOP propaganda device to switch to DESANTIS 2024.

    But if you want to LOSE the general election AGAIN then keep doing what your doing you idiots.

    Michael A...
    Michael A...
    1 year ago

    I hope The Donald is reelected for the simple joy of watching mainstream media talking heads chock and die on camera. Oh yes, that would be grand to see.

    Donna Denny
    Donna Denny
    1 year ago

    Great job I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Donna Denny
    Donna Denny
    1 year ago

    Great article expresses the average American citizens exact opinion and I totally agree with everything that it says!! Trump 2024 no matter where he is!! Trump is the greatest President this Country has ever had! This Country WINS wig Trump !!!!

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